Top AEW Stars Throw Shade At WWE After Forbidden Door Victory

FTR has definitely undergone a revival.

Soon after capturing the IWGP World Tag Team Titles at Sunday's AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view, the "Top Guys" made it a point to remind the world that they are only three years removed from their infamous manscaping segment on WWE TV.


During the April 29, 2019 episode of "Raw," The Usos caught FTR in a hairy situation in a backstage segment during their rivalry. FTR would go on to lose to Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins later in the night. Shortly after the segment, WWE wrote on its website that the segment "could be the beginning of a whole new Revival or the first humiliation of many. The choice is up to them." The words seemingly struck a chord with FTR who laughed off the segment on social media and called for WWE to humiliate them further. The angle was shot in the midst of reports that FTR had turned down a new five-year deal and was preparing to leave WWE. Later that year, FTR reportedly turned down another huge offer of $850,000 each, and according to former WWE Talent Relations head Mark Carrano, the tag team could've received deals to the tune of $1 million each before they decided to leave for AEW.


In November 2020, Cash Wheeler gave some insight into the back shaving segment and how the angle was supposed to play out.

"So there was a plan for the Ucey Hot, the back shaving to play out and to pay off," Wheeler told talkSport. "But, instead, everything got sidetracked because we all got involved in other storylines that were deemed more important at that time. So, the stuff we were doing at the time was left open-ended with us running out of the arena with our balls on fire. And then we tried to come back to it a month later and everything has already cooled off and been forgotten and we're trying to restart it cold now. It just didn't work."

"If things had just stayed the course with the Ucey Hot and the back shaving, things would have escalated and gotten serious and we would have gotten the 25-minute match on PPV which would have been, I think, a classic and it would have made everything worthwhile. Instead, it was a short-term focus that got lost in translation."