NWA Alwayz Ready 2022 Results (6/11) – New NWA World Heavyweight Champion Crowned

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Announced card

* Matt Cardona (c) vs. Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Matt Cardona is currently injured and the future of his championship reign is set to be determined

* Kamille (c) vs. KiLinn King for the NWA World Women's Championship

* Jax Dane (c) vs. Chris Adonis for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship

* La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) (c) vs. The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) for the NWA World Tag Team Championship

* Tyrus (c) w/ Austin Idol vs. Mims for the NWA World Television Championship

* Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch

* The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) (c) vs. Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige) for the NWA World Women's Tag Team Championship

* Taya Valkyrie vs. Natalia Markova w/ Taryn Terrell

* Homicide (c) vs. PJ Hawx for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship


- Rodney Mack def. "Magic" Jake Dumas

- The Mortons def. AJ Cazana & Anthony Andrews and Jeremiah Plunkett & Alex Taylor


Main Show

- A video package plays, focusing on NWA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Cardona and The Cardonas.

- A rundown of the card is provided by commentators Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm.

Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch

Stevens and Murdoch lock horns to get the match underway. Murdoch slaps Stevens in the corner of the ring. Stevens applies a headlock. Murdoch delivers a big boot. Murdoch keeps Stevens grounded with strikes to the head. Stevens rolls onto the apron. Stevens attempts a dive from the top, but his boot gets caught in the top turnbuckle.

Murdoch regains control and works on the knee. Stevens responds with a big clothesline. Stevens drops an elbow and goes for a cover. Murdoch sends Stevens into the corner and then manages to deliver a pop-up powerbomb. Murdoch goes to the top rope and connects with a bulldog for the win.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch via pinfall

- After the match, Aron Stevens grabs the mic and tells the fans, "You're welcome!"

The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) (c) vs. Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige) for the NWA World Women's Tag Team Championship

Kenzie and Allysin begin the match. Allysin locks in a headlock and takes Kenzie down. Marti Belle tags in and picks up where Allysin left off. Allysin is tagged back. Both champions work together on Kenzie in their corner. Kenzie manages to tag in Ella, but Allysin grounds her immediately with a headlock. Allysin goes after the nose of Ella.

Marti is tagged in once more and the champions work together. Ella and Kenzie are on the outside of the ring, looking to regroup. Marti jumps from the apron to take them out. Ella delivers a powerbomb to Allysin from the top turnbuckle. Kenzie and Ella work together on Allysin. Kenzie keeps Allysin grounded. Allysin manages to suplex both Kenzie and Ella.

Marti is tagged in, and she takes out both challengers. Ella delivers a Cutter to Marti. Allysin re-enters the fray before being sent out of the ring. Ella has the championship belt. The referee takes it off her. Ella delivers a low-blow to Marti Belle as the referee's back was turned, and plants her face-first into the canvas to win.

Winners: NEW NWA World Women's Tag Team Champions, Pretty Empowered via pinfall

Homicide (c) vs. PJ Hawx for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship

Homicide and PJ lock up to get the match underway. Homicide initially attempt to get a feel of each other. PJ locks in a wristlock. Homicide takes PJ down, but PJ manages to use his technical ability to keep the champion grounded. Homicide goes for back slide but only scores a two count. PJ goes for his own cover. PJ takes Homicide down with an armdrag.

PJ dumps Homicide in the middle of the ring with a waistlock. Homicide delivers a stiff kick to the back of PJ. Homicide then connects with a backbreaker. The champion scoop slams PJ down. Homicide delivers a big DDT. PJ manages to turn the tables and locks in a headlock. Homicide reverses and locks in an STF, but PJ escapes. Homicide drops PJ on the top rope.

PJ uses his strength and delivers a series of gut-wrenches. PJ sends Homicide into the corner and then launches Homicide across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Homicide connects with a big chop in the corner. PJ lands a deadlift vertical slam, but Homicide kicks out of the cover. PJ hits a superplex from the top turnbuckle to the champion. Homicide lands a Cutter in the middle of the ring, but PJ kicks out of the pin attempt. Homicide lands a Cop Killa to win.

Winner: Still NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion, Homicide via pinfall

- The Fixers attack Homicide and PJ after the match. Luke Hawx comes out to the ring. The Fixers also take him out. The Mortons make the save as The Fixers retreat. Colby Corino comes to the ring with a referee. Colby cashes-in his Championship Series title shot.

Homicide (c) vs. Colby Corino for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship

Corino goes straight after Homicide. Homicide fights back and sends Colby into the corner. Homicide gives him the one-finger salute. Colby takes out the champion and delivers a number of stomps on the canvas. Colby hits a flurry of moves in the corner of the ring. Corino connects with a knee to the face. On the apron, Colby slams Homicide down back-first and follows it up with a dive through the ropes.

