Greg Valentine Believes That He Is A Better Wrestler Than These Two Big WWE Hall Of Famers

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine is one of the most legendary professional wrestlers in the history of the business, and the man himself thinks so too.

In an interview with Title Match Wrestling, Valentine said that he feels like he is a better wrestler than both Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Valentine stated that he was able to go frequently longer than both of the men in the ring.

"While Flair might call himself the sixty-minute man, I'm the guy that gets sixty minutes," Valentine said. "I'm the guy that got sixty minutes in Madison Square Garden. When Flair calls himself the sixty-minute man, I don't know if he's talking about wrestling."

He continued to say that he couldn't believe that Hogan put Flair as his personal number one wrestler because both of them are really a five or a six. He also mentioned that the reason he thought Hogan has a bad hip was due to the only thing he ever did in his matches was a leg drop.

Valentine went on to say that while he considers both men to be his friends, he knows that ultimately he is better than both of them.

The WWE Hall of Famer noted that even though Flair wrestled differently than he did, Flair ultimately did the same stuff that he did in his own matches (such as copying him when he would put his leg up) and wasn't able to do it as well as he could. Valentine felt that he never got the credit that he deserved.

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