GCW Rock-N-Roll Forever Results (7/3) – Rock 'N' Roll Express Final Match At Evansville Coliseum

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Announced card

Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley)

Joey Janela vs. Cole Radrick

Allie Katch vs. Nick Wayne

Dark Sheik vs. Billie Starkz

Shane Mercer vs. Blake Christian

Tony Deppen vs. Kerry Morton

The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders) vs. AKIRA, Alex Colon & Hoodfoot

Calvin Tankman vs. Jordan Oliver

Calvin Tankman vs. Jordan Oliver

Both men shake hands as the match gets underway. Oliver goes for a waist lock, but Tankman immediately escapes and sends him out of the ring. Tankman sends Oliver down to the canvas and then hurls him into the corner of the ring. Tankman catches Oliver in the air as he goes for a crossbody. Oliver lands a crossbody from the top, but Tankman takes him out with a big clothesline moments later.

The match goes to the ringside area as Tankman and Oliver trade chops to the chest. Back in the ring, Oliver attempts to build some momentum. Tankman connects with a big forearm shot to send Oliver down to the canvas. Tankman throws Oliver across the ring. Oliver lands a Clout Cutter, but Tankman remains on his feet. Oliver eventually takes him down with an Acid Kick.

Tankman sends Oliver again and smashes him in the back of the head with an elbow. Oliver kicks out of the cover. Oliver is now fired up, and he lands a flurry of moves in an attempt to put Tankman away. Tankman lands a ruthless lariat. Oliver manages to land a Clout Cutter from the top rope, but Tankman kicks out of the pin attempt. Oliver connects with a second Clout Cutter to win.

Winner: Jordan Oliver via pinfall

Tony Deppen vs. Kerry Morton

Deppen takes immediate control of the match by getting the better of Morton. Morton surprises Deppen with multiple near falls. Deppen is sent to the outside following a dropkick. Morton goes over the ropes to take him out on the floor. Deppen and Morton exchanges chops. Morton sends Deppen back into the ring and lands a sunset flip from the top turnbuckle.

Deppen manages to turn the tables as his aggression level increases. Morton is just as determined and fires back. Ricky Morton makes his way out to the stage. Deppen keeps Morton grounded in the center of the ring. After an exchange on the top turnbuckle, Morton sends Deppen down with a powerbomb and follows it up with a deadlift suplex. Morton connects with a super atomic bulldog from the top, but Deppen kicks out of the cover. Morton and Deppen go back-and-forth. Deppen ultimately pins Morton while his feet were on the ropes.

Winner: Tony Deppen via pinfall

Axton Ray vs. Nick Wayne

It was revealed that Allie Katch was injured on Friday night and is unable to compete. A lightning start sees Wayne and Ray counter each other's moves. The match goes to the outside as both men look to gain an advantage. Wayne dives through the middle rope. Back in the ring, Ray takes Wayne out with his knee as he dived from the top turnbuckle. Ray has Wayne scouted and manages to keep him grounded.

Ray maintains his dominance and delivers a knee strike before locking in the Crossface submission. Wayne fights back with a flurry of moves, but is unable to put Ray away with a Code Red. Ray goes from a gut wrench to delivering a sit-out powerbomb to Wayne. Wayne immediately turns the tide, landing a Senton Bomb and a Clout Cutter to win.

Winner: Nick Wayne via pinfall

Shane Mercer vs. Blake Christian

Mercer and Christian shake hands as the bell rings. Mercer immediately shows off his power by sending Christian into the corner. Christian delivers a kick to Mercer's injured left shoulder. Christian takes Mercer off his feet with a head scissors. Mercer is sent to the outside. As Christian dived through the ropes, Mercer catches him.

Back in the ring, Mercer takes control and pounds down on Christian with forearms strikes. Christian eventually replies with another kick to the injured shoulder of Mercer. Mercer rolls to the outside. Christian leaps from the top turnbuckle and grabs Mercer to drive him into the floor. Mercer takes control again as the competitors return to the ring. Christian lands a Poisonrana and a splash from the top, but it isn't enough to end the match.

After delivering another flurry of moves, Christian sends a wooden door and two steel chairs into the ring. Mercer slams Christian into the mat. As both men collided on the top turnbuckle, Christian sends Mercer down with a butterfly suplex. As Mercer crawled onto the door set up on the chairs, Christian connected with a Curb Stomp to win.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders) vs. AKIRA, Alex Colon & Dale Patricks. 

Hoodfoot was scheduled for this match, but he sustained an arm injury on Friday night. It is said he will be back in a few weeks. A brawl immediately begins as the ring introductions were taking place. The brawl takes place all over the venue. All six competitors climb the stairs and head to the second level of the venue. As the rest take the fight back down to the floor, Justice dives from the balcony.