Colby sends Homicide back into the ring. Homicide is on his feet and he sends Corino out of the ring. Homicide looks to suplex Colby through the commentator's table. Colby sends Homicide face-first into the apron. Homicide sends Colby into the security rail. Both men fight on the stage and Homicide lifts Colby up for a big back bodydrop. Homicide drags Colby to the ring. Homicide goes for the Three Amigos, but Colby lands a neckbreaker. Homicide hits a Cop Killa. Corino kicks out of the pin attempt. Corino struggles to stand. Colby manages to land a superkick and a knee strike. Homicide replies with a big clothesline and then manages to pin Colby.

Winner: Still NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion, Homicide via pinfall

- Jennacide is interviewed backstage. Jennacide says she is not leaving the building until she finds Markova. Jennacide says it's hunting season. Jennacide says once she's done with Markova, she is moving onto bigger things and going after a championship.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Natalia Markova w/ Taryn Terrell

Taya is making her NWA debut. Taya and Markova trade wristlocks. Taya takes Markova down with a waistlock. Taya sends Markova into the ropes and follows it up with an uppercut. Markova runs into a big boot. Taya connects with the crossbody. Taya goes to hit the ropes, but Taryn grabs her foot. The move allows Markova to gain an advantage. Markova uses the middle rope and crashes her weight down on Taya. Markova spanks Taya. Taya returns the favor.

Markova lands a series of chops. Markova sends Taya into the corner and then plants her face-first in the middle of the ring. Markova locks in a headlock. Taya manages to escape, and she hits a flurry of strikes. Markova connects with the baseball on the oustide. Taryn gets up on the apron as Markova dives through the ropes to take out Taya. Taya responds by sending Markova down for a rough landing on the floor. Back in the ring, Taya stomps Markova face-first into the mat. Taya works on Markova in the corner. Taya hits her finisher, but Taryn causes a distraction. Markova hits a spinning kick and wins.

Winner: Natalia Markova via pinfall

Jax Dane (c) vs. Chris Adonis for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship

Dane and Adonis lock horns to begin the match. Adonis and Dane test one another's strength. Dane is knocked down with a big push. Both men go for a test of strength as they lock hands. Dane uses dirty tactics. Both men go for the test of strength again. Adonis delivers an armdrag and does a strut. Dane baits Adonis in and then locks in a headlock. Adonis goes for the Master Lock, but the champion escapes the ring.

Dane sends a steel chair into the ring. Adonis sets-up the chair in the middle of the ring and calls for a Master Lock Challenge. Dane sits on the chair after some hesitation. Adonis locks in the Master Lock, but Dane connects with a low-blow as the referee was taking the chair out of the ring. Dane hammers down on Adonis on the canvas. Dane locks in his own version of the Master Lock. Adonis looks to have faded, but manages to break it. Adonis plants Dane down. Adonis locks in the Master Lock again. Dane uses the ropes to escape as both men fall out of the ring. Adonis re-applies it on the on outside. Dane escapes by smashing Adonis' spine against the ring post. Back in the ring after injuring the hand of Adonis, Dane connects with a big clothesline to win.

Winner: Still NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Jax Dane via pinfall

- Aron Stevens is interviewed backstage. Stevens says there's no way anybody could know what he's going through right now. Stevens says all he ever wanted was to be a success in this business. Stevens says something inside him told him to walk away. He says when you give your life to something but don't get anything back, then you have to make a decision. Stevens says he is done. Stevens says even though he will never be able to hold a world title and take it to Killer Kowalksi's grave, the business has been able to give him other things. He suggests he and May Valentine go to Brazil.

Cyon w/ Austin Idol vs. Thom Latimer

Cyon and Latimer lock horns, but neither man gains an advantage. Cyon takes Latimer down with a side headlock. Latimer locks in headscissors on the canvas. Cyon reverses and stretches the right arm of Latimer. Latimer connects with a dropkick, then follows it up with another side headlock on the mat. Latimer takes a Cyon down with a hip toss and then armdrag. Latimer jumps from the top turnbuckle and knocks Cyon down with his shoulder.

Cyon goes after Latimer. Both men trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Cyon sends Latimer into the turnbuckles with a hip toss. Cyon connects with a neckbreaker. Cyon works on the neck of Latimer on the mat. On the outside, Cyon drops Latimer onto the apron. Back in the ring, Cyon scoop slams Latimer down. Cyon looks to leap from the top, but he eats the big boot of Latimer. Latimer is fired up as the momentum shifts into his favor for a moment. Back on the outside, Cyon heads over the top rope to take out Latimer. In the ring, Cyon drops Latimer on his neck. Latimer manages to connect with a push-up powerbomb to claim the victory.

