WWE Hell In A Cell Results (6/5): Rhodes Vs. Rollins, Raw Women’s Title Match

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com live WWE "Hell in a Cell" viewing party. Tonight's event broadcasts live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

WWE is promoting seven matches for tonight's card:

  • Hell in a Cell Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins
  • "Raw" Women's Championship Match: Asuka vs. Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair (c)
  • WWE United States Championship Match: Mustafa Ali vs. Theory (c)
  • No Holds Barred Match: Happy Corbin vs. Madcap Moss
  • Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley vs. MVP & Omos
  • Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens
  • AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan vs. The Judgment Day (Edge, Damian Priest & Rhea Ripley)
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Our live coverage of WWE "Hell in a Cell" begins at 8 PM ET.

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We're on the air! Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves are on commentary to welcome us to the broadcast.

"Raw" Women's Championship "Triple Threat" Match: Asuka vs. Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair (c)


Big "EST" chants from the crowd just before the bell.

Lynch shoves both women and tries some trash talk but Asuka catches her kick and sends her outside the ring.

Belair and Asuka take their time before locking up. Belair grabs an armbar and Asuke reverses it into her own. It's a stalemate for a moment but then Asuka hits a flying clothesline.

Lynch grabs Asuka's foot from outside the ring and goes to the top rope. Belair cuts her off and slams her off the top rope for a 2-count.

Belair backs Lynch into the corner with a dropkick and Asuka comes out of the nowhere with a flying dropkick. Asuka hits a running hip attack on Lynch in the corner. Belair holists up Asuka for a KOD but Asuka escapes and locks on an arm submission. Belair powers out and powerbomb Asuka into the corner turnbuckle.

Asuka is up first but Lynch catches Asuka trying to go the second rope and slams Asuka down onto Belair for a 2-count. Lynch sends Asuka to the outside and hits a rolling snap mare on Belair for a 2-count.

Lynch hits a running clothesline onto Belair in the corner and chokes Belair against the middle rope. Lynch stomps Belair in the corner and chokes her with her boot. Lynch pauses to pose and jaw at the crowd. Belair fires up but misses a charge on Lynch and knocks Asuka off the ring apron. Lynch hits her leg drop from the middle rope for a 2-count.


Lynch clubs Belair with some forearms. Belair hits a lawbreaker to stall Lynch's momentum but misses a splash in the corner and Lynch hits a Becks-ploder suplex and that sends Belair to the outside. Lynch hits a dive from the apron onto Asuka. Back in the ring, Lynch hits a leg drop from the middle rope on Belair. Asuka breaks up the pin attempt.

Lynch and Asuka trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Asuka tries a backslide but Lynch kicks out. Asuka fires away with more strikes and a German suplex and follows with a running hip attack for a 2-count.

Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock but Lynch escapes. Belair jumps back in and hits a delayed verticle suplex on Lynch and a splash into the corner on Asuka. Belair mounts Asuka for some punches. Lynch charges but Belair backflips over Lynch to avoid her and then mounts her in the corner for more punches.

Belair hits a spine buster on Lynch and a Glam Slam on Asuka. Belair hits her handspring standing moonsault on both women for a 2-c0unt.

Belair pushes Asuka out of the ring and hits a shoulder block on Lynch in the corner. Belair lifts Lynch to the top rope and goes for a superplex but Asuka returns and tries to powerbomb Belair off the middle rope. Belair kicks her away. Asuka charges but Belair backflips to avoid it again. Asuka hits a running hip attack on both women and gets a 2-count on both of them.


Asuka puts an ankle lock on Lynch. Belair tries to break it up but Asuka grabs her leg and gets an ankle lock on both women at the same time. They roll out of it to send Asuka out of the ring.

Lynch and Belair trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Belair misses her hair whip but catches a rollup for a 2-count. In the midst of the kick out Lynch grabs the Disarmer, but Belair is fighting it and she can't fully lock it on. Belair powers up Lynch in position for the KOD but Lynch grabs the top rope and hits a cross body from the middle rope but Belair rolls through. Lynch slips out the back and Asuka hits a drop kick on Belair. Lynch pushes her out of the ring and Lynch hits a Manhandle Slam on Belair. Asuka breaks up the pin attempt.

