AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest Results (7/13) – New AEW Tag Team Champions, Wardlow Defends TNT Title

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AEW TNT Championship Match Orange Cassidy vs. Wardlow (c)

Wardlow wastes no time in trying to turn this serious by ripping off the pockets of Orange Cassidy as he then pulls his straps down, but Cassidy responds by putting them back onto the champion as he then mocks his pose. Wardlow almost gets the Ppowerbomb straight away, but the challenger responds with a hurricanrana, only for Wardlow to land it and walk it off.

Chuck Taylor and Tret then mess around, trying to put a chainsaw into the ring, but those antics lead to them being kicked out of ringside. Cassidy attempts an Orange Punch but it gets caught and then the challenger hits his classic slow kicks, and when Wardlow charges at him, Cassidy ducks it and sends him out of the ring.

Wardlow then catches the dive only for Cassidy to try and send him into the ring post, but the champion blocks it. He then reaches under the ring and pulls out Danhausen, but he doesn't want to curse him. Wardlow lets him leave, but Cassidy rocks him with the Orange Punch!

When they get back to the ring he looks for another, but Wardlow reverses it with a belly-to-belly throw that sends Orange out of the ring. He keeps fighting when returning to the ring though, but as Cassidy dives from the top rope he gets caught, but Orange riggles out and hits several chop blocks.

Cassidy wants Beach Break, but that sets him up for the Powerbomb, which he manages to counter with a DDT, and he follows it up with another. The champion connects with an F10, but Orange becomes the first man in history to kick out of the move. Wardlow follows that up with a Powerbomb attempt, but Cassidy fights against it to try and block the move.

Orange gets out with a hurricanrana, following it with a tope suicida as Wardlow then gets sent into the ring post. Back inside the squared circle Orange once again tries the dive, but Wardlow catches him only for Cassidy to reverse with the Stundog Millionaire into the Orange Punch and Beach Break!

Despite that, Wardlow is able to kick out, and when Cassidy looks for another Orange Punch, he catches it and immediately hits a Powerbomb to retain.

Winner (and still TNT Champion): Wardlow

- After the match Wardlow picks up Cassidy and the two men show their respect to each other.

Let's Hear From Chris Jericho 

He says tonight he stands in front of people as a living legend and Eddie Kingston's superior. He says Eddie is confused, but isn't a liar as he adds that being friends with Eddie is worse than any curse Danhausen could muster. He then runs down some of his friends such as Ortiz and Santana that are all missing.

Jericho says he took out Bryan Danielson and we don't know when he's back, and he then says Ruby Soho has a mangled hand because she is Eddie's Ruby. He says Eddie is a mark for people like Sabu and Terry Funk as he questions how many barbed wire matches Kingston has actually had, as he won the first barbed wire match in Canadian wrestling history.

He felt pleasure in that and claims to be just as sadistic as Kingston, but Eddie overestimates that, but it won't be possible next week, that's because Kingston is not facing Jericho...he's facing the Painmaker. He says this match is the end for them, and after Eddie can cover everything up with excuses, but the trust is he just won't be at his level.

He says the only thing that can wash away his sins is Kingston's blood, and if he wants that then he's got it because Kingston isn't a liar, he's a loser.

- Eddie Kingston is then shown backstage and he says Jericho is going to pay with every ounce of his blood, and he will see him at the barbed wire everywhere match.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Jon Moxley (Interim AEW World Championship Eliminator Match)

After a brief lock up the two men go back and forth with some big shots, but Konosuke Takeshita then hits a leg lariat and a chop in order to show he's ready for this. The champion fires back though with a piledriver of his own, following it up with a submission move to add further pressure.

The fight spills to the ring apron as they trade forearm strikes, and it is Takeshita that comes out on top with a German suplex on the apron, but as he tries to get back in the ring it opens up the chance for Moxley to nail him with a boot to the face. That busts open Konosuke, and Moxley follows it up by biting his head and then some big chops back in the ring.

They end up on the top turnbuckle with Moxley pushing his elbow into his opponent' cut, and he follows it with a superplex which gets a near fall. Takeshita then fights back with strikes of his own before bouncing off the ropes to take the champion down, following up with a big kick in the corner. But as he runs to the turnbuckle to hit another, Moxley follows and elbows him.

Konosuke doesn't allow that to stop him though, firing back with a brainbuster, but as he goes for the Frog Splash Moxley gets the knees up. Once again they trade forearms and then Takeshita connects with a hurricanrana and he follows that up by diving over the top rope to take him down again. This time the Frog Splash connects, but Moxley kicks out just in time!

