There’s really no pithy opening line for this story. “Captain” Lou Albano once peed on a guy.

“In a lovable way, he was insane,” former wrestler and announcer Larry Zbyszko said during a recent appearance on Captain’s Corner on Facebook. According to the Living Legend. Albano used to with his teammate, Tony Altomare, when the two were paired up as the Sicilians in the McMahon family’s World Wide Wrestling Federation in the late 1960s.

“And Tony Altomare would like, work on the Captain,” Zbyszko continued. “He would make him mad and stuff.”

Zbyszko says he was once eating at a restaurant with the Sicilians, and Altomare got up to his usual shenanigans. “Altomare would be telling Captain Lou, ‘That guy over there sitting at that next table, man, he’s saying something bad about wrestling and you and me,'” Larry said, imitating Altomare slightly. “Lