GCW No Signal In The Hills 2 Results (7/15) – GCW Tag Team Titles On The Line, Janela/Blackwood

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Announced card

* Bussy (Allie Katch & Effy) (c) vs. PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) for the GCW Tag Team Championship

* Joey Janela vs. Kevin Blackwood

* Blake Christian vs. Starboy Charlie

* Rocky Romero vs. Gringo Loco

* Alex Zayne vs. Titus Alexander

* Jordan Oliver & Nick Wayne vs. Los Mazisos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo)

* Tony Deppen vs. Komander

* Dark Sheik vs. Cole Radrick

Rocky Romero vs. Gringo Loco

Romero and Loco trade wrist locks in the opening moments of the match. Romero ultimately takes control of the bout and works on the left arm of Loco. Loco turns the tables by sending Romero face-first into the bottom turnbuckle. Loco delivers a vertical suplex and manages to keep Romero grounded following a pendulum hold. Loco lands a cutter from the top rope, but Romero kicks out of the subsequent cover.

Romero and Loco trade blows in the middle of the ring. Loco once again gains the advantage and delivers a picture-perfect moonsault from the top turnbuckle. Romero manages to DDT Loco, who rolls to the outside. Romero takes flight through the middle ropes to take out Loco. Romero delivers a series of moves but is unable to put Loco away. Loco lands his big sit-out powerbomb from the top turnbuckle to win.

Winner: Gringo Loco via pinfall

Tony Deppen vs. Komander

Komander dives from the ring to take out Deppen during his entrance. The fast-paced action takes to the ring. Deppen eventually slows the pace down and looks to keep Komander grounded to restrict his high-flying moves. Komander replies and spikes Deppen on his head. Deppen exits the ring, but Komander runs across the top rope and lands a moonsault on the outside.

As the action returns to the ring, Deppen increases the intensity while resuming control of the match. Deppen sends Komander to the outside once again and this time delivers a Tombstone Piledriver. After more back-and-forth action, Komander misses a 450 splash as Deppen takes advantage with a running knee strike to win.

Winner: Tony Deppen via pinfall

Alex Zayne vs. Titus Alexander

After trading standing holds, Zayne knocks Alexander down, but he immediately leaps back up. Alexander sends Zayne down, but The Sauce God doesn't let Alexander settle and takes control of the match. Alexander counters Zayne's dive to the outside by delivering his own dive through the ropes as both men go crashing into the wooden chairs at ringside.

Alexander keeps Zayne grounded as the action returns to the ring. Zayne stops Alexander in his tracks with a big lariat. Zayne pulls off a standing Dragonrana from the top rope, but Alexander kicks out of the following pin attempt. Zayne ultimately plants Alexander into the mat with a taco driver to pick up the victory.

Winner: Alex Zayne via pinfall

Blake Christian vs. Starboy Charlie

Before the match begins, Lio Rush makes his presence felt. Christian immediately grounds Charlie after showcasing his aggressive style. After a number of reversals, Christian and Charlie shake hands before they continue competing. Charlie connects with a crossbody from the top, which sends Christian to the outside. Charlie dives over the top rope and lands on Christian below.

As both wrestlers return to the ring, Christian takes control, and he sends Charlie from corner to corner. Charlie replies by landing a flurry of moves that stuns Christian. Christian slowly finds his way back into the match, Charlie manages to counter Christian's offense by delivering a Tombstone Piledriver, but is unable to capitalize. Charlie continues to rally, but Christian ends the bout by using The Stomp with force.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

- Christian speaks on the microphone after the match. He praises Charlie and then turns his attentions to Rush. Christian says he plans to bring the GCW Championship back when he beats Moxley and will defend it every single night, not just every now and then.

Jordan Oliver & Nick Wayne vs. Los Mazisos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo)

Oliver and Wayne immediately take out Los Mazisos on the apron before diving through the ropes to take them out on the outside. A chair is introduced as Extremo uses it as a weapon on Wayne. Los Mazisos work on Wayne in their corner of the ring. Oliver attempts to enter, but is cracked over the skull with the chair.

Oliver officially enters the match and takes control of the match for his team. A door is brought into the ring and placed in the corner. Wayne is ultimately put through the door. Wayne eventually recovers and he goes back-and-forth with Extremo. Mazisos hit a double spear to Wayne and Oliver. A wooden door is set up on two chairs on the outside. The door fails to break during a spot involving Wayne and Extremo. Wayne and Oliver set up a wooden door on two chairs in the ring. Ciclope sends Oliver crashing through the door, and Extremo follows it up with a 450 to win.

Winners: Los Mazisos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) via pinfall

Hunter Freeman vs. Rob Shit

Freeman immediately hits Shit with a steel chair to start the match, which sends him crashing through the ropes. Freeman takes flight over the top rope to take out Shit. Shit manages to pull out a stapler and uses it on Freeman. Back in the ring, Shit staples a t-shirt to the head of Freeman. Freeman replies by delivering a dropkick to Shit in the corner of the ring. Freeman is then sent through a barbed wire door on the outside.

Shit sends a barbed wire door into the ring. Shit wraps barbed wire around Freeman in the middle of the ring. Freeman responds by stapling the head of Shit before sending him through a barbed wire door in the corner of the ring. Freeman places a piece of the broken door on top of Shit and connects with a moonsault from the top to win.

Winner: Hunter Freeman via pinfall

Bussy (Allie Katch & Effy) (c) vs. The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) for the GCW Tag Team Championship

PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) were unable to compete, so SGC took their place. A brawl takes place to start the match, with the action spilling out to the ringside area. Warner is busted open. Warner brings a chair into the ring and hits Katch and Effy with it. Warner and Justice take control of the match and set up a wooden door on top two chairs in the ring. It backfires as Effy and Katch put both Warner and Justice through it from the top.

Effy and Katch lock in submissions at the same time. SGC manage to escape following a double eye poke. Justice dives over the top rope to take out Katch and Effy on the outside. Following more chaotic action, Justice almost picks up the victory, but Effy kicks out of a pin attempt at the last moment. SCG bring a pane of glass to the ring. Katch sets up the pane of glass in the corner of the ring, but Warner spears her through it. Effy snatches the victory with a roll up on Justice.

Winners: STILL GCW Tag Team Champions, Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch) via pinfall

Dark Sheik vs. Cole Radrick

Sheik and Radrick trade holds as the match gets underway. Sheik connects with a kick to the face of Radrick which sends him to the outside. Sheik dives through the ropes to take out Radrick. Back in the ring, Radrick finds a window of opportunity to take control of the bout. Sheik replies with a big boot, but Radrick catches a spinning heel kick, reversing it into a powerbomb.

Radrick slows the match down and keeps Sheik grounded. Sheik manages to turn the tables, however, Radrick lands a Stunner and a standing moonsault. After countering Radrick's offense, Sheik plants him into the mat to score the victory.

Winner: Dark Sheik via pinfall

- GCW will return to Los Angeles on September 23.

Joey Janela vs. Kevin Blackwood

Blackwood gains the early advantage and showboats after knocking Janela down. Janela replies by knocking Blackwood down and follows it up by showboating. Janela and Blackwood trade strikes and chops. Blackwood delivers a double stomp to the back of Janela after jumping from the apron. Back in the ring, Janela takes control.

Blackwood slowly finds his feet again in the match. Blackwood begins to dominate and picks up the pace. Blackwood is unable to put Janela away with a sit-out powerbomb. Janela replies with a piledriver, but Blackwood kicks out of the cover at the last second. Blackwood connects with a double stomp through a door set up on the outside as he looks to punish Janela.

As the match appears to be taking its toll on both wrestlers, Janela connects with a superplex from the top through a wooden door set up in the ring. Janela follows up by locking Blackwood in a crossface and forces him to submit.

Winner: Joey Janela via submission

- That's all for GCW Signal in the Hills 2!