Former WWE Wrestler Corroborates Vince McMahon Rape Allegation

Back in 1992, former WWE CEO Vince McMahon was accused of rape by the first-ever female WWF/WWE referee, Rita Chatterton, and those accusations have resurfaced in the wake up the controversy currently surrounding McMahon and his company. Now, a former WWE wrestler has corroborated Chatterton's story. In a new article by Abraham Riesman with New York Magazine's Intelligencer, Leonard Inzitari (ring name Mario Mancini) backs up Chatterton's claim that McMahon assaulted her.


"I remember it like it was yesterday," Inzitari told Riesman. "She was a wreck. She was shaking. She was crying."

The alleged incident happened back in 1986, when Inzitari witnessed Chatterton bursting into tears before giving him the details of what had happened. Inzitari is the first wrestler to corroborate Chatterton's allegations, a fact that may have contributed to the absence of any charges against McMahon.

"He was strange, brother," Inzitari said of McMahon, elaborating that he's heard stories about his employer's rumored sexual proclivities. In a 2021 interview with Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Inzitari made a similar statement about McMahon. "He's weird, there's a lot of stories I would never tell about Vince that I know."


Inzitari, who was one of Chatterton's few friends in the WWF (now known as WWE), recalls telling her that she'd be done with the company after this. "Your time's numbered. You're not gonna be here." He kept quiet about Chatterton's story, as he knew he'd be blackballed from wrestling if he were to say something.

"I'll tell you why I'm hopping on the bandwagon now, there's worse stuff than that," Inzitari said.

Mario Mancini wrestled for WWE from 1984 to 1992 as an enhancement talent, and was the Undertaker's first opponent in WWE. He also fought the likes of Bret Hart and Randy Savage in enhancement matches. Inzitari is currently the promoter of Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling and lives in North Haven, CT. After leaving wrestling, he graduated college in 2010 with a law degree.

Rieseman is writing a book on McMahon set to release in 2023, but the Intelligencer piece follows recent allegations against McMahon for reportedly giving $3 million dollars to an employee he allegedly had an affair with.  In light of this, McMahon has publicly stepped down from his CEO and chairman role of WWE, but remains in charge of creative for the company. He has made two televised appearances since the announcement was made.


If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).