GCW Backyard Wrestling 4 Results (7/4) – The Fourth Annual 4th Of July Event

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Announced to appear

Joey Janela
Pizza Cat Jr. (Billie Starkz)
The Great Akira
The Chad (Tye Hill)
Mayday Jack (Cole Radrick)
Skinripper (Masha Slamovich)
"The Gift" Alec Smith (Alec Price)
Cambodian Dragon (Yoya)
Dak The Destroyer (Bradley Prescott)
And more

- The show begins with pyrotechnics going off in the ring, which is placed in a large field with a handful of fans in attendance.

Jordan Oliver vs. Hunter Drake

Drake has a counter for everything Oliver throws at him in the early stages of the match. Oliver eventually manages to ground him to the mat. Back on their feet, Drake once again reverses and counters Oliver's offense. After Oliver recomposes himself on the outside, he returns to the ring and works on Drake in the corner of the ring. Drake fights Oliver off and dropkicks him out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Oliver connects with a Cleopatra and delivers a big kick to Drake. On the outside, Oliver sends Drake into the concrete wall. Oliver is now in control and goes for the Clout Cutter, but Drake reverses and goes for a cover. Both men crash to the grass below following a suplex over the ropes by Oliver.

Drake delivers repeated chops and stomps to Oliver as they return to the ring. Drake delivers a Destroyer, but Oliver replies with a knee to the head. Both men trade blows in the center of the ring as the match begins to take its toll underneath the sun. Drake goes from a move off the ropes, but he falls. Oliver ultimately delivers a Clout Cutter and then delivers a powerbomb to win.

Winner: Jordan Oliver via pinfall

The Chad vs. "The Gift" Alex Smith vs. Vampyro vs. Aerial Crow

All four men go at it in the opening moments of the bout. Vampyro delivers a Frankensteiner from the ropes to Smith. Smith recovers and then dives to the outside. The Chad follows suit. Vampyro then dives from the top turnbuckle. The Chad takes control of the match as the action returns to the ring. The Chad delivers a Shooting Star Press variation to Vampyro.

Crow returns to the ring and attempts to put The Chad away. Vampyro returns and tries to get the upper hand. Smith goes straight after Vampyro and plants him face-first into the mat. Smith hits a flurry of moves. Vampyro stops him in his tracks and connects with a Destroyer. Crow lands a Destroyer on Vampyro on the trampoline placed next to the ring.

Smith leaps over the ropes to take out Crow and The Chad. Smith grabs a steel chair and takes out a wooden door from underneath the ring. Crow dives over the ropes onto The Chad, who was laying on the wooden set-up on two chairs. The action now goes through the field and amongst where the fans are congregated. All four men battle in the woods next to the field, with Vampyro connecting with a hurricanrana from a tree. Vampyro blows a fireball to Crow on the roof of a shed. Crow falls from the roof through a wooden door below. Smith then steals the pin.

Winner: "The Gift" Alex Smith via pinfall

Pizza Cat Jr. vs. Dak the Destroyer w/ Slade

Cat Jr. and Dak the Destroyer start the match with a large sparkler battle. Cat Jr. gets the advantage and puts the sparkler in the face of Dak the Destroyer. Cat Jr. delivers a hurricanrana by using the trampoline on the outside. She then takes Dak the Destroyer around the fans, who deliver multiple chops. Cat Jr. then does the same to Slade, before once again taking Dak the Destroyer further into the fans.

Back in the ring, Dak the Destroyer delivers a tombstone to Cat Jr. on a frozen pizza. This fires Cat Jr. up, who goes to work on Dak the Destroyer. Dak the Destroyer replies with a Destroyer and then connects a 450 splash from the top turnbuckle to win.

Winner: Dak the Destroyer via pinfall

Team Yoya (Yoya, Hello Hardbody, The Tarzanian Devil & Philly Mike) vs. Team Deppen (Alex Colon, Tony Deppen, Cole Radrick & 1 Called Manders) in an Elimination Match

Yoya, known as the Cambodian Dragon in this match, bodyslams Deppen, Radrick and Colon, as well as his own teammates and the referee. Yoya eventually delivers a bodyslam to Manders. Hardbody and Colon go at it. Hardbody delivers a driver to Colon on the apron. Radrick enters the match. Philly Mike is tagged in, and he delivers a big clothesline to Radrick.

Mike sends Manders to the outside and dives from the top rope. Deppen and Yoya become the legal men, and they trade moves. Yoya dives through the middle ropes to take out Deppen on the grass. The action goes all over the field. Radrick leaps from a trailer truck while holding a beer to take out every competitor involved in the match.

