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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show starts with a recap of “Slammiversary” from last Sunday. Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt greet audiences at home. Honor No More make their way to the ring. Maria Kanellis tells commentary they have something to say and Mike Bennett grabs a camera.

Honor No More Take Over the Ring

Eddie Edwards grabs a mic and apologizes for interrupting regularly scheduled programming. He says even though “Slammiversary” was on Sunday, the celebration still continues tonight. He says that “Impact” left Nashville because they wanted to achieve bigger and better things. He says Honor No More is the one thing on the show that should be applauded, but the “Impact” originals are the ones who continue to celebrate. He says that they did not win the match and Honor No More did not lose except for PCO.

Vincent grabs the mic and says he brought PCO back to life for Honor No More. He says they should talk about Tracy Brooks attacking Maria Kanellis from behind, D’Lo Brown trying to save the day and the unofficial referee Earl Hebner. He points out how Scott D’Amore is sitting there smiling and how they were set up. Matt Taven grabs the mic and says that Honor No More is what makes “Impact” trend weekly. He says that Ring of Honor wouldn’t have kept their doors opened in 2019 if it weren’t for him.

America’s Most Wanted music hits and they come to the ring. James Storm re-introduces himself and Chris Harris to audiences again. Storm says that they grew up in a time where they had to earn respect from their peers and fans. He says that it was a time where they looked liked wrestlers and not bums (while pointing at them) and if they were good, they would have taken the loss and gotten better. He says they suck.

Kenny King grabs the mic and calls Storm washed up. He asks what year it is. Harris says that if he keeps talking, he will make him cry harder than he did on “The Bachelorette”. He says America’s Most Wanted is proud of everything they’ve accomplished in the ring. Harris says him and Storm came in together and if they have to they’ll go out together. He says they met a couple friends at “Slammiversary” and the Good Brothers music hits. The new tag team champions come to the ring and get in the ring. Honor No More and The Good Brothers and America’s Most Wanted start to brawl off with one another. Honor No More gains the upper hand, but The Brisoces music hits and they come to the ring to make the save.

We go backstage to Alisha and Gisele Shaw. Shaw congratulates Alisha on her win last week, but Alisha is mad for Shaw not being ringside at her match against Masha Slamovich last week. Shaw tells her she wishes her new best friend Lady Frost all the best and maybe she should team up with her instead.

Back from the first commercial break, Honor No More is backstage, very angry. They find Scott D’Amore and ask him to do something about what just happened. D’Amore says that their win was a fluke and they object to this. D’Amore says that if it’s not a fluke, then at “Against All Odds”, there will be a ten-man tag team match featuring The Briscoes, The Good Brothers and James Storm. He also says that the main event of tonight will be Mike Bennett, Matt Taven and Eddie Edwards vs. James Storm and the Briscoes.

Back in the ring, Chelsea Green comes down, alongside Deonna Purrazzo (who joins commentary). Mia Yim follows them.

Mia Yim vs. Chelsea Green

The bell rings and Yim delivers an arm drag. Yim rolls up Green, but Green kicks out. Green sends Yim into the top turn buckle, then into the mat face first. Green goes for a pin, but Yim kicks out. Green sends her out of the ring, then hits a baseball slide. Yim comes back with a suplex, and we then go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Green has the upper hand. Green continues to beat down Yim with kicks and forearms. She sends Yim to the outside with a kick, then slams Yim’s head into the commentary desk. She sends Yim back into the ring, then goes for a pin but Yim kicks out. Green locks in a headlock, but Yim escapes. She sends Yim to the mat and hits an elbow drop. She goes for a pin, but Yim kicks out. Green hits a kick to the midsection, followed by a forearm. Yim fires back with a boot to the face, followed by. a kick. Yim hits a missile drop kick on Green, followed by another one into the corner. She hits a cannonball, then goes for a pin but Green kicks out.

Green sends Yim’s head into the mat, then goes for a pin but Yim kicks out. Yim hits a German suplex, then pins Green but Green kicks out. Yim hits a kick to Green’s face, then hits a powerbomb. She goes for a pin, but Green kicks out. Yim climbs to the top rope, but Purrazzo knocks her down. Mickie James comes to the Green and takes out Purrazzo. Yim uses the distraction to her advantage and hits the Eat Defeat for the win.

