GCW I Never Liked You 2022 Results (6/19) – Will Ospreay Faces Nick Wayne

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Announced card

* Will Ospreay vs. Nick Wayne

* Blake Christian vs. Jordan Oliver

* Joey Janela vs. JT Dunn

* Lufisto vs. Allie Katch

* Kevin Blackwood vs. Jack Cartwheel

* The Second Gear Crew vs. Waves & Curls

* Ninja Mack vs. Cole Radrick

* Komander & Los Macizos vs. Gringo Loco, ASF & Drago Kid

Blake Christian vs. Jordan Oliver

Christian and Oliver lock up immediately. Neither wrestler is able to gain an advantage as they go nose-to-nose. Both men trade blows in the center of the ring. Oliver manages to ground Christian. Both wrestlers end up fighting on the apron. Christian returns to the ring and dropkicks Oliver off the apron, before heading through the ropes to take him out on the outside.

Back in the ring, Blake Christian dropkicks Jordan Oliver in the corner of the ring as he takes control of the match. Christian and Oliver briefly trade chops. Christian uses his quickness and delivers a kick to the back of the head. Christian continues to work on Oliver. Oliver fights back and ultimately nails an Acid Kick. Oliver delivers a sit-out powerbomb, but Christian kicks out of the cover.

Blake responds, but is unable to finish off Jordan Oliver. Back on the apron, Jordan Oliver delivers a kick to the head and hits a piledriver. Immediately back in the ring, Oliver connects with a Cloutcutter, but Blake Christian gets his shoulder up. Oliver hits a Cleopatra and German Suplex. Christian rallies again and eventually connects with a Stomp to win.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

Lufisto vs. Allie Katch

Both wrestlers shake hands. Lufisto manages to ground Katch with a headscissors on the canvas. Lufisto goes to work on the left arm of Allie Katch. Lufisto then backs Katch against the ropes and hits her with a chop to the chest. Katch responds by keeping a hold of Lufisto with a wrist lock. Lufisto kicks Katch between the legs. Lufisto goes to work on her opponent and locks in a Camel Clutch.

Lufisto connects with a series of headbutts in the corner of the ring. Lufisto then sends Katch across the ring into the turnbuckles. Katch responds and delivers punishment to Lufisto, nailing her with a Cannonball in the corner of the ring. Lufisto turns the tables and connects with a Cannonball to Katch in the corner.

Katch and Lufisto trade blows in the middle of the ring. Lufisto drops Katch on the canvas with a Brainbuster. Allie Katch halts Lufisto's momentum and locks her in a Crossface. Katch nails Lufisto with a piledriver in the ring and then delivers a second piledriver from the middle rope to win.

Winner: Allie Katch via pinfall

Kevin Blackwood vs. Jack Cartwheel

Blackwood and Cartwheel shake hands. Blackwood immediately grounds Cartwheel. Both men trade pin attempts, before Cartwheel escapes a wrist lock with a cartwheel. Cartwheel shows off his athleticism to avoid Blackwood. Blackwood saw enough and kicked Cartwheel in the leg, before performing his own cartwheel. Blackwood goes to work on Cartwheel.

Cartwheel manages to rally and lands a Fisherman Buster. Cartwheel goes to the top rope, but Blackwood moves out of the way of a Shooting Star Press. Blackwood takes Cartwheel down by the legs. Blackwood locks in an ankle lock. Blackwood lifts Cartwheel up for a German Suplex with a bridge, but Cartwheel kicks out of the cover. Cartwheel hits the ropes and connects with a Cutter. Blackwood responds with a Double Stomp. Cartwheel delivers a Death Valley Driver.

Blackwood and Cartwheel trade blows on their knees in the center of the ring. Cartwheel and Blackwood trade submissions. Cartwheel hits two Northern Lights Suplex. Cartwheel goes for a move from the top and misses. Cartwheel sends Blackwood out of the ring and takes a dive over the top rope. Back in the ring, Cartwheel misses with another Shooting Star Press. Blackwood capitalizes with a Double Stomp to the leg from the top and locks in a leg submission, while stomping on the head of Cartwheel, forcing him to tap out.

Winner: Kevin Blackwood via submission

Ninja Mack vs. Cole Radrick

Radrick and Ninja starts out as a fight, with both men scrapping with each other. Radrick and Ninja Mack trade kicks and punches. Radrick slaps Mack in the face to send him down. Mack responds with a big dropkick. Mack nails Radrick with a superkick, as Radrick kicks out of the pin attempt. Radrick hits a flurry of moves and lands a springboard moonsault. Radrick continues his offense and plants Mack into the canvas.

