30-year pro wrestling veteran Stevie Richards has seen many different backstage environments since he entered the business.

While On Cafe De Rene with Rene Dupree, the 22-time WWE Hardcore Champion opened up about how he felt backstage during his time at WWE.

“I was there for 10 years, from 1999 till 2008 there was never one day where I felt comfortable in that locker room,” Richards said. “Most times I dressed with the extras because I never felt comfortable with most of the main talent.”

Richards was a part of multiple famous factions during his time in major promotions such as Raven’s Nest in ECW, BWO in ECW and WWE, and Right to Censor in WWE.

The Blue World Order was a spin-off of the New World Order, a faction made known in WCW and later brought back by WWE. The members of the Blue World Order were Nova, Stevie Richards, and the Blue Meanie. Right to Censor was a group that was created to try imitate and be a parody of the PTC (Parent’s Television Council). The group’s focus was to protest and remove everything that was not PG from the show, whether that be sexual content, language, violence, etc. Members of Right To Censor included The Goodfather, Bull Buchanon, Ivory, Val Venis, and Steven Richards (who had a slight change to his name).

As he stated, Richards’ tenure in WWE lasted from 1999 until 2008 when he was ultimately released from the company in the latter half of 2008. Richards then went to IMPACT Wrestling, then known as TNA, where he spent a little over a year, tallying up over 30 matches. Richards started under the name Dr. Stevie for the company and eventually, they changed his name back to what it was in previous companies, Stevie Richards.

Richards last wrestled in August of 2021 in a “Rumblejack” match involving 30 other wrestlers while his last singles match was a week prior. Richards has not stated that he is retired.

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