Blackjack Brown Passes Away

David "Blackjack" Brown, who was known to the wrestling community as a photographer and journalist, has unfortunately passed away. Brown's work was respected by many, as his work appeared in newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times and the New York Times, and even dates back to WWWF shows done at Madison Square Garden in the 1970s.

Though most talents saw the behind-the-scenes side of Blackjack Brown, most wrestling fans throughout the years didn't get the chance to see it. Through networking throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Brown would connect with and help countless wrestling talents looking for work to find job opportunities within other companies around the territories.

However, the best part about all this is, that Brown would do these acts and never ever ask for anything back. He didn't ask for money or fame. He would help talent for nothing. He did this before ultimately starting taking it slow so he could invest more of his time with his wife and the rest of his family, namely his grandkids.

Not only was Brown respected by wrestling talents. But he was also respected by many wrestling news journalists, as PWInsider's Mike Johnson writes that he met Blackjack Brown back in 1993 and has known him ever since. Johnson said he would continue talking to Brown just about every week until the pandemic hit two years ago. Johnson also said he cannot imagine a WrestleMania Weekend without Brown.

Countless talents like AEW Commentator Taz, former ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer, and ECW Alumni, The Blue Meanie have voiced their thoughts on Blackjack Brown and his death all over social media. AEW's Ring Announcer Justin Roberts took to Instagram today to share the below post.


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We here at Wrestling Inc are very sad to hear the news about Blackjack Brown, and we are very grateful for all the work he's done for years.