Former WWE Champion Big E recently appeared on the Cheap Heat Podcast. There, he discussed his recent time spent at the WWE SummerSlam tryouts during SummerSlam week in Nashville, TN.

Big E has missed the past few months of action in the ring due to a neck injury he suffered earlier this year, so his appearance at the tryouts was his first with the company since the injury.

“It’s weird. I thought I was a young guy on the roster, shaking my hips, and people were just kinda like, there’s Big E on the side,” said the former WWE Champion.

Big E also said that he always felt like the younger guy, but now since he’s been there a while and has had the WWE Championship, he has more respect for his name.

Big E revealed that it was Triple H, who had called him and asked if he wanted to come out to help with the trainees. He said he had seen some of the college athletes before this week’s SummerSlam tryouts. Big E admitted that he wasn’t sure if he would have said yes if it was only indie talent due to not knowing much about that.

Big E gets why people were upset with the announcement of WWE hiring less indie talent. He said he respects guys from the indies like Seth Rollins.

“My favorite wrestlers, actively, mostly wrestled on the indies. There are a few exceptions. Roman, I think he’s been killing it,” said Big E.

Big E believes that his life would be different if WWE didn’t give him the chance. The average age for the tryout was 23. He understands why WWE is looking for that next Roman Reigns, Montez Ford, or Bianca Belair.

Speaking of Montez Ford, Big E said that Ford is currently killing it in the business. He was a college athlete turned WWE Superstar. Big E said that Ford can do truly special things and has a lot of respect for college athletes like him.

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