Backstage News On The Current WWE NXT Creative Team

NXT has given new names to superstars, changed up its look, and changed up its roster, but it seems the creative team is staying relatively steady.

"PWInsider" is reporting that Bruce Prichard and Shawn Michaels are still at the head of creative for "WWE NXT 2.0." Both men have been longtime heads of the developmental program's creative direction, with Michaels even dating back to NXT's "black & gold" era.

Johnny Russo is reportedly still head writer, with Nick Bonanno and George Carroll as the final two members of the team. Carroll is technically a recent addition but only because he was released in January and then brought back into the fold in the months since. The veteran wrestling producer was originally brought in, in 2021.

Michaels has been working with the NXT brand since 2018 and has been credited with producing some of NXT's more memorable main events.

Prichard has been a bit busier, the former-"Brother Love" is not only overseeing NXT creative, he's also been involved in creative on WWE's main roster as well. The goal upon being brought into NXT was to maintain continuity between the two different brands. Prichard was recently named interim Head of Talent Relations in the wake of former-Head John Laurinaitis being placed on administrative leave following a bombshell investigation into hush money payments to a former female employee alleging misconduct against Laurinaitis and WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

The NXT brand underwent a divisive change over the course of the past year, switching to a much more colorful presentation, with heightened characters that align more with the mentality of WWE's story-driven main shows. With the creative team staying relatively stable, this will give the brand a long-term chance to see these changes bear fruit.