AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest Week Two Results (7/20) – Barbed Wire Everywhere Match, Jungle Boy Returns

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Brody King vs. Darby Allin

The two men waste no time in getting this one going, with Brody King catching Darby Allin as he tried to dive straight away, being caught and slammed into the barricade. King chokes his opponent onto the ring post, while inside the ring the bigger man leveled Allin with a clothesline and then a huge chop.

King connects with a couple of Atomic Drops to keep the pressure on as his chops drop Allin down to the floor once again. Brody attempts to to put Darby onto the top turnbuckle, but he fights back and then dives onto him, only for Brody to just swat him out of the air. King then grabs Allin by his pants, ragdolling him around the ring and into the bottom rope.

King continues his attack, tossing Allin into the barricade which crashes through the steel, as he then repeats the spot. He continues dominating the former TNT Champion, consistently sending him out of the ring as he follows it up with a senton back inside the squared circle.


Allin then uses his belt to hook around the feet of the bigger man, dragging him to the floor as he then lays in a series of right hands before cannonballing through the bottom rope to hit his opponent. Back inside the ring he hits the Coffin Splash, but as he goes for another, King catches him in the sleeper and then sets him in the tree of woe, which allows King to slug away at him.

King looks for a cannonball, but Darby pulls himself up and as Brody hits the turnbuckles he then gets nailed with Code Red, but King is able to kick out! Allin locks in a submission to try to keep his opponent down, but he powers up and then nails the cannonball, crushing Allin into the corner.

Allin tries to fight back again with an attempted stunner from the top turnbuckle on the ring apron, but King blocks it, uses his rear naked chokehold, just as he did to win the battle royal recently, dumping him to the floor, but he beats the count! Allin might've got back into the ring, but he walks into a Gonzo Bomb, and this one is over.

Winner: Brody King 

- After the match, King locks in the submission again until Sting makes his way down to the ring, but he misses with a charge in the corner, allowing the Hall Of Famer to set up the Scorpion Death Drop. But the lights then go out, and when they come back on, Sting is facing Malakai Black, only for King to connect with the Rear Choke as Black spits the black mist into his face.


While Sting gets taken down, Miro then makes his way out, but he stops on the ramp as they stare each other down.

- Cole Karter is then shown backstage, but Ricky Starks comes in and heard that he was swimming with the fishies the last time people saw him, referencing how he was written off in WWE. He points out he's been FTW Champion for a good reason but he doesn't see it changing, while Cole then claims that Ricky's future will look similar to his past when he beats him tonight.

Best Friends vs.  Jon Moxley & Wheeler Yuta

Trent Beretta kicks things off with the interim AEW World Champion as Jon Moxley takes control until they start chopping each other and Wheeler Yuta tags in. Chuck Taylor wants in to work against his former friend, and he takes him into the corner to dominate straight away. He continues to stay on top by dropping Yuta with a shoulder tackle.

Trent then tags in and he and Yuta go back and forth with punches as they showcase their aggression, and in the end Taylor has to stop his partner. Despite the fact Taylor helped him, Yuta attacks him from behind, and he then takes out his aggression back to the BCC member, launching him into the ringside barricades several times. That fires up Moxley who chases him and launches a chair at Taylor as things begin to heat up.


Best Friends remain in control by hitting Soul Food, but Yuta is able to kick out of the pinfall attempt. Yuta finally fights back by planting Chuck down and making the tag as Moxley nails Trent with a huge lariat and then his hammering elbows as he sends Taylor out of the ring, over the timekeeper's area and he throws the table on him for good measure.

Trent tries to fight back inside the ring with an elbow, but as he dives from the second rope he gets caught with a cutter in mid-air. Moxley drives his boot into Trent and Yuta then tags in, but a distraction from Chuck stops whatever they have in mind. Taylor plants Moxley from the top turnbuckle, as he then hits the Piledriver on Yuta as Trent follows it up with a Piledriver...yet Yuta kicks out!

Trent drops Yuta again, but Moxley stops the pinfall with the Regal Knee as he then takes down Chuck as well to give his partner some breathing room. Trent blasts him off the ring apron, only for Wheeler to start firing back at him. Chuck tags in, but Yuta locks in a guillotine, as Moxley locks in a submission on Trent outside the ring.