Moxley then attempts to set in a sleeper hold, but Takeshita hits a Blue Thunder Bomb in order to get another near fall. Moxley then blocks the jumping knee and hits the Paradigm Shift. But as he goes for the Death Rider, Takeshita reverses with a rolling elbow and then a German suplex which gets an incredibly close near fall.

Moxley hits several headbutts after that and then does connect with the Death Rider, following up with the Bulldog Choke for the victory.

Winner: Jon Moxley

- A video package airs of The House Of Black talking to Darby Allin, Brody King says he didn't need praise, and he is getting his by taking Darby's.

Let's Hear From Christian Cage

Christian Cage mocks Brian Pillman Jr.'s haircut and says he had a father like Jungle Boy, but he was a legend in this business. However, Cage claims Pillman was average at best, but he does respect him. He doesn't mind speaking on Brian's behalf, saying he'd be appalled that Pillman Jr. was his child.

Cage says Griff Garrison annoyed him with the picture he posted, and he asks Luchasaurus if he looks like Jungle Boy.

Luchasaurs vs. Griff Garrison 

The big man starts dominantly, launching his opponent out of the ring with a German suplex. He then puts his head against the ring post and he then boots it into it. The match gets back into the ring, and Luchasaurus hits two Chokeslam's before locking in the Tarpin for a submission win.

Winner: Luchasaurus

After the match, Brian Pillman Jr. gets taken out, as does Griff, and Luchasaurus Chokeslam'a Pillman onto his partner, with the two crashing through an announce table.

- The JAS are backstage saying they don't like cages, while Daniel Garcia challenges Wheeler Yuta to a Pure Title match at ROH.

- Backstage Hangman Adam Page is with Tony Schiavone backstage, but The Dark Order appear and say they're pissed off and they challenge The House Of Black to a match

Jake Hager vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio Castagnoli comes flying out of the gates with a huge uppercut and then a big boot which sends Jake Hager out of the ring, but the JAS member responds well with a huge clothesline on the floor. He then looks for a Hager Bomb, but Claudio reverses it and has him set in the 619 position, so he hits it!

In the corner, Hager gets back on track with some huge shots of his own, but Claudio then takes him down by going for the knee, following it with a bulldog. He then drives Jake into the turnbuckle pad, but as he goes to the top rope, Jake knocks it and then hits a double leg from the top turnbuckle.

He then launches Claudio across the ring, following it up with a Hager Bomb, which gets a near fall. The Blackpool Combat Club star has no problem responding though with a vertical suplex, and he then hits a few punches only to eat a high boot from Hager. Despite that, Claudio responds yet again, springboarding with an uppercut, and yet again the two men go back and forth with uppercuts and forearms.

A dropkick sends Hager out of the ring, so Claudio charges at him with a huge uppercut on the barrier, and inside the ring it is followed with a diving crossbody, which gets another near fall. Now it's time to go swinging as Claudio shows what he's all about, transitioning it into a Scorpion Deathlock, but then 2.0 make their way down.

As Claudio is distracted Hager plants him to the mat, but Claudio is able to kick out just in time! Hager looks for the Ankle Lock but Castagnoli blocks it and then hits a suplex, but yet again 2.0 provide issues for him. However, this time Claudio sees Hager coming, and he then hits the Swiss Alps.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

- HOOK is interviewed backstage, but he ignores it and leaves.

- Thunder Rosa says it was exciting to tag with Toni Storm, and now they're ready to face anybody, and that leads to Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter appearing. Britt says they're back, and they know the carnage that a thunderstorm can storm, but Jamie says they're well versed in it, this leads to a sandbag appearing, with Baker telling Tony Schiavone to carry it for a month.

Serena Deeb vs. Anna Jay

Serena Deeb drops Anna Jay with a shoulder tackle, but then Jay hits a reversal flatliner to get back into things on her own. Deeb smartly shows her experience though by avoiding several moves in the corner, and she locks in a submission until Jay gets out with a pinfall attempt.

Jay then locks in the Queenslayer, but Deeb steps through the ropes and provides whiplash to Jay, which she followed with a twisting neckbreaker to get a near fall. Deeb fakes diving out of the ring, but then slams Anna face-first onto the ring apron as she then hits a chop, but Jay fights back with one of her own until Deeb rakes Anna's eye.