After a back-and-forth, Team Deppen eliminate Hardbody, Tarzanian Devil and Philly Mike at the same time. Yoya then pins Deppen, Radrick and Colon at the same time, leaving him to battle Manders. Manders connects with a big lariat to win.

Winner: Team Deppen (1 Called Manders, Tony Deppen, Cole Radrick & Alex Colon) via pinfall

- a 15-minute intermission takes place.

4th of July Blunt Guy vs. Diablo

Blunt Guy sends Diablo out of the ring with a dropkick. Blunt Guy then dives through the ropes. Diablo immediately turns the tables and sends Blunt Guy into a concrete wall. Diablo pulls out a metal tray from underneath the ring and smashes it on the head of Blunt Guy. Diablo sends Blunt Guy crashing onto the trampoline. Diablo hits Blunt Guy with a pan. Diablo takes Blunt Guy around the fans in the parking lot to deliver chops to the chest. Diablo delivers a powerbomb to Blunt Guy onto the gravel.

Both men end up on top of a truck trailer, and Diablo powerslams Blunt Guy through a wooden door below that was placed on top of two steel chairs. Diablo comes down from the trailer truck and pins Blunt Guy for the win.

Winner: Diablo via pinfall

The Great Akira vs. Skinripper

Akira immediately takes Skinripper down to the mat. Akira and Skinripper trade slaps and forearms. Skinripper delivers a headscissors which drives Akira's head into the bottom turnbuckle. Akira replies by taking Skinripper back down on the canvas. Back on their feet, Akira and Skinripper trade headbutts. Akira manages to deliver a big suplex from the top.

As the action goes to the outside, Skinripper connects with a big kick to the chest of Akira. On the trampoline, both competitors trade strikes. Akira lands a solid kick to the head. Back in the ring, Akira and Skinripper go back-and-forth. Skinripper then lands a sit-out powerbomb to win the match.

Winner: Skinripper via pinfall

Kung Fu Janela vs. Joey Janela

Joey Janela was in the pool as his entrance music played. He managed to get his gear on as pyrotechnics went off for his entrance. Miley Cyrus – "Party in the U.S.A." continues to play as the match gets underway. Kung Fu wants the music turned off because he's trying to wrestle. Joey Janela says, "this match is going in the garbage" and jokingly questioned, "how did I go from AEW to this?"

With the music off, the match goes to the outside and Joey smashes metal trays on the head of Kung Fu. Janela grabbed a white belt and paid homage to Cody Rhodes by hitting Kung Fu with it. Janela lifts Kung Fu vertically and carries him into the woods. Janela runs a number of yards with a chair and hits Kung Fu on the head with it. Kung Fu was choking Janela with a wire and "Party in the U.S.A." is played again, which zaps him with energy.

Janela looks to dive from the top turnbuckle onto Kung Fu, who was laying on the trampoline. Kung Fu moved out of the way, but Janela jumped back up and leaped onto him on the grass. Janela then drives around using a child's pink car. Janela takes it into the ring and drives it as the Cyrus song plays again. Janela then runs the car over the arm of Kung Fu.

Janela lights up a large sparkler, and it ends up firing at Kung Fu. Janela sets up a wooden door on top of two chairs, and it breaks as soon as he is placed on it by Kung Fu. Janela then sends Kung Fu down before placing the wooden door on top of him. Janela then lands a Double Stomp from the top turnbuckle to win.

Winner: Joey Janela via pinfall 

Emanon (Jimmy Lloyd) vs. Darc Angel 

Allie Katch sets off the ceremonial fireworks in the middle of the ring before the main event. A fast and furious opening sees Emanon and Angel fight on the outside of the ring. Angel uses a number of different size forks on Emanon. Emanon takes his aggression to the next level and punishes Angel with a steel chair. Angel responds by sending Lloyd onto the trampoline and followed it up with a moonsault.

After sending Angel into the trailer truck, Emanon connected with a Tombstone Piledriver on the grass. Back in the ring, Emanon sets up a trash can in the corner. Emanon then pierces Angel's back before throwing darts at him. Angel replies by sticking a syringe in Emanon's face and spiking him face-first into the canvas with a Cutter. Emanon connected with a Driver in the corner, but was unable to put Angel away. Angel powerbombs Emanon on a trash can and then connects with a Coast-to-Coast. Emanon sets up a wooden door on top of two chairs. Referee Perch lights it on fire as Emanon sends Angel through it. Emanon then pins Angel for the win.

Winner: Emanon via pinfall

- That's all for GCW Backyard Wrestling 4!