Backstage News On Internal Reaction To Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Promotion

Stephanie McMahon is the Interim WWE CEO and that is apparently terrific news to some on the talent roster. A press release by WWE this morning revealed that Vince McMcMahon "has voluntarily stepped back from his responsibilities as CEO and Chairman of the Board" and now his daughter, who recently took a leave of absence from her duties as Chief Branding Officer, will now be filling in.


According to a new report from Fightful Select, plenty of talent are optimistic about the change with one top star stating that they "heard in theory Stephanie McMahon is my boss, and that f–king rules." A former WWE employee under Stephanie's regime said the tone around WWE headquarters was always that Stephanie would always wind up in this role. Noting that she is someone who knows and breathes the business.

A female talent added another perspective to the move saying that some of the roster believes that things can only get better at this juncture with Stephanie being in charge. The unnamed talent was also optimistic about the idea that women will be treated better and receive the same level of compensation in comparison to men. However, a different top talent had a less groundbreaking outlook.


"I imagine it won't change much. But I love Steph. So that's good. I imagine Vince keeps his position in creative and once the investigation is over he'll take back over if he can."

While Vince stepped back from his roles as CEO and Chairman, he still will hold the reigns of creative. We'll see that right at the forefront Friday night on "SmackDown" as McMahon himself will reportedly be on the show "in character" to address the live audience at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. McMahon hasn't been seen on television since the April 18 episode of "SmackDown."

As noted, McMahon is about to be investigated after the "Wall Street Journal" reported that he made a $3 million payment to a former WWE employee to cover up an affair.