While exiting the ring after his unannounced promo segment on “Raw” last night, Vince McMahon appeared to get his feet tangled with the bottom rope which nearly led to him taking a fall. However, McMahon would use the ring post to regain balance before jumping off the steel steps. According to fans at ringside, McMahon also used the railing for support to catch his fall after jumping off the steps.

McMahon’s jump has turned into a meme among wrestling fans. The picture seen below, shared by a fan seated ringside, triggered the good-natured ribbing.

It appears the severe allegations leveled against McMahon, which forced him to step down as WWE’s CEO & Chairman, haven’t affected his demeanor. According to Fightful Select, McMahon was said to be in a good mood again Monday night, much like at SmackDown last Friday. During his brief promo, he thanked fans for making “Raw” the longest-running episodic TV show in history while hyping the return of John Cena, whom he referred to as “the greatest WWE Superstar of all time.”

In the wake of fans and wrestlers alike trying to decipher Vince McMahon’s brief promo on “SmackDown” last Friday, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray made some interesting comments earlier this week.

“I tried to really look really deep into that promo that he cut on SmackDown,” Bully said on Eric Bischoff’s 83 Weeks podcast. “One half of me thinks it was a middle finger to everybody going, ‘I’m still going to come out on my show and do what I do, however, I want to do it,’ and I think the other half of me looked at it and Vince said, ‘This might be my last opportunity to ever address a live crowd on television so I’m going to do it.’ We really have to wait and see.”

It would be interesting to see if McMahon’s brief promos become a regular fixture on WWE’s shows going forward.

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