Belair rolls out to the floor and Asuka fires away with strikes on Lynch. Asuka goes for a backslide but Lynch blocks and goes for a Manhandle Slam. Lynch blocks it and Asuka hits her popup knee strike. Lynch sends Asuka out of the ring and tries to pin Belair but Asuka breaks up the pin attempt again.

Asuka hits a German suplex on Lynch but misses a running hip attack into the ropes and Lynch grabs the Disarmer in the ropes. Belair comes in from the apron and tries for a KOD but Lynch escapes.


Back in the ring, Asuka gets Lynch in the Asuka Lock. Lynch rolls back to pin Asuka but Asuka kicks out and keeps Lynch in the Asuka Lock. Belair misses a double stomp from the top rope on both women. Asuka releases the hold and charges Belair. Belair hoists up Asuka for a Glam Slam and slams Asuka facefirst into the top turnbuckle. Lynch his the Manhandle Slam on Asuka. Belair throws Lynch out of the ring and pins Asuka to get the win.

Bianca Belair defeated Asuka and Becky Lynch via pinfall to retain the "Raw" Women's Championship

Belair celebrates. Lynch is stunned.

Backstage, MVP gives Omos a pep talk. Cedric Alexander interrupts and wants to hash out his role in their plan for tonight. MVP says Cedric has received multiple opportunities to help them and hasn't gotten the job done. He says The Hurt Business is done. Omos tells Cedric it's time for him to go.

Handicap Match: MVP & Omos vs. Bobby Lashley

The referee is allowing only one of MVP and Omos in the ring at one time. MVP starts out and stalls for a bit before he tags in Omos.

Lashley tries a waist lock but Omos powers out. Lashley tries a clothesline but Omos shrugs it off. Lashley grabs a hammerlock but Omos powers out of that too and sends Lashley tumbling to the mat.


Omos calls for a test of strength. Lashley obliges but Omos gets cute by raising his other hand and Lashley punches away at Omos. Omos finally tosses off Lashley but Omos charges into a pair of boots. Omos finally grabs Lashley and tosses him across the ring and tags in MVP.

MVP mounts Lashley and punches him before covering him for a 2-count. MVP slaps Lashley and hits a couple forearms but Lashley fires up and punches away at MVP. MVP goes to Lashley's face to force him back to his corner and tags in Omos.

Lashley goes low and targets the knee of Omos. Lashley tries for a suplex but Omos reverses and hits a front-dropping suplex on Lashley. Omos hits Snake Eyes and a running body attack on Lashley. Omos hits a big splash into the corner. Omos hits another. MVP tags in.

MVP lines up Lashley in the corner and hits his running Mafia Kick. Lashley tumbles to the floor. MVP instructs Omos and Omos hits a big shoulder block that sends Lashley through the barricade. The referee starts his count and Lashley barely beats it back into the ring. Omos tags in MVP.

MVP mounts Lashley and fires away with punches before covering for a 2-count. MVP hits some more strikes and a jumping knee drop for another 2-count. MVP jaws at the referee about the cadence of his count.


MVP pulls up Lashley and goes for the Playmaker but Lashley escapes and hits a spear. Omos breaks up the pin attempt. Omos grabs Lashley by the face with a claw. Cedric Alexander comes running in out of nowhere. Omos pushes Alexander over the top rope. Lashley hits a spear on Omos and Omos tumbles out of the ring.

MVP misses a Mafia Kick and Lashley puts him in The Hurt Lock. MVP taps out and Lashley gets the win.

Bobby Lashley defeated MVP & Omos via submission

Lashley celebrates and even makes a brief "I want the belt" motion. Lashley then grabs a replica WWE Championship belt from a fan at ringside and holds it up.