Deeb continues her attack by dropping her onto the second rope before putting on another submission while mocking The Dark Order at the same time. Serena hits a backstabber, but Jay fires back with several forearms of her own, taking down her opponent in a bid to build some momentum.

Anna connects with a northern lights suplex, and that gets a near fall before she locks in the Queenslayer again, but Deeb manages to get out once more. Deeb shows her experience once again with a roll-up being turned into another submission, and then a sharp kick to the face. Anna misses with a kick of her own and Deeb hits the dragon screw, but yet again Anna reverses into the Queenslayer, this time fully locking it in, but Deeb still gets out and gets the Serenity Lock to win.

Winner: Serena Deeb

- Post-match Deeb won't let go of it until Mercedes Martinez appears for the save.

- Jade Cargill is backstage and Stokely talks about the interim Baddie situation, but he tells them to trust him.

- Anna Jay is then shown in the medical room and Tay Conti then appears mocking her, she says she likes her but she needs to make better choices for her career.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: The Young Bucks (c) vs. Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Swerve In Our Glory

Keith Lee and Matt Jackson kickstart this one as the champion looks to avoid the bigger man with his speed, but the Limitless One almost catches him with a huge spin kick, which leads to Nick Jackson tagging in, as Swerve Strickland also comes in. Jackson tries to send Swerve across the ring, but Swerve cartwheels out of it as they then both leap out of the ring looking for the same thing.

When they do get into the ring, Jackson slows things down with a submission, but Ricky Starks then comes in, he goes to Matt Jackson and grabs Matt, but he meets Nick on the top rope as they both end up slipping and getting caught on the top rope. Matt then hits a trio of northern lights suplexes, and he then hits an extra one to Swerve and Starks at the same time.

Lee tags in and he tries to take down Hobbs and Lee at the same time, but the big men work together and just dump him down. They both get attacked from behind, but Lee sends two men flying. Lee then hits the double chop to Matt in the corner, and Swerve follows with an elbow to the back from the top rope.

The Team Taz stars then work together with Hobbs throwing Jackson onto Starks' knee as Swerve then gets sent across the ring as well. Hobbs comes back in and hits a delayed vertical to Strickland, but The Young Bucks then tag in, and they hit a flipping neckbreaker double team.

Swerve gets dropped down by Jacksons, but as they look for a double low dropkick, Swerve gets up and takes them both down. Lee comes in again and he charges into each corner hitting splashes, as he then throws Starks into the champions across the ring. Lee aims to dive out of the ring, but Team Taz stops him. Matt Jackson takes them out, but as Nick tries to dive out he gets caught by Lee who powerbombs him onto his brother's back.

Hobbs tags himself in and the two big men go face to face as they hit shoulder tackles and then a double crossbody which wipes them both down. Lee gets pushed down from the top rope and Hobbs then hits a Frog Splash, which almost gets the job done. Nick Jackson tries to fight back, but it leads to him on Hobbs' shoulders as Starks comes from the top rope and nails a cutter, getting a nearfall.

Matt and Swerve then come in as Matt gets leveled with a lariat, Swerve avoids one superkick but then eats another from Nick, and then the champions drop Lee to one knee, but he then fires back up until Starks hits a triple superkick with him. The Young Bucks hit stero superkicks to Starks, but as Hobbs charges at them, he then takes out the referee.

They get the titles, but Matt eats a superkick, only for him to receive a boot from Swerve, he picks up a title and teases hitting Lee, but he tosses it away only to be hit with a low blow. Matt Jackson then hits everyone nearby with the title, but Strickland still kicks out! They then hit the BTE Trigger, but Starks breaks that one up, only to be thrown out.

The Young Bucks aim for the Meltzer Driver, but Keith catches Nick in mid-air, and then they hit the Swerve Stomp only for Team Taz to break it up at the end. Hobbs hits a spinebuster to Lee and he then hits the move three more times, dropping everyone onto Lee to add further damage.

Starks almost steels a roll-up on Swerve, but he fights out only to be nailed with a Spear, but this time Nick Jackson breaks up the pinfall. Lee takes out The Young Bucks, and Hobbs then ends up being set out. Starks punches him to the ring apron, but he eats a headbutt as Swerve then springboard's off Lee's chest to take out everyone else.

In the ring Starks looks for a Spear but he just gets tackled away, Lee then dives to the outside, while Swerve connects with the Stomp to win the titles!

Winners (new AEW Tag Team Champions) Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee