AEW Dark: Elevation Results (07/11) – Best Friends Vs. The Factory, Anna Jay Vs. Shawna Reed

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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show begins with Tony Schiavone and Caprice Coleman greeting audiences at home. Emi Sakura comes to the ring, with Paris Van Dale already waiting inside.

Paris Van Dale vs. Emi Sakura

Van Dale offers Sakura her hand, but Sakura refuses. Sakura delivers a kick to Van Dale's face, followed by a submission lock. Van Dale escapes and Sakura hits another kick. Van Dale delivers a  forearm, but Sakura fires back with a hair pull. Van Dale hits a face buster, followed by a bulldog. She goes for a pin, but Sakura kicks out. Sakura bites Van Dale's wrist, then hits a spinning neck breaker. She hits her signature chops, followed by a crossbody in the corner. She delivers a back breaker to Van Dale for the win.

Winner: Emi Sakura

After a short promo for tomorrow's "AEW Dark", JD Drake comes to the ring, followed by Dante Martin (who comes out to a big pop).

Dante Martin vs. JD Drake

The bell rings and the two lock up. Drake sends Martin to the mat, but Martin gets back up to his feet. Drake hits a shoulder block and Martin fires back with an arm drag. Martin hits a drop kick, and Drake rolls out of the ring. Martin goes for a baseball slide, but Drake  sends Martin into the second rope and nails him with a forearm.

Drake gets back in the ring and the referee starts a count out on Martin. Martin gets back in the ring and Drake delivers a bunch of stomps. He hits a body slam, then goes for a pin, but Martin kicks out. Drake hits a forearm, followed by a couple chops. Martin hits a bunch of kicks, but Drake delivers a suplex. Martin rolls up Drake, but Drake kicks out. Drake sends Martin to the mat, then climbs to the top. He goes for a reverse splash, but Martin moves out of the way. Martin hits a couple kicks, then hits a commiguri. Martin climbs to the top turn buckle, then hits a diving crossbody. He goes for a pin, but Drake kicks out. Martin hits a middle rope spring board and Drake hits a big boot on Martin. He goes for the pin, but Martin kicks out. Martin then hits a shotgun drop kick, followed by his finisher for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin

After a short ad for AEW's "Grand Slam" events in September, Julia Hart comes to the ring, with JC already waiting inside.

JC vs. Julia Hart

The bell rings and Hart stares down JC. The two lock up and Hart chokes JC on the middle rope. JC hits a couple forearms, but Hart fires back with a knee. JC hits a forearm, but Hart hits a kick. Hart fires down forearms, then kicks in a full body submission for the win.

Winner: Julia Hart

After a short ad for "Fyter Fest" Week One, Ethan Page comes to the ring, with Colin Delaney waiting inside.

Ethan Page vs. Colin Delaney

The bell rings and Page hits an elbow. Delaney hits an arm drag, and the two exchange submissions. Page sends Delaney to the mat, then reigns down forearms. He hits a kick, followed by a forearm to Delaney's jaw. Delaney hits a few forearms to the midsection, but Page fires back with a running elbow. He reigns down punches to Delaney's face, then delivers a delayed vertical suplex. Delaney delivers a few chops, followed by a series of forearms.

Page sends Delaney onto the apron with a back elbow, and Delaney fires back with an eye poke. He hits a cutter, then goes for a pin but Page kicks out. Page sends Delaney into the corner, then drags him off the top rope. He hits Ego's Edge for the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

Anna Jay comes to the ring, with Shawna Reed already waiting inside. Anthony Ogogo joins commentary.

Shawna Reed vs. Anna Jay

The bell rings and the two lock up. Reed sends Jay to the mat, but Jay fires back with a hair pull. Jay hits a kick to Reed's head, followed by a series of forearms to the chest. Jay hits a pair of back elbows, followed by a sling blade. She hits a forearm, followed by a spinning heel kick. Jay hits a kick to Reed's head, followed /y a kick to the midsection. She locks in the Queen Slayer for the win.

Winner: Anna Jay

The Factory comes to the ring alongside Nick Comoroto, followed by Best Friends.

The Factory (QT Marshall and Aaron Solo) vs. Best Friends (Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor)

Taylor and Solo start off the action. The bell rings and Solo hits a kick to Taylor's midsection. Taylor hits an arm drag, followed by a single leg Boston Crab. Solo breaks the submission by grabbing the bottom rope and tags in Marshall. Taylor tags in Beretta in the other corner.

The two exchange submissions before Marshall hits a shoulder tackle. Beretta hits a face plant, followed by a chop. He tags in Taylor and he hits a drop kick to Marshall's back. Beretta tags in and they hit a double elbow drop. Marshall hits a forearm to Beretta's back, then sends him into the middle turn buckle as the crowd cheers "QT sucks". Beretta is sent the outside and Comoroto interferes and sends him into the apron.

Solo tags in and beats Beretta down with some forearms. He sends him into the top turn buckle, then tags in Marshall. Marshall knocks Taylor off the apron, but Beretta fires back with a clothesline. He goes for a tag, but Solo pulls Taylor off the apron. Marshall and Solo hit a double reverse neck breaker, then mock Best a friends by doing their signature hug. Beretta fires back and takes them both down. He makes the hot tag to Taylor.

Taylor sends Solo out of the ring and hits a knee to Marshall's face that sends him out of the ring. He hits a flip over the top rope and sends Solo back into the ring. Beretta makes a blind tag, and the two hit a Soul Food Half and Half Combination. He goes for a pin, but Solo kicks out. Marshall tags in an hits a QT Special. He looks for the Diamond Cutter, but Beretta rolls him up. Marshall kicks out and hits a crossbody. He goes for a pin, but Beretta kicks out. On the outside, Comoroto takes out Taylor by sending him into the ring post. Solo tags in and Best a friends hit Strong Zero for the win.

Winners: Best Friends

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