Back at the announce desk, the commentary team recaps the news that Cody Rhodes suffered a torn pectoral muscle but will still compete against Seth Rollin in their Hell in a Cell match later tonight.

Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel

Owens jaws at Ezekiel to start out. The crowd chants "Zeke".

Owens runs right into a knee strike by Ezekiel. Ezekiel goes to the top rope and hits a diving elbow for a 2-count.

Owens goes to the outside and Ezekiel heads out after him and continues to pound on Owens. He sends Owens crashing into the announce table. Ezekiel goes for some more but Owens reverses a whip and Ezekiel crashes into the ring post.


Ezekiel gets back into the ring and Owens hits a DDT for a 2-count. Ezekiel is bleeding from the forehead. Owens hits a senton and a moonsault from the middle turnbuckle for a 2-count.

Owens punches and stomps at Ezekiel. Owens grounds him with a rear chinlock. Ezekiel tries to fight back to his feet but Owens takes him down again and chokes him on the bottom rope.

Owens hits a forearm strike and a chop. Ezekiel tries to fire back but it has little effect. Ezekiel reverses a whip and Owens crashes upside down into the corner.

Ezekiel and Owens trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Ezekiel hits a back elbow but Owens catches him charging into the corner and hits a swinging DDT for a 2-count.

Owens goes to the top rope but Ezekiel gets his knees up to stop the swanton bomb. Ezekiel fires up with strikes and sends Owens to the corner and lays in some more strikes.

Ezekiel catches Owens with a double mule kick in the corner and follows with two big splashes into the opposite corner. Ezekiel misses a third but hits a spinebuster for a 2-count.

Owens goes for the stunner. Ezekiel pushes him off but gets hit with a pop-up powerbomb for a 2-count.

Owens jaws at Ezekiel and swats at him. Ezekiel fires up. Owens tries for the stunner again. Ezekiel reverses into a rollup. Owens kicks out but Ezekiel catches him with a rising knee strike.


Ezekiel goes to the top rope but Owens superkicks him off. Owens hits the cannonball splash in the corner and then hits the stunner to get the pin.

Kevin Owens defeated Ezekiel via pinfall

Corey Graves wonders what Elias must think of this as he's watching from home.

6-Person Mixed Tag Team Match: AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan vs. The Judgment Day (Edge, Damian Priest & Rhea Ripley)

Morgan and Ripley start out. But all 6 people get in the ring and a brawl breaks out. Edge and Priest retreat from the ring. Balor whips Morgan into a pop-up from Styles onto Ripley and Morgan hits a hurricanrana. Morgan hits a charge into the corner but then charges right into a headbutt by Ripley.

Ripley kicks at Morgan and hits a vertical suplex. Ripley follows with a delayed vertical suplex. She covers for a 2-count.

Ripley pounds on Morgan on the mat. She brings her up and whips her into the corner. Shoulder blocks in the corner by Ripley. She jaws at the referee and Morgan hits a pair of boots and a dropkick. Ripley retreats to her corner so Morgan tags in Styles. He wants Edge so, of course, Priest tags in.

Styles hits a dropkick and the Pele. Styles tags in Balor. Balor works on Priest's arm but Priest powers him up. Balor holds and hits a dropkick to Priest's knee. Balor gets distracted by Edge and Priest takes advantage and throws Balor to the floor. Priest tags in Edge.


Edge goes after Balor on the floor. He slams Balor on the announce table and the ring apron and rolls him back into the ring.

Edge punches and kicks at Balor and tags in Priest. Priest pounds on Balor in the corner. Edge chokes Balor behind the ref's back. Priest hits a diving back elbow into the corner and gets a 2-count. Edge tags in.

Edge pounds on Balor with forearms and poses for the crowd. Edge whips Balor into the corner and Balor crumbles to the mat. Edge punches away at Balor in his own corner but Balor boots away Edge to create some space. Balor can't make the tag as Edge cuts him off with a flapjack and gets a 2-count.

Priest tags in. Balor fires up and they trade strikes. Balor runs into a clothesline for a 2-count. Priest grounds Balor with a chin lock. Balor escapes with a lawbreaker but can't reach Styles for the tag. Priest pulls Balor into a backbreaker for a 2-count.

Priest lines up Balor for some kicks but Balor responds with a chop. Priest tries to respond but Balor hits an overhead kick and both men are down. Priest tags Edge and Balor tags in Styles.

Styles fires away on Edge and hits a sliding forearm. Priest gets in the ring and Styles takes him down. Styles hits an ushigoroshi on Edge for a 2-count. Styles goes for the Styles Clash. Morgan charges across the ring to take out Ripley.


Back in the ring, Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Edge but Priest pulls Styles out of the ring.

Styles crawls back into the ring. Edge is still down. Styles crawls to his corner and tags in Morgan.

Morgan goes for a hurricanrana. Ripley blocks it but Morgan finds a rollup. Ripley kicks out. Morgan misses a charge into the ropes and Ripley hits an overhead suplex. Ripley pulls Morgan up off the mat into a vertical suplex for a 2-count. Ripley sets up for the Riptide. Morgan sneaks out the back and hits a big DDT.

Styles and Balor enter the ring and everyone is brawling. Morgan, Styles, and Balor clear the ring. They all hit dives onto The Judgment Day.

Balor rolls Priest into the ring. Balor goes to the top rope but Ripley shakes the ropes and Balor falls to the mat. Priest tags in Edge.

Priest holds up Balor but Edge runs into a kick by Balor. Styles flies in with a Phenomenal Forearm. Edge tosses Styles out of the ring. Styles was bleeding from the head.

Edge tries for the spear but Balor catches a rollup. Edge kicks out. Balor hits a Slingblade. Balor goes to the top rope but Ripley stands in front of him. Morgan jumps on Ripley's back and they spill outside. Edge hits a spear on Balor and gets the pin.


The Judgment Day defeated Finn Balor, AJ Styles & Liv Morgan via pinfall

The Judgment Day pose over Balor after the match.

We get a recap of Bobby Lashley defeating MVP & Omos earlier tonight.

Backstage, Lashley walks down a hallway and finds Cedric Alexander. Lashley wants to know what that was all about earlier tonight. Alexander says MVP and Omos got what they deserved. Lashley says Alexander needs to stand up for himself. Also, never get involved in one of his matches ever again.

"No Holds Barred" Match: Happy Corbin vs. Madcap Moss

Michael Cole and Corey Graves are on commentary for this match.

Moss lands some punches and clotheslines Corbin to the floor. Moss lands more punches and Corbin is retreating to the stage. Corbin catches Moss and slams him into the video board on the stage.

Moss recovers and slams Corbin into the barricade and sends Corbin back into the ring where Moss clotheslines Corbin over the top rope and back to the floor. Corbin tries to slam Moss onto the announce table but Moss blocks it. Corbin sends Moss over the table but Moss gets a chair and throws it at Corbin.

Moss throws Corbin into the steel ring steps. Moss throws Corbin into the other set of ring steps and picks up the top half of it. Corbin flees. Moss tosses them aside and pursues Corbin into the crowd where Corbin quickly clotheslines Moss back into the ringside area.


Corbin drops Moss across the barricade and knees him in the head as he's hanging upside-down. Corbin goes under the ring and finds a table but puts it back. The crowd boos. He lifts up Moss and sends him back into the ring.

Moss catches Corbin coming in. Corbin catches Moss with a chokeslam from the ring apron. Corbin goes back under the ring and gets a steel chair.

Corbin gets in the ring and attacks Moss' ribs with the chair. Corbin hits Moss in the neck with the edge of the chair from behind. Corbin sits Moss in the chair but Moss catches him with a drop toehold onto the chair. Corbin recovers with a Deep Six for a 2-count.

Corbin goes under the ring for a new chair and leans on Moss neck with it. Corbin wedges the chair in the corner. Moss avoids a whip into the corner and Corbin crashes into it.

Moss goes outside the ring and finds the chair. He brings it into the ring and attacks Corbin's ribs with it. Moss pounds Corbin in the corner with punches and kicks. He DDT's Corbin onto the chair and that gets a 2-count.

Moss hits a running shoulder into the corner on Corbin and then shoulder blocks Corbin over the top rope to the floor. Moss charges at Corbin on the floor but Corbin goes low and takes out Moss' knee. Corbin throws Moss into the timekeeper's area.


Corbin brings Moss to the announce table and lands some punches. Corbin gets a steel chair and wraps it around his head and slams Moss onto the announce table. Corbin tosses the chair into the ring and rolls Moss into the ring.

Corbin gets the bottom half of the ring steps and puts them in the ring. Corbin props them up in the corner. Corbin hoists up Moss but Moss slips out the back and picks up Corbin. He fallaway slams Corbin into the steel steps and hits his Punchline neckbreaker.

Moss wraps a chair around Corbin's neck. Moss gets the ring steps and slams them down on the chair. Moss covers and gets the pin.

Madcap Moss defeated Happy Corbin via pinfall

Medical personnel come to the air of Corbin as Moss celebrates on the stage. Corbin is put on a stretcher and wheeled away from ringside.

WWE United States Championship Match: Mustafa Ali vs. Theory (c)

Lockup to start and Theory grabs an arm bar. Ali flips out of it and connects with a chop. Theory heads outside to regroup.

Back in the ring, Theory hits a shoulder block on Ali. Ali answers with a hurricanrana and arm drags. Theory goes outside to regroup again.

Theory gets back into the ring, but heads back out right away. Ali goes to the top rope and hits a cross body to Theory on the floor. Theory catches Ali and crashes him into the ring post.


Back into the ring, Theory mounts Ali for some punches. Theory misses a charge into the corner. Ali climbs to the top rope but Theory pushes him off and Ali crashes to the floor.

Theory sends Ali back into the ring. He hits a running clothesline into the corner and a fallaway slam. That gets a 2-count.

Theory grounds Ali with a chin lock. Ali elbows out of it but Theory counters with a jumping stomp. Ali goes for a rollup but Theory kicks out. Ali hits a spinning heel kick and both men are down.

Ali hits a running flying clothesline. Ali rolls into the ring with a jumping neckbreaker. Theory grabs a front face lock and tries to go to the top rope but Ali escapes. Ali goes up too but Theory pushes him off and covers him for a 2-count.

Theory hits a Spanish Fly from the second rope for a 2-count. Ali tries his own rollup but Theory kicks out. Both men are down.

Theory lifts Ali on his shoulders but Ali grabs the top rope and then hits a tornado DDT. Ali goes to the top rope but Theory hits the ropes and Ali crotches himself. Theory carries Ali out but Ali counters A-Town Down and puts Theory in an STF. Theory gets to the ropes to break the hold.

Theory pulls Ali's neck across the top rope but Ali catches him with a tilt-a-whirl DDT while Theory was draped across the middle rope. Ali goes to the top but misses a 450 Splash. Theory attacks Ali's knee. Theory picks up Ali and hits A-Town Down for the pin.


Theory defeated Mustafa Ali via pinfall to retain the WWE United States Championship

Theory takes a selfie with the fallen Ali after the match.

The commentary team reminds us that the next WWE "premium live event" is "Money in the Bank" from Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, July 2.

Hell in a Cell Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins is wearing polka dot ring gear that is clearly in reference to Dusty Rhodes' in-ring run in the WWF.

Cody Rhodes did not even raise his right arm during his entrance. The bruising from Rhodes' torn right pectoral is very evident and stretches down his right arm.

Rhodes lands a quick left jab early. Rollins tries to target Rhodes' right arm and lands a Disaster Kick. Rhodes flips out of a suplex attempt and hits a Cody Cutter but that hurt Rhodes too.

Rhodes catches Rollins and puts him in a Figure Four Leglock. Rollins reaches the ropes but that won't break the hold. Rollins reaches outside the ring and finds a kendo stick. He hits Rhodes' injured right arm to break the hold.

