The Monster Factory To Debut In Iconic Wrestling Venue

The World Famous Monster Factory is heading to a world-famous arena.

On June 30th, Monster Factory Pro Wrestling will be presenting their "biggest show ever," Step In The Arena from the iconic 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Also known as "The Arena," and most famously "The ECW Arena."

Described as a "thank you" to the fans, tickets for the event are free, while buyers still must pay a processing fee. The main event will see MFPW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Buffet face Travis Jacobs, Goldy, and LSG in a four-way match.

Monster Factory Pro Wrestling is an offshoot of the Monster Factory training school in Paulsboro, NJ. Founded by bonafide legend Larry Sharpe, the school is currently run by Danny Cage.

Under the tutelage of the now-deceased Sharpe, the school was responsible for training such notable talent as Tony Atlas, Bam Bam Bigelow, Kevin Von Erich, Chris Candido, Raven, and many other stars of the business. Cage took over the school in 2011, and under his eye, the school has continued to produce standout talents such as Steve Cutler, Damien Priest, and Matt Riddle.

MFPW, the pro-wrestling promotion of the school was founded in 2012 and has run all of its events out of the Paulsboro training facility. Step In The Arena marks the first time the promotion has run an event outside of Paulsboro, NJ, and doing it at "The Arena" is no small feat.

Though it went by many names, it's best known as the "ECW Arena," due to the number of events the Philadelphia, PA outlaw promotion ran at the former Viking Hall. Former ECW star The Blue Meanie is now a trainer at the Monster Factory, as well as former ECW wrestler, timekeeper and ring crew member Wild Bill Wiles.