Health Update On Former WWE Star Sir Mo

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Sir Mo, known as Bobby Horne outside the world of sports entertainment, is currently in a bad way and needs help from the fans.

A fundraiser on GoFundMe, created at the request of Bobby Horne/Sir Mo, is in place to help with financial contributions towards the 55-year-old's medical bills after a turbulent year of setbacks. Horne, who had a kidney transplant in 2018, contracted COVID-19 in January, and almost lost his life after spending three weeks in ICU, followed by 10 days in a rehabilitation facility. He almost passed away as his immune-suppressing medicines — provided after his kidney transplant — would not allow his body to fight the virus. Horne eventually recovered and relied on an oxygen machine while he recovered, but that would not be the end of his woes.

Three months after his battle with COVID, Horne was back in the emergency room due to high CO2 levels, spending an additional two weeks in ICU. Another medical emergency struck not long after, as his intestines were pushing through a longstanding hernia, ultimately requiring immediate surgery. Complications later occurred as Horne contracted pneumonia following another emergency surgery. Currently, Horne has been in ICU for over a month and is being fed using a feeding tube through his abdomen, said to be temporary. It's noted on the GoFundMe page that Horne will require long-term rehabilitation upon his release from hospital.

Maldonado and Jones are looking to raise $50,000 for Horne, with 109 donations so far raising $3,547 at the time of publication.

Horne began his wrestling career in 1991, teaming with Nelson Frazier — better known to fans as the late 1995 King of the Ring winner Mabel — as The Harlem Knights. The duo would regularly appear for the United States Wrestling Association before joining the World Wrestling Federation in 1993, creating the rap stable Men on a Mission alongside Oscar. Horne left the company in 1996 and resumed wrestling on the independent circuit, later founding his own wrestling promotion and training school, SOAR Championship Wrestling, with his wife.