Rollins hits Rhodes' right arm with the kendo stick and clotheslines Rhodes with the kendo stick. Rollins drives the point of the kendo stick down on Rhodes' injured pectoral.

Rollins swings again but Rhodes catches it and fires away with some left jabs. Rhodes flips over the corner turnbuckle but Rollins pushes him off the ring apron and into the cell wall. Rollins follows with a dropkick through the ropes.


Rollins backs Rhodes against the cell and again drives the point of the kendo stick into Rhodes' injured pectoral. Rollins rakes Rhodes' face against the cell wall.

Rhodes finally reverses and drives Rollins into the cell. They both roll back into the ring. Rhodes lands a kick and a clothesline that sends Rollins over the top rope to the floor.

Rhodes pauses for a moment to collect himself and heads outside the ring. Rollins is waiting with the ring steps and hits Rhodes in his right arm. Rollins rolls Rhodes back into the ring.

Rollins picks up Rhodes' ring jacket and puts it on. and produces a polka dot weight belt. Back in the ring, Rollins whips Rhodes in the back and across his chest. That gets a 2-count.

Rollins goes under the ring and pulls out a table. The crowd is very excited to see this. Rollins slides the table into the ring and stomps on Rhodes.

Rollins sets up the table. He and Rhodes trade punches over the table. Rollins goes to the eyes and lifts Rhodes onto the top rope. Rollins goes up to get him for a superplex. Rhodes elbows Rollins off and slides down for a powerbomb but Rollins fights him off.

Rollins hits a forearm strike to the back of Rhodes' head. Rhodes crumbles onto the table and Rollins goes to the top rope. Rollins goes for a frog splash but Rhodes moves and Rollins crashes through the table.


Rhodes gets the weight belt Rollins used but tosses it aside. Rhodes pulls a gym bag out from under the ring and pulls out a bull rope. Rhodes ties the bull rope to his left wrist and tosses the other end to Rollins. Rollins obliges and ties himself to the other end of the bull rope.

Rhodes crotches Rollins with the bull rope. Rollins kicks Rhodes in the gut but Rhodes answers with a superkick. Rhodes hits Rollins with the cowbell. That gets a 2-count.

Rhodes rolls outside the ring and pulls Rollins out with him. Rollins slams Rhodes' head into the ring apron. Rollins slides around the ring post and pulls Rhodes into it with the bull rope.

Rollins takes off the bull rope and unstraps Rhodes as well. Rollins pulls another table out from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Rollins props the table up in the corner. Rollins grabs Rhodes and tries for a powerbomb but Rhodes punches his way out of it and hits Cross Rhodes for a 2-count.

Rhodes sets up for a powerbomb but can't lift up Rollins. He tries to throw Rollins into the table but Rollins attacks Rhodes' injured arm. Rollins hits Rhodes with a buckle bomb through the table. Rhodes kicks out at 2.

There's a lull as Rollins ponders his next move. Rollins finally rolls outside the ring and finds a sledgehammer under the ring. Back in the ring, Rollins charges but Rhodes kicks him to avoid it and hits a Pedigree. Rollins kicks out at 2.


Rhodes picks up the sledgehammer. Rollins retreats out of the ring. Rhodes gives chase. Rollins gets back in the ring first and catches Rhodes with The Stomp when he comes in. Rhodes kicks out at 2.

Rollins lines up Rhodes but misses another Stomp. Rollins tries for Cross Rhodes but Rhodes rolls through and hits his own Cross Rhodes. Both men are down.

Rollins and Rhodes both crawl for the sledgehammer. Rhodes gets it first but his arm gives out and he drops it. Rollins runs into another Cross Rhodes. Rhodes hits another. Rhodes pauses and picks up the sledgehammer and runs at Rollins and hits him in the head with it. Rhodes covers Rollins and gets the pin.

Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall

Rhodes celebrates as the commentary team marvels at his courage to compete in this match, let alone win it.

That's our show!