The inexorable march of time continues on, as we pass the 24-year anniversary of King of the Ring 1998, and the infamous Hell In A Cell Match that has been replayed time and time again.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley took to Twitter on Tuesday to commemorate the match’s anniversary. “What were you doing on June 28, 1998?” Foley began. “I was taking flight lessons, courtesy of [The Undertaker].” Foley shared a photo of him plummeting from the top of the iconic structure at the hands of the Deadman, an image that is indelibly seared into the collective memory of wrestling fandom.

Foley went on to thank fans for making the match “an iconic part of wrestling history.”

One of the most brutal matches in WWE history, the Hell In A Cell Match between the Undertaker and Foley (known as Mankind at the time) has become the high water mark for on-screen violence, often replicated but never duplicated — and for good reason. Foley was not only thrown off the cell in that match, but also through the ceiling of the cell, a fall that Foley says hurt much more, as he wasn’t prepared for it.

Foley has said that he doesn’t remember the match — at one point afterward, he famously asked “Did I use the thumbtacks?” despite having a back full of thumbtacks from a chokeslam moments earlier. Foley’s fall, as well as Jim Ross’s iconic “he’s been broken in half” commentary, has been replayed time and time again on WWE programming, as well as in company mandated warnings about the dangers of professional wrestling. The match is said to have left Vince McMahon shaken, and McMahon made Foley promise him that he’d never take on the kind of physical risks that Foley took in that match.

What are your memories of that legendary Hell In A Cell Match? Sound off in the comments.

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