Backstage News On Triple H Assuming WWE EVP Of Talent Relations Role

Paul Levesque, formerly known as Triple H, recently returned to the role of WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, and it seems there was much rejoicing.

According to Fightful Select, talent are optimistic about Levesque returning to the Talent Relations position. Levesque assumed the role from Bruce Prichard, who was himself serving as interim EVP of Talent Relations after John Laurinaitis was placed on administrative leave following the revelation that he was under investigation for his role in a series of hush money payments allegedly made by former WWE chairman & CEO Vince McMahon to former female employees. McMahon stepped down from his executive position in the wake of the investigation — his daughter Stephanie McMahon, who is also married to Levesque, assumed the role in an interim capacity.

According to Fightful, the move means that Laurinaitis is likely finished with the company, a turn of events that was seemingly met with jubilation from talent, with one unnamed wrestler calling Laurinaitis a "snake." Prichard is reported to be done with Talent Relations, as well, and will be focusing on his role in creative. Talent had reportedly been worried about Prichard working in both Talent Relations and creative, but apparently things went smoothly.

Meanwhile, a wrestler referred to as "top talent" wondered why xLevesque had been removed from the position in the first place. Another talent described Levesque as "approachable" and said he "understands what they're going through. The main consensus seems to be that Levesque will need to adapt to the company's new hiring policies, but otherwise is a good choice to bring some stability back to the company as the board of directors continues its investigation into McMahon and Laurinaitis.

According to the report, Levesque will not resume his role at the helm of WWE's developmental brand "NXT," which is still run by Levesque's close friend Shawn Michaels, but with Levesque back in the position of hiring and recruiting talent, there will still obviously be some influence. The former WWE Champion remains retired from in-ring competition after a cardiac event in 2021.