Unfortunately for Wheeler he gets thrown into the ring turnbuckle, only for Yuta to smartly catch Taylor out with a pinfall, which Orange Cassidy claims Chuck taught him.


Winners: Wheeler Yuta & Jon Moxley

- Video package for Gresham vs. Castagnoli airs.

- Tony Schiavone then welcomes the new AEW Tag Team Champions, Swerve In Our Glory to the ring. Swerve reveals that Kevin Gates is in attendance, and Keith Lee then asks him when he's dropping the deluxe? Lee expresses his eternal thanks not just to Swerve, but to the fans.  He says they don't look down, so if someone wants a shot, they'd better reach at it.

Lee then has a toast for the titles, stating may it be limitless, but Mark Sterling then appears and says they warned him and that they got lucky that Swerve didn't stab him in the back. Sterling says the people against Swerve Strickland petition is almost complete to remove him from the roster.

He thought it would be great to get Gates to sign the petition, he claims his music sucks, which leads to Gates coming out but Tony Nese stands in his way, only for Gates to knock him out with a punch. Strickland then nails Sterling with a cake in the face.

- John Silver and Alex Reynolds are backstage with The Butcher and The Blade as they joke around until the heels attack The Dark Order stars when Hangman Page makes a save.

Christian Cage & Luchasaurus vs. The Varsity Blonds


Luchasaurus dominates from the start, launching Brian Pillman Jr. into the corner, Griff Garrison tags in and nails three rolling elbows, but as Pillman tags back in they both get dropped with a double clothesline. He then hits a Chokeslam to Pillman, and Garrison gets nailed with one as well, dropping him onto Pillman. Christian Cage then tags in and picks up the victory.

Winners: Christian Cage & Luchasaurus

- After the match Cage gets onto the shoulders of Luchasaurus like Jurassic Express used to do, but then Jungle Boy returns, with a chair in hand! He stares down his former partner, and Luchasaurus steps aside, turning on Christian! The veteran sprints away, running up the stairs and Jungle Boy is in hot pursuit.

- The Gunn Club are then shown backstage where they explain why they didn't accept a match with The Acclaimed. That's because they have cut them out of their lives, but this Friday Austin Gunn wants a rap battle with Max Caster.

FTW Championship Match – Ricky Starks (c) vs. Cole Karter

Ricky Starks kicks things off strong, crashing into his opponent in the corner as he follows up with a clothesline. Cole Karter responds with a dropkick and several strikes of his own before hitting a diving crossbody as he then sends the champion out of the ring.  Starks regains control when he gets into the ring though, hitting an elbow drop, which only gets a near fall.


Starks then grabs hold of his opponent and walks the top rope before dropping down on him as he continues to control with a rear chin lock. Starks looks for his finisher but Karter gets out and then hits a cutter of his own, but his attempted 450 then misses, allowing Starks to connect with a Spear.

Winner (and still FTW Champion): Ricky Starks 

- After the match Starks claims he has more in the tank, and he thinks it's time to keep it going, so he invites another opponent to come out and answer his challenge...Danhausen then comes out and says he heard about the open challenge and he accepts it right now, but Starks backtracks and says he didn't mean right now, so he says next week the match is official.

- Backstage Tony Schiavone is with the babyface women's team for the next match, Athena says the title would look amazing around Kris Statlander's waist, and Willow Nightingale says she and Athena have got it tonight.

- Tony Schiavone then welcomes FTR to the ring ahead of their upcoming ROH Tag Team Title match, and Cash Wheeler says he'll never get used to that kind of a fan reaction. He says no match has been bigger than their last encounter against The Briscoes... until this Saturday. He puts over their opponents, but then he says they won't take away their titles.


Dax Harwood then talks about a five-year-old girl who had a hole in the bottom of her heart and if she fought then it would fill. He says three years later and the hole was completely closed, that little girl worked her ass off and that is his daughter. He says if she will fight that hard, then daddy has to do the same thing, as he's going to bring home a legacy she can be proud of. On Saturday he's going to fight like an eight-year-old girl, top guys...out.

- Jay Lethal and his crew are then shown backstage, Jay says he'd have done it weeks ago but Samoa Joe just doesn't turn up. Christopher Daniels then appears and says if he's so anxious to wrestle, he will face him on Friday.

Athena & Willow Nightingale vs. Jade Cargill & Kiera Hogan

Before the match, Stokely Hathaway says Leila was unable to compete, but Kris Statlander is banned from ringside. Jade Cargill then says she's going to show everyone why she's that b*tch.

The match gets started with Jade tagging out as Kiera Hogan comes in and locks up with Athena as the two go back and forth with arm drags. Willow Nightingale then tags in and her strength proves to be too much, connecting with a powerslam as she then drops Athena onto Hogan, who kicks out.


Athena sends Cargill to the floor and Willow then runs from the apron and flips to take both women out as Athena then dives from the top rope to crash on them all outside the ring. Hogan manages to drag Athena down from the top rope and the champion tags in, hitting a back elbow in the corner.

Hogan gets back involved and executes a great DDT before coming in with a boot to the face. Cargill then gets involved, getting rid of Willow as she goes back and forth against Athena with stiff forearms, coming out on top by catching Athena in mid-air to hit a fallaway slam. Athena then drops down after being pushed up into the air, hitting a Meteora, while she powerbombs Hogan on the apron.

Hathaway gets in her face, but he gets pushed away, only for Cargill to nail Athena with a superkick as she falls into the steel stairs. Cargill then gets caught with a small package from Willow, but she escapes it and slams her down to get a near fall. Cargill follows that up with Jaded for the win.

Winners: Jade Cargill & Kiera Hogan

- Thunder Storm are then shown backstage where it is announced Thunder Rosa is defending her title next week against Miyu Yamashita, but she says the win is coming home next week. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter, saying she thinks there should be fewer Rosa promos, and she then says they'll see them on Friday.


Barbed Wire Everywhere Match – Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston (Jericho Appreciation Society Locked In A Shark Cage)

It is revealed Ruby Soho is the keeper of the key and someone who is in charge of the lift when it comes to the shark cage, as they get hoisted up into the air. Eddie Kingston hits the ring and immediately takes the microphone from Justin Roberts which is covered in barbed wire, and he smashes it onto the head of Jericho, busting him open immediately.

Jericho responds by using the ring bell, which is also covered in barbed wire. The two then continue brawling as Jericho goes face-first into a barbed wire table. Inside the ring, Kingston launches Jericho into the barbed wire that wraps around the ropes, and he bounces back to the ring.

Kingston then wields a chair covered in wire, smashing it into Jericho, but he fights back, setting Kingston on the top rope, connecting with a hurricanrana that sends Kingston into barbed wire on a table, with Kingston's leg becoming stuck. He then gets slammed onto the barbed wire again, and Chris locks in the Walls Of Jericho, with Kingston's chest being locked inside the wire.

They then start throwing hands until Kingston drops Jericho on the top rope, which is covered in the wire. They then brawl on the ring apron, and Kingston comes out on top, suplexing Jericho out of the ring, but they both crash through a barbed wire table, with the former WWE star being stuck.


Tay Conti then appears, and she starts brawling with Ruby Soho, but then Anna Jay comes out and tries to help Ruby...until she nails her with a punch! Jay then launches Ruby into the ring post, and she brings the shark cage down as Conti gets the key to unleash JAS. They head to the ring and immediately begin assaulting Kingston, leaving him helpless.

But, Ortiz and the Blackpool Combat Club come out to level things up as Kingston hits an exploder suplex to send Jericho through a barbed wire table, but he kicks out! Jericho responds with a Codebreaker as Kingston tries to hit him with a chair, but this only gets a nearfall as well, with Jericho then using the chair. He puts it onto Kingston and looks for a springboard but Kingston throws the chair into his legs and then nails his backfist, which doesn't get the job done.

Kingston grabs some razor wire and wraps it around Jericho, locking in the Stretched Plum, but Sammy Guevara then returns to break it up, and he sends Kingston into the Judas Effect with the wire wrapped around his arm.

Winner: Chris Jericho

- After the match Kingston continues to fight, and he ends up launching Jericho into a barbed wire spider web to get the last laugh.