Winner: Thom Latimer via pinfall

Tyrus (c) vs. Mims for the NWA World Television Championship

Mims immediately goes after Tyrus in the corner of the ring. Mims delivers a series of punches on the turnbuckles, before Tyrus pushes him away. Tyrus takes control, as Mims sought to take the champion down. On the outside, Tyrus sends Mims into the ring post. Back in the ring, Tyrus stands on the back of Mims. Tyrus sends Mims shoulder-first into the corner, before using his weight to crush him against the turnbuckles.

Tyrus lifts Mims up for a slam and follows it up with an elbow. Tyrus chokes Mims on the mat with a bandage protecting Mims' shoulder injury. Mims picks Tyrus up out of nowhere and slams Tyrus down. Mims follows it up with a standing splash, but the champion kicks out of the pin attempt. Tyrus accidentally takes out his manager on the apron. Mims lands on his injured shoulder in pain. Mims continues to fight, but Tyrus sends him back down screaming in agony. Tyrus lands a Heart Punch to win.

Winner: Still NWA Television Champion, Tyrus via pinfall

- Tyrus offers Mims a handshake after the match. He shakes Mims' hand and then punches him down once again.

La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) (c) vs. The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) for the NWA World Tag Team Championship

Doug Williams and Mecha Wolf begin the match. Wolf takes down Doug with a shoulder tackle, followed by a big dropkick. Doug manages to hit a European uppercut after hitting the ropes. Both men reverse each other's moves before reaching a stalemate. Bestia and Harry are tagged in. Bestia kicks Harry in the legs and connects with a Hurricanrana. La Rebelion work together on Harry. Harry manages to tag in Doug who works on Bestia in the corner. Harry is tagged back in. Harry holds Bestia up for a lengthy amount of time before dropping him on the canvas.

Harry picks up Bestia and slams him down back-first. Harry connects with a butterfly suplex. Harry locks in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Doug is tagged in. Doug hits a suplex on Wolf who enters the ring without being the legal man. Harry once again tags in and takes Bestia up to the top turnbuckle. Bestia headbutts Harry and connects with a tornado DDT.

Bestia eventually tags in Wolf. Wolf hits a flurry of fast-paced moves. Le Rebelion combine to take Doug down. Doug and Harry turn the tables and combine to work on Le Rebelion. Le Rebelion connect with the Mark of the Beast, but Harry breaks up the cover. Le Rebelion combine again to send Harry out of the ring and hit Total Rebelion on Doug. Doug surprisingly surprisingly kicks out of the pin attempt. Doug's nose is bleeding badly. All four men are down in the ring. Harry and Doug work in tandem. Doug connects with a move from the top, before Harry connects with a diving headbutt. Doug as the legal man scores the pin.

Winners: NEW NWA Tag Team Champions, Doug Williams & Harry Smith via pinfall

- KiLynn King is interviewed backstage. KiLynn says she is dominant competitor and that she has a good inch on Kamille. KiLynn says she's been focused and more focused than she's ever been in her entire career. KiLynn says she is the biggest threat Kamille has ever had.

Kamille (c) vs. KiLynn King for the NWA World Women's Championship

Kamille teases Kilynn with a handshake as the match begins. Both women test each other's strength in the middle of the ring. Kilynn gains the advantage and takes Kamille down. Kamille uses her strength to hit a fallaway slam. KiLynn stays on her feet and Kamille is stunned. Kilynn lifts the champion up for ten seconds before dumping her down on the canvas. Kamille connects with a big clothesline.

Kamille works on KiLynn in the corner of the ring. KiLynn fights back for a second, but Kamille slams KiLynn face-first into the top turnbuckle. Kamille locks in a neck submission. KiLynn replies with a shot to the midsection. Kamille responds with a spinning heel kick. Kamille hits KiLynn with a big boot to the face after being thrown into the corner. On the outside, Kamille uses the ring post and smashes KiLynn's left arm into it. KiLynn pulled Kamille in and she goes straight into the ring post. KiLynn then kicks Kamille as she heads through the middle rope.

Back in the ring, Kamille lands a flying legdrop, but only scores a two count with the pin attempt. KiLynn delivers a series of big slaps to the chest of Kamille. KiLynn connects with a German suplex. Kamille and KiLynn trade blows in the middle of the ring. KiLynn lifts Kamille up and goes for an aeroplane spin. KiLynn connects with a kick to the head of the champion. Kamille grabs KiLynn from the top turnbuckle and plants her into the canvas. KiLynn plants Kamille face-first into the mat. KiLynn heads to the top rope and connects with a Frog Splash, but the champion kicks out of the cover. Kamille lands a spear to retain the title.

