Mick Foley On What He Would Re-Write From His History

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was given the luxury of having a retirement match at WWE "No Way Out 2000" against Triple H inside Hell in a Cell, but for those who know "The Hardcore Legend," his storied career didn't end there. Foley returned just six weeks after as a part of "WrestleMania 2000's" main event match between Triple H, Big Show, The Rock, and himself.

To add even more to the situation, Foley would wrestle in over a dozen more WWE matches before leaving the company to continue his career in TNA Wrestling where he became the World Heavyweight Champion. Foley would officially retire from in-ring competition in 2013, making his last official appearance in a WWE ring competing at WWE "Royal Rumble" 2012.

All good stories come to an end and for Foley, his ideal exit would've been at "No Way Out" in 2000.

"Yeah, it really is, it's the perfect exit," Foley said, during the first episode of "Foley is Pod." "If I could re-write my own history, I never would've wrestled again. I would've had to come back against Randy [Orton at WWE "Backlash" 2004] because you're allowed one comeback match. I would've done the tag with The Rock, followed it up with the match against Randy and then never wrestled again.

"I think everyone accepts that you're going to have one comeback match, but I wouldn't have done a match six weeks later [at "WrestleMania 2000"]. I would've done those two matches and that would've been it."

One of the most memorable return matches Foley had after that night in 2000 was his match at "WrestleMania 22" with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Foley had been on the record at the time about not having his iconic WrestleMania moment and that night, the two created one when Foley was speared through a flaming table by "The Rated-R Superstar." Of course, if Foley had retired in 2000 against Triple H, fans never would've gotten that iconic moment and match.

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