Brian Pillman Jr. Reveals Recent AEW Creative Decision That He Was Hurt By

Brian Pillman Jr. has revealed that he was hurt by a recent creative decision made by AEW.

While speaking with "Counted Out," Pillman said he wishes he had been included in the Owen Hart Tournament.

"Yeah, I mean, I'll just go ahead and say straight up that I wish I was in it. I wasn't too upset about it at first. Obviously, there's a lot of great talent in there and a lot of people that were on a whole other level to me, and I know that Tony [Khan] put on some great, great matches and stuff. But looking back, I just wish that he had viewed me in a better way to want to use me for it. In my opinion, it was a no-brainer."

Pillman said that he could've worked harder as a singles wrestler to be included in the tournament and took the decision to heart. He stated that this had become a huge goal for him moving forward, and he doesn't want to be excluded again. He said that while he is beaten up about the decision and blames himself, he has been more motivated than ever and training hard for next year's tournament.

Pillman continued to say that he is also motivated to win the tournament for the people of Calgary, given his father's history with the city.

"It is kind of a shame because there was no one in the tournament to really represent that connection to the family. There wasn't anybody, at least that I can think of, that was of a direct connection, you know?"

Pillman's recent trip there to work for Bret Hart's promotion Dungeon Wrestling made him feel connected to the people. He said he's looking forward to lacing up his boots to make it up to them, saying that he's not just looking to participate in the tournament but to win it.

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