WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam returned to the ring over the weekend in a six-man tag team match at CyberFight Festival in Saitama, Japan.

During his post-match presser, RVD was approached by NOSAWA Rongai, who issued a challenge to “The Whole F’n Show” for a hardcore match down the road. RVD would accept the challenge and announce his return to NOAH for a show at Nippon Budokan on July 16.

While a lot of fans on social media are glad to see RVD turn back the clock, one particular fan is concerned for the 51-year-old former WWE Champion’s wellbeing. As seen below, RVD reminded the fan that he has yet to retire from in-ring competition.

You can watch a few highlights from RVD’s match at CyberFight Festival.

As noted earlier, RVD lamented the lack of selling and storytelling in modern pro wrestling during his appearance on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. 

“I’m still offended by a lot of the stuff that I see nowadays,” RVD stressed. “Because I was taught, and I hate it when people say, ‘Oh, I wasn’t brought up that way,’ no one was brought up that way, we have to adapt. Your perception changes when you’re an adult.”

“The way we trained, if you got bloody, that was good for the match, it made it looked good,” RVD continued. “And there was no air allowed between anybody, my whole training with The Shiek was about grabbing each other and bringing each other in tighter. Bringing each other in whether its a headlock, or a waistlock, or an armlock, it was always about coming in and squeezing. Anytime someone was on their back, boom, you better be jumping on him trying to pin him, trying to win. And that’s not the way I see a lot of wrestling today. A lot of times, it eats me up.”

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