Jake Roberts Recalls Mr. Perfect Putting Vince McMahon In Submission Hold

Vince McMahon likes to wrestle, and he likes to cause mayhem.

On a recent episode of "DDP Snake Pit," Jake Roberts told the story of one night when McMahon and a cavalcade of superstars broke into "Nature Boy" Ric Flair's hotel room and made a mess of things.

"They spread the beds apart and they started shooting on each other," Roberts began. "[Mr.] Perfect [Curt Hennig] wound up fighting Vince."

According to Roberts, Perfect locked Vince in a crossface. "Vince won't give up, so Perfect grinds him even more." Meanwhile, Perfect was apparently wearing a Rolex, "and it just so happened that it was right across Vince's ear, and about the third time he drove into him, blood shot across the room."

After squirting crimson all over the hotel walls, the group of wrestlers and McMahon apparently broke into Flair's minibar, leaving the Nature Boy with a $600 bill.

"It was quite the day," Roberts recalled.

Roberts arrived at the scheduled television the next day, "It's a ghost town," he said. "Nobody was there." McMahon is said to have showed up at 4pm "with a great big thing on his ear."

"His ear had been broken in half," Roberts said in disbelief. "Bad night in San Antonio."

Perfect isn't the only wrestler to have outmaneuvered McMahon. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle once wrestled Vince McMahon during the infamous "Plane Ride From Hell." According to Angle, McMahon and the gold medalist wrestled too close to the emergency latch in the plane. "We kept hitting the latch while we were wrestling, so the flight attendant came and said 'Hey, the pilot said if you don't sit down and stop he's going to land this plane right now.' And Vince says, 'Go tell the pilot to f*ck himself, I'll buy the f*cking plane.'"

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