Winner: Still NWA World Women's Champion, Kamille via pinfall

- Special guest commentator Bully Ray enters the ring after the match to congratulate both ladies for a great match. Kamille and KiLynn shake hands. Max the Impaler attempts to enter the ring, but security stop her in her tracks. Kamille holds up her title.

- Dr. Tom Prichard makes his way to the ring. Prichard says it has been a great night of action. Prichard talks about NWA coming back to Knoxville. Prichard says professional wrestling is alive and well thanks to the NWA.

- NWA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Cardona heads to the ring in regular clothing, alongside Chelsea Green and The Cardonas. Cardona says in this business there is no good time to get injured. Cardona says tonight was supposed to be the biggest night of his life. Cardona says the PPV is named after him and he's earned it. Cardona says he is unable to compete. Cardona says when he joined the promotion, he wanted to win the ten pounds of gold and save the NWA. Cardona says that is exactly what he has done. Cardona says he takes the title all all over the world and he is proud to be champion. He says he has worked 19 years to be a world champion.

Cardona says he and Nick Aldis are alike, but fans aren't going to be able to see who the better man is. Cardona says he is always ready, but not tonight. Cardona says he's out of action for up to five months. Cardona gets emotional and tells the NWA World Title that he loves it. William Patrick Corgan makes his way out to the ring. Corgan talks to Cardona off the microphone. Corgan asks for the championship. Nick Aldis makes his way out ready to compete. Aldis says he has a bit of news and says his back has been killing him from carrying the NWA. Aldis calls Cardona an ex-WWE parasite. Aldis says Cardona knows deep down his actions is a smokescreen. Aldis says Cardona isn't a good wrestler. Aldis tells Cardona to tell call him when he's healed.

Aldis says he's going to close the show with a match like he's done for so many years. Trevor Murdoch answers the call. Thom Latimer and Kamille also head to the ring. Kamille gets in Corgan's face and says that Latimer hasn't been given a chance and that he's the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Latimer says that Corgan doesn't see something in him. Latimer says he is a main event guy and he's in the main event tonight. Latimer says he's going to walk out the new champion. Sam Shaw heads to the ring. Shaw says he wants in. Corgan pleads again with Cardona to hand over the title. Cardona kisses the title and hands it over to Corgan. Corgan then makes a four-way match for the vacant championship.

Nick Aldis vs. Thom Latimer vs. Trevor Murdoch vs. Sam Shaw in a four-way match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Shaw and Aldis go at it outside the ring. Murdoch and Latimer battle in the crowd. Murdoch takes Latimer out while he was sat on a chair in the audience. All four men continue to brawl in the crowd. The match finally makes it way to the ring as Aldis and Shaw go at it. Latimer drills Aldis in the back of the head. Shaw and Latimer form an alliance. Trevor Murdoch agrees to work with Shaw and Latimer and squashes Aldis in the corner. Murdoch goes for a cover, but Latimer and Shaw pull him off.

Aldis and Latimer seemingly work together to take out Shaw. The alliance lasts for a moment as they collide with a double clothesline. Shaw returns to the ring. Murdoch slams him multiple times into the mat. Murdoch goes to the top, but Shaw hits him with an uppercut. Murdoch goes back to the top and takes out the other three competitors on the outside. Latimer spears Aldis in the ring, as Shaw pulls the referee out of the ring during the cover. Shaw goes under the ring.

Latimer goes to the top turnbuckle and Aldis joins him. Murdoch re-enters the fray and slams both men down to the canvas. Shaw returns from under the ring and sends Murdoch into the guardrail on the outside. In the ring, Shaw takes down Aldis and Latimer with a series of punches and a flurry of moves. Shaw misses a legdrop from the top. Murdoch connects with a pop-up powerbomb on Shaw. Latimer connects with a moonsault on Murdoch. Aldis throws Latimer out of the ring and locks Murdoch in a Figure Four Leglock. Latimer and Shaw break the submission.

Aldis hits a Stunner on Shaw. Murdoch breaks the pin attempt. Murdoch goes to the top and his leg gets caught on the top turnbuckle. Shaw locks in Silence on Latimer. Aldis drops an elbow to break the hold. Aldis connects with a Tombstone Piledriver on Shaw. Aldis locks in the cloverleaf on Murdoch. After escaping, Murdoch catches Aldis from the top rope with a bulldog to capture the championship.

Winner: NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch via pinfall

- Murdoch grabs the microphone. He says he told everybody what he was going to do and he did it.

- That's all for NWA Alwayz Ready 2022!