Adam Cole Reveals Original Plans For The Undisputed Era In WWE

The Beatles. The Band. The Horsemen. Evolution. History has shown that Four members is a solid number for groups.

While speaking with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle on "The Kurt Angle Show", AEW Men's Owen Hart Tournament Winner Adam Cole discussed the early days of The Undisputed Era — the group he, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong formed in 2017. Initially, the group was supposed to be a trio. "[Cole], Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly, and that was it," the former-WWE NXT Champion said. WWE was apparently in agreement with Cole, reportedly telling them, "'It's not going to be a group that expands more and more,'" but when Bobby Fish was sidelined with an injury and Roderick Strong was pitched as a fourth member of the group, all three men felt the need to make an exception.


"The three of us were kinda off to ourselves," Cole continued, "and we said to ourselves, 'I know we said we don't want anyone else in the group, but Roderick Strong would be perfect,'" citing the fact that "we're all buddies with him."

Cole says that that is when the group "truly started," and that the four men really gelled because of their similar backgrounds. But WWE apparently felt that if they can add Roderick Strong, they might be able to add others, but seemed to always leave it up to the four wrestlers. Cole says he can't remember the names that were pitched to him. "Adding one or two more people to the group was discussed at one point, and I know the four of us were kind of like, 'Eh,'" Cole verbally shrugged. "We felt like Roderick was the exception to the rule."


Cole noted that had they been directly told to add a new member, they would've likely acquiesced, but no such directions were ever given.