JBL Praises WWE Legend As ‘One Of The Greatest Wrestlers Of All Time’

JBL has named former WWE Superstar Fit Finlay as "one of the greatest wrestlers of all time."

Finlay had a historic career in the professional wrestling business, from competing around Europe to being a top star in both WCW and WWE. But JBL told "GAW TV" that when he saw him work in Europe it was, "beyond belief how good he was," particularly in matches he saw against Tony St. Clair.


"By the time he came to the States, he was older and he got hurt a little bit, and he wasn't like he was back in the early '90s," he said. "I wish America could have seen him back in the late '80s, early '90s, he was the best I've ever seen."

While Finlay had a great run in his own right, one of the biggest impacts he made has been behind the scenes with the women's division. JBL believes that it was, "almost like a rib" that he was given that division at first to work with, but the Irishman has often been credited by those he worked with for helping to improve them.

"Then he got handed the women and ... he helped turn, many of the women did it as well, helped turn that into the incredible [division] that we have today, this incredible movement."


Another aspect of Finlay's career that he was notorious for was being a physical star, and JBL stated that he was a "very tough guy" as he recalled a time that Fit knocked out his tooth. JBL tried to no-sell it, and he "could tell how disappointed he was," about thinking he didn't get the tooth knocked out.

"He came back into the dressing room and he said, 'Everything okay?' I knew my tooth had been knocked out, and I said, 'Yeah, it's fine' ... I took a bite out of the sandwich and my tooth fell out. I go, 'That bastard knocked my tooth out,' and he was right around the corner and he came to me and goes, 'Yes!' and left. He was so happy."

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