Bryan Danielson Addresses How He Is A Bully Backstage In AEW

Bryan Danielson wants to set the record straight about whether or not he is indeed a "bully."

Danielson recently sat down with Barstool's Robbie Fox on an episode of "My Mom's Basement," During the interview, the multi-time World Champion responded to reports from Paul Wight that he bullies the AEW color commentator and giant.

"I think he initially tries to bully me," Danielson explained, exasperated. "I just stand up for myself."

"Now, I do bully other people," Danielson chuckled, saying his targets are "sometimes giants — only occasionally giants." Danielson believes the reputation comes from his penchant for "coming in hot" to the locker room. "I come in hot. I'm not coming in there to be soft on these guys," saying that if he sees members of the locker room on their phones, he's "going to yell at them all like, 'Hey guys, c'mon.'"

Danielson went on to explain that his particular rivalry with Wight backstage comes down to nothing more than a rapport with the big wrestler. "Sometimes, I'll be on the training table or something like that, and Paul will come up to me and grab me in some sort of way. And I'll immediately, as fast as I can, try to armbar him.

"Not that he's a giant, but I am constantly trying to take down Jake Hager," Danielson said impishly, "because he's got a background. It's not like I'm trying to single leg Brandon Cutler all the time."

Danielson says he doesn't know what Cutler's takedown defense is like, as "that's not my deal. I'm going for the big guys."

When pressed about his attempts to takedown Bellator fighter and All-American Wrestler Jake Hager, Danielson kept quiet about his success rate.

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