Mack catches Radrick in midair and tries to choke him out on the mat. Mack and Radrick connect at the same with open-handed chops. Radrick takes Mack down with a big spinebuster. Mack responds with a kick to the head. Mack hits a Phoenix 630 splash from the top rope, but Radrick reverses the pin attempt to win the match.

Winner: Cole Radrick via pinfall

Komander & Los Macizos vs. Gringo Loco, ASF & Drago Kid

The action starts fast-paced, which results in Drago Kid and ASF diving over the top rope. Gringo Loco and Komander battle it out in the ring. Komander takes Gringo out with a headscissors. Komander takes a dive over the top rope to take Gringo out. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo work together on ASF in the ring. Los Macizos turn their attentions to Gringo Loco. Loco uses the ropes to arm drag both of Ciclope and Extremo. After ASF and Drago Kid moonsault to the outside to take out Los Macizos, Gringo dumps Komander chest-first into the canvas.

Drago Kid rallies, but Ciclope takes him out. Gringo and Ciclope are on the top rope. Gringo pushes him down and connects with a moonsault. Gringo ends up taking a dive over the top rope. Komander walks the top rope and dives out of the ring. ASF and Drago Kid work together on Ciclope in the ring. ASF connects with a Destroyer on Extremo. Drago Kid takes him out on the outside. ASF hits a 450 splash on Ciclope. ASF hits a Shooting Star Press to Ciclope and Gringo hits a sit-out powerbomb from the top rope to Komander to win.

Winners: Gringo Loco, ASF & Drago Kid via pinfall

Joey Janela vs. JT Dunn

Janela locks Dunn in a wrist lock. Dunn replies with a shoulder tackle. Janela grabs a side headlock on Dunn. Janela and Dunn avoid each other's offense. Dunn manages to take Janela down with a forearm, as he rolls out of the ring. Dunn connects with two chops to Janela on the outside. Janela moves out of the way of the third and shifts the tide into his favor. Janela powerbombs Dunn into a steel post and onto the edge of the ring frame. Dunn drops Janela head-first on the apron.

Back inside the ring, Dunn sends Janela down to the mat with an elbow. Janela responds with a German Suplex, but Dunn turns Janela inside out with a clothesline. Janela replies again with a Fisherman Buster. Janela stomps Dunn in the corner of the ring. Dunn and Janela trade blows in the middle of the ring. Dunn nails Janela with a big forearm. Dunn hits a Poisonrana. Janela and Dunn trade slaps to the face, before colliding with each other, sending them down to the canvas.

Janela sends Dunn neck-first on the ring apron with a Death Valley Driver. Janela then delivers a Double Stomp in the ring, but is unable to put him away. Dunn then manages to send Janela into the canvas from the top rope. Janela hits a piledriver in the middle of the ring, but Dunn kicks out of the cover. Janela sends two chairs into the ring. Dunn hits a Tombstone Piledriver from the top rope through the chairs. Janela somehow manages to kick out of the pin attempt. Janela lands a superkick to pick up the victory.

Winner: Joey Janela via pinfall

- A 15-minute intermission takes place.

The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & 1 Called Manders) vs. Waves & Curls (Traevon Jordan & Jaylen Brandyn)

Mance Warner receives a confetti gun in his face, which sends The Second Gear Crew out of the ring. Both Jordan and Brandyn take a dive over the top rope to take out Warner and Manders. Jordan delivers a Suplex to Manders on top of a steel chair in amongst the fans. Warner smashes a chair on the back of Jordan. Manders and Warner take charge of the match on the outside.

Manders sends Jordan back into the ring. Manders and Mance set up chairs and doors. Jordan throws a chair at Warner. Waves & Curls work together to 3D Manders through a door set up on top of two chairs. Warner sets up another door. Jordan choke slams Warner through the door. All four men go crashing through a door in the corner of the ring. Warner and Manders use pieces of the broken door to take out Waves & Curls.

Warner sets up another door on top of two chairs. Warner places Brandyn on top of the door, which immediately breaks. Warner puts a door on top of them instead. Manders drops Warner on top of the door and Waves & Curls. Waves & Curls immediately fight back, but are unable to finish off The Second Gear Crew. Warner smashes a chair on the head of Jordan. Another door is set up and Manders sends Brandyn through it from the top rope to pick up the win.

Winners: The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & 1 Called Manders) via pinfall

Effy vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Dustin Waller vs. Tony Deppen in a Scramble Match

Deppen resigns from the match before it begins, stating that he competed in a GCW World Title match last night, and now he's been demoted to a Scramble Match. Jimmy Lloyd is taken out by Waller and Mathers. Waller and Mathers go at it. Lloyd returns to fight Mathers. Mathers plants Lloyd face-first into the mat. Lloyd rolls out of the ring. Mathers dives over the top rope to take out Lloyd and Effy. Waller leaps over the ring post to wipe out Effy, Lloyd and Mathers.

Tony Deppen returns and sends Effy into the ring. Effy bites the nipple of Deppen. Effy builds momentum, but Deppen halts him in his tracks with a big knee. Effy lifts Deppen up. Deppen reverses to land on top of Effy on the canvas. Mathers delivers a Cutter to Deppen. Mathers follows up with a neckbreaker. Waller jumps from the ropes to take out Mathers. Lloyd re-enters but he's taken out by Effy. Deppen sends Waller to the top turnbuckle. Waller sends him down. Waller and Mathers deliver a 450 splash at the same time in each corner.

Effy connects with a double Zack Ryder. Mathers kisses Effy. Effy doesn't like it and pushses him away. Lloyd plants Mathers into the canvas. Lloyd plants Deppen with a DDT. Lloyd and Mathers trade forearms. Waller delivers a Destroyer to Mathers from the shoulders of Lloyd. Deppen connects with a running knee to Waller to win.

Winner: Tony Deppen via pinfall

Will Ospreay vs. Nick Wayne

Ospreay backs Wayne up against the ropes and toys with him. Ospreay locks in a headlock and exchanges words with the crowd. Ospreay knocks Wayne down with a shoulder tackle. Ospreay pats him on the head. Wayne takes Ospreay down and Wayne pats him on the head. Ospreay drops Wayne into the top rope and connects with a big boot. Ospreay chops away at Wayne's chest. Ospreay sends Wayne crashing into the corner back-first. Ospreay bodyslams Wayne and is firmly in control of the match.

Wayne finds a burst of energy and connects with a Cutter after hitting the ropes. Wayne delivers a flurry of offense to Ospreay. Ospreay manages to put a halt to the offense. Ospreay lands a spinning back breaker over his knee. Wayne comes within an inch of winning the match after landing a Code Red. On the apron, Ospreay headbutts Wayne. Wayne replies with a series of moves, before connecting with a Swanton Bomb as Ospreay was dangling on the middle rope.

In the ring, Ospreay lands on his feet following a Poisonrana. Wayne lands a Dragon Suplex. Wayne goes for the Cutter, but Ospreay blocks it. Wayne then lands a Poisonrana. Ospreay hits a Sunset Bomb. Ospreay and Wayne trade blows. Ospreay fails to put away Wayne. Wayne hits a flurry of moves and caps it off with a Clout Cutter. Ospreay kicks out of the cover. Wayne is taking Ospreay to the limit. Ospreay lands his own Clout Cutter, but Wayne gets his shoulder up. Ospreay lands a big blow to the back of the head and plants Wayne face-first into the canvas to win.

Winner: Will Ospreay via pinfall

- Will Ospreay raises Nick Wayne's arm after the match and bows to him. Wayne bows in response. Ospreay grabs a microphone and says the GCW fans are the wildest fans he's ever met in his life. Ospreay says he's heard a lot about Nick Wayne. Ospreay says he got emotional before the match began because Nick Wayne looks a little like him. Ospreay shows Nick Wayne the support from the GCW fans as they chant his name. Ospreay talks about the importance of the support for Nick Wayne from his mother. Ospreay says he doesn't care if it ruins his persona, but he loves his mother. Ospreay tells Nick Wayne to get a better hero because he can be an asshole sometimes. Ospreay says if he can do one thing right, then its to be able to step into the ring with someone who is inspired by him like Nick Wayne. Ospreay thanks GCW for having him.

- Nick Wayne speaks and says that Will Ospreay doesn't understand how much this match meant to him. Wayne thanks him and they hug. Wayne says GCW is the best independent wrestling promotion in the world.

- That's all for GCW I Never Liked You 2022!