Ahead of tonight’s WWE “Hell in a Cell” Premium Live Event, MVP looks to take Bobby Lashley down with his words before stepping in the ring alongside Omos in an attempt to take Lashley down with their offence.

MVP and WWE have teamed up to release a diss rap on YouTube aimed at “The All-Mighty” former WWE Champion. As seen in the video below, MVP not only insults recent aspects of Lashley’s career but even takes it back to the genesis of his character in WWE. He insults his reign as ECW World Champion, and claims that he would have been more successful in his amateur wrestling career if he had MVP back then.

“When I’m up for the Hall of Fame, I’ll go in two times for what I’ve done in my career like making you champ twice.

“Needed me to rescue you from your blonde ex-wife, you’re welcome. That added ten years to your shelf life.

“Made a name with The Hurt Business then you distanced yourself. Remember Shelton, remember Prime [Alexander]? Bobby, you did have help.

“For All-Mighty, this is the last hand of truth. Get dealt. Let’s go down memory lane, Bobby, fasten your seatbelt.

“ECW Champion, that was a joke. As far as classic brands go, that was like new Coke. A 273 lb. pushover, 6’3”, perfect poster boy, poser.

“Remember ’02? Sums up your career, Bob. You could have won gold if MVP was there.

“Never saw Lashley’s ladies until the VIP Lounge. That’s a perk of having the Most Valuable Player around.

“And I know you’re looking at me thinking life ain’t fair. Mad at me because I still have all of my hair.

“I’m a man with a vision, so you know I stay scheming. Even though your name is Bobby, I’ve got brains like Heenan.

“Put hands on a weapon, I’m 305 reppin’. The VIP Lounge, I break it down in sections.

“All it takes from Vince is just one phone call. The bigger the ego, the harder the mighty fall.”

As noted, MVP & Omos will team up tonight to take on Bobby Lashley in a 2-on-1 handicap match. The rivalry involving all 3 men can be traced back to before “WrestleMania” when MVP was still aligned with “The All-Mighty” WWE star. Lashley would defeat Omos at “WrestleMania”, and then the night after, MVP would surprise attack Lashley and proclaim himself as manager for “The Nigerian Giant”.

You can see the full card for WWE “Hell in a Cell” at this link.

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