Vince McMahon will reportedly be “in character” for his “WWE SmackDown” appearance tonight, but it might be tough for Pat McAfee to do the same at ringside. McAfee will soon be hopping on a plane to Minneapolis, MN to fulfill his color commentary duties for tonight’s broadcast, but before doing so he took time to address the news of his boss being in the news, for all the wrong reasons, on his “Pat McAfee Show.”

“As of this morning, Stephanie McMahon is now interim CEO and interim chairwoman, and tonight on SmackDown, Vince McMahon ‘Mr. McMahon’ will be appearing. I have no idea what’s happening when I fly into Minneapolis, MN this afternoon,” he said before making note of the wild day he’s had already.

“I had Charles Barkley here to start the day and I’m heading to Minneapolis, MN with obviously a company that’s been around for a very long time and I’ve been a fan of for my, basically my entire life and it’s in one of the biggest most crucial times in the history and I’m just going to be right there.”

McAfee made history with McMahon at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas as he took on his boss in an impromptu match. This was after McAfee defeated the current United States Champion Theory and a frustrated McMahon disrobed to reveal he was ready for a fight.

“My life is a glitch in the simulation,” McAfee said. “I understand that and just like everybody else, I have no idea what’s happening tonight and I sent out a couple texts, like, ‘Like, hey with the tweet from the WWE saying Mr. McMahon will appear on it,’ I’m like, ‘How’s this going in?’ The response I got was, ‘Nobody knew this was happening.'”

A new report says how concerned some WWE employees are about McMahon appearing on the program tonight as in doing so could be a bad idea.

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