As the match finally heads into the ring, a broken door fight occurs between all six competitors after Colon, AKIRA and Patricks are put through a wooden door individually. Warner is busted open after Colon brought a saw into the action. Colon reverses a Doomsday Device into a Spanish Fly on Colon. SGC manage to take control of the bout. The trio pick up the victory after Manders power slammed Warner down on top of AKIRA from the top after Justice had delivered a splash.

Winner: The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) via pinfall

- a 15-minute intermission takes place.

Nate Webb vs. Alec Price vs. Carter Gray vs. Larry D vs. Yoya vs. Jimmy Lloyd in a Scramble Match

Larry D dominates the opening moments of the match. Yoya and Price go at it and exchange near falls. Lloyd gains an advantage, but Larry D returns. Nate sends Larry D down. Larry D doesn't stay down for long, as he delivers a pop-up powerbomb to Price. Larry D lifts Yoya and tosses him over the top rope onto everyone on the outside. Price sends Larry D to the floor and leaps from the top turnbuckle. Gray follows suit and dives to the outside from the top.

Back in the ring, Larry D is down as Gray goes for a 450 splash. Larry D moves out of the way. Lloyd sends Price face-first into the canvas. Yoya nails Lloyd with a Poisonrana. Larry D connects with a reversed Alabama slam to Yoya. Webb returns and places a chair on top of Yoya. Webb connects with a moonsault while holding his own chair. Webb picks up the win after Price tried to steal the victory.

Winner: Nate Webb via pinfall

Joey Janela vs. Cole Radrick

Radrick had stitches applied to his arm following his deathmatch on Friday. Radrick tries to keep Janela grounded using his technical ability. Janela responds by delivering chops to Radrick. Radrick eventually reverses to dish out his own chops to the chest. Radrick sends Janela down with an uppercut. On the outside, Janela runs around the ring with Radrick lifted above his head before dropping him on his back.

Back inside the ring, Janela is in control as he sends Radrick into the corner. After taking a beating, Radrick begins to fight back. Janela is sent to the outside as Radrick dives through the ropes. Radrick's wound from Friday is opened up as blood begins to pour. Janela and Radrick trade blows in the middle of the ring. Radrick connects with a splash, but is unable to finish Janela off. Janela and Janela trade pin attempts.

Both men trade a series of moves, giving it everything they have. Janela connects with a piledriver, but Radrick kicks out of the cover. A steel chair is introduced into the match. Radrick hits an Air Raid Crash to Janela onto the chair. Janela gets his shoulder up at the last second. Janela lands a superplex from the top and Radrick kicks out of the pin attempt once again. Radrick eventually pulls out the victory by planting Janela into the mat.

Winner: Cole Radrick via pinfall

Dark Sheik vs. Billie Starkz

Starkz connects with multiple dives to the outside in the first minute. Starkz pays the price going for a Senton Bomb on the apron as Sheik moves out of the way. Sheik immediately works on the back of Starkz in the ring. Sheik uses kicks and submission holds to inflict more damage to the back of Starkz. Starkz tries to rally, but Sheik continues to work on the back.

Starkz sends Sheik to the outside and drapes her over the apron. Starkz this time connects with a Senton Bomb from the top turnbuckle. Starkz goes for a piledriver, but Dark Sheik reverses. In the same sequence, Starkz reverses Sheik's counter into a pin attempt to win.

Winner: Billie Starkz via pinfall

Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley)

Gibson and Bentley start the match after some pre-match antics nearly see The Rejects not compete. Murdoch and Morton are tagged in after a couple of minutes of Bentley and Gibson trying to gain the advantage. Bentley and Murdoch tag in-and-out as they keep Morton away from tagging in Gibson.

Gibson is eventually tagged in as he sends Murdoch and Bentley colliding with each other. The match breaks down as all four wrestlers battle in the ring. Morton brings a bundle of light tubes into the ring and smashes them over the head of Murdoch. Morton then delivers a Destroyer to Bentley in the corner of the ring to pick up the victory.

Winner: Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) via pinfall

- The GCW locker room come out and surround the ring. Morton grabs a microphone and says he loves GCW. Morton is emotional and says he is speechless for the first time in his life. Morton says he and Gibson couldn't have had their careers without the fans and thanks them. Morton says it isn't what they have done, it is what the fans have done for them. Morton brings Janela into the ring and says they couldn't have GCW without Joey Janela. Morton asks everyone to give it up for Brett Lauderdale. Morton then tells the wrestlers surrounding the ring to do whatever they need to do to make it. Morton thanks everyone one more time.

- That's all for GCW Rock-N-Roll Forever!