Winner: Mia Yim

Backstage, Gia Miller is standing by with The Influence. Madison Rayne has her nose taped up and says she has a fractured nose. Rayne says that if Tenille Dashwood hadn’t knocker her in the face, she wouldn’t be in that position but it was no one’s fault. Gisele Shaw comes in and asks if the Influence would be willing to team up with her. She says that if she were with the right team, she could pull off a win. Tenille Dashwood blows her off at first, but Rayne says that it could be beneficial for them and the two accept her offer.

Back from the break, Bhupinder Gujjar and Shark Boy make their way to the ring. Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice are already waiting inside.

Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice vs. Bhupinder Gujjar and Shark Boy

The bell rings and the two lock up. Swinger tags in Dice as Shark Boy tags in Gujjar. Gujjar sends Dice into the mat and tags in Shark Boy. The two double team on him. Swinger tries to interfere, but Shark Boy bites him and sends him out of the ring. He drags Dice back into the ring and reigns down punches onto his head. He bites Dice, but Swinger interferes to give Dice the upper hand. He hits a few forearms, followed by a bodyslam. Shark Boy tags in Gujjar. Gujjar hits a Samoan Drop, then goes for a pin, but Swinger breaks it up. Gujjar climbs to the middle turn buckle, then hits the Gargoyle Spear for the win.

Winners: Bhupinder Gujjar and Shark Boy

Post match, Deaner and Joe Doering come down and take out all four men. Doering sends Gujjar off his shoulders onto the mat. Deaner grabs the mic and tells Josh Alexander the two aren’t going anywhere until he comes to the ring.

Back from the break, Josh Alexander comes to the ring. Deaner says it’s nice of him to show up and Alexander asks what’s so urgent (as he’s trying to get ready for their match). Deaner says it’s not what he needs to say but rather what he needs to feel. He asks what it feels like to stand across from him and the undefeated Doering (the man that will challenge him at “Against All Odds”). He says that Alexander is afraid and he should embrace the fear. He says he should embrace the fact that he can’t beat Doering and he will bring home the World Championship at VBD.

Alexander says that VBD is thinning out and asks where Eric Young is. He says that no one has seen or heard from him at “Slammiversary”. He says the same thing could happen to Doering after their title match and Deaner will then be all alone. Deaner and Doering charge at Alexander and beat him down. Alexander takes down Doering, but the two gain the upper hand. Doering delivers a clothesline, followed by right hands delivered by Deaner. Security comes to the ring, but Doering takes them out. He hits one of them with a chokeslam, and looks to attack antoher one, but Deaner stops him and Doering backs off.

Josh Alexander vs. Deaner

Deaner slides back in the ing. The bell rings and Alexander hits a body slam. He goes for a pin, but Deaner kicks out. He hits Deaner with a few forearms in the corner, followed by a back breaker. He goes for a pin, but Deaner kicks out. Alexander hits a chop, then sends Deaner off the top rope and out of the ring. He takes him down with a crossbody through the ropes, then sends him back into the ring.

Deaner hits a thumb to Alexander’s eye, then sends him into the ring post. He slides him back into the ring. Alexander hits a Northern Lights Suplex, then goes for a pin, but Deaner kicks out. Deaner hits an elbow, then chokes Alexander on the ropes. Deaner goes after Alexander’s neck on the bottom turn buckle. Alexander hits four German suplexes on Deaner. Deaner tries to hang on to the top rope, but Alexander hits another one. Alexander locks in an Ankle Lock in the corner, but the referee breaks it up. Alexadner moves it to the middle of the ring and locks in the Ankle Lock again for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

We then go backstage, where Gia Miller is standing by with Frankie Kazarian She asks how it felt to win at “Slammiversary” and he says it was one of the best nights of his career and a night he will never forget. He says that 20 years ago, he was a brash up and comer who met Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin. He then challenges Sabin to a match next week to finally answer the question of who is better.

Back from the break, Jordynne Grace has a message after her win at “Slammiversary”. She thanks all of her fellow competitors and says she doesn’t see Tasha Steelz taking the Knockouts Title back anytime soon. Steelz is standing by with Savannah Evans and asks why Grace is thanking her. She says that if she can beat Savannah Evans next week, Steelz will invoke her rematch clause at “Against All Odds”.

Back in the ring, Sami Callihan makes his way down. Jack Price already waits in the ring.

Sami Callihan vs. Jack Price

The bell rings and Price tries to send Callihan in the corner but is unsuccessful. The two lock up and Callihan sends Price into the corner. Callihan hits a clothesline, followed by a low one. He hits the Cactus Driver 97 for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Post match, Moose runs down to the ring and hits Callihan with a spear after surprising him from behind. He grabs a chair and starts battering Callihan with it. He sends Callihan through the commentary table with a urinagi.

Backstage, the Briscoes and America’s Most Wanted are preparing for their match. The Good Brothers say that they have their backs tonight and they leave with the Briscoes. Storm goes to leave and Harris follows, but Storm tells him to stay back so he doesn’t get hurt or go back to the dark place (referencing Harris’ battle with substance abuse). Harris listens, but is visibly not happy.

Back from the break, Callihan is backstage fuming. He runs into Gail Kim and asks where Scott D’Amore is. She says she saw what happened out there. Callihan says he wants to face Moose again and Kim asks what is more violent than a Monster’s Ball Match. He suggests a Clockwork Orange House of Fun and Kim agrees if it will put an end to the feud.

Commentary then runs down the card so far for “Against All Odds”, followed by the card for next week’s “Impact”. Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett of Honor No More comes to the ring, alongside Maria Kanellis. James Storm and the Briscoes follow.

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett vs. James Storm) and The Briscoes (Jay and Mark)

Mark and Taven start off the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Taven hits a drop kick, then tags in Bennett. Mark hits Bennett with a chop, but Bennett fires back. The two exchange chops, until Mark gains the upper hand. He sends Bennett to the mat and tags in Jay. Jay hits Bennett with an upper cut, followed by a few kicks to the midsection. Bennett sends Jay into the corner and tags in Edwards.

Edwards sends Jay into the corner and knocks Storm off the apron. Jay comes back with a boot to the face and tags in Storm. Storm hits a double shoulder tackle, followed by a insiguri. He hits a neck breaker, then sends Edwards out of the ring. Taven and Bennett try to interfere, but Storm sends them out of the ring. Jay takes them out with a flip over the top rope, then Mark follows with a moonsault out of the ring.

Back from the break, Storm and Edwards are in the ring. Storm has the upper hand and hits Edwards with a forearm. He sends him back out of the ring. Bennett interferes on the outside, then sends Storm into the ring post. Edwards delivers an arm drag to Storm on the outside, then tosses him back into the ring. He goes for a pin, but Storm kicks out. Taven tags in and hits Storm with a couple forearms. Storm fires back with a couple of his own, then hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Taven hits a moonsault, then goes for a pin but Taven kicks out. Bennett tags in and hits Storm with a knee. He tags in Edwards and he hits a double axe handle. Edwards locks Storm in a submission, but Storm manages to make the tag. The referee doesn’t see it and sends them out of the ring. Edwards tags in and sends Storm into the corner. Storm manages to pull out a Backstabber, then tags in Mark. Edwards tags in Taven and he berates Taven with chops. Bennett tags in. Mark hits a neck breaker, but Taven breaks it up. Edwards kicks Mark in the face from the apron, giving Bennett the upper hand. Mark hits Bennett with the DVD, then climbs to the top rope. Taven knocks him off and the two of them hit the Proton Pack for the win.

Winners: Honor No More

Post match, the rest of Honor No More comes to the ring and beats down Storm and the Briscoes. The Good Brothers make the save, but they are taken out as well. The show goes off the air with Mark taking a Tiger Driver on a pile of chairs and Taven and Bennett putting Mark’s ankle in a chair and slamming it with another chair.

“Impact” airs at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST/5 PM CST on AXS TV and 8:30 PM EST/7:30 PM CST/5:30 PM CST for members of their official YouTube channel every Thursday.

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