Vince McMahon is known for his eccentricities, and Kurt Angle has another story of the WWE Chairman’s sometimes odd temperament.

While discussing proper backstage etiquette with this week’s The Kurt Angle Show guest Ronda Rousey, Angle addressed the importance of never responding to “thank you” with “you’re welcome,” at least not in the wrestling industry.

“You say ‘thank you,’ and someone says ‘you’re welcome,’ that’s the usual way you do it. But in pro wrestling, you say ‘thank you’ and the other person is supposed to say ‘thank you’ back. So its like ‘thank you,’ ‘no, thank you.'”

Many backstage take this, as well as other traditions such as wiping one’s feet and shaking hands backstage, as sacrosanct. Included in that group, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

“I was told one time a wrestler told Vince- Vince said  ‘hey thank you for the match tonight,’ and the wrestler said ‘you’re welcome.’ Vince actually took him off the roster -for about a month- basically suspended him for a month because he didn’t say ‘thank you.’ He said ‘you’re welcome.'”

While suspending the wrestler for a month sounds like a bit much, the story highlights how seriously some of the etiquette is taken by the higher-ups in WWE. Though a full month suspension and being taken off the roster feels like an outsized reaction, McMahon is known as an outsized personality.

Vince inarguably has his eccentricities, such as an aversion to sneezing. According to Paul Heyman, and corroborated by Bruce Prichard, McMahon is often seen shaving with an electric razor. According to Heyman, when asked about his shaving habit, McMahon said of his beard, “I can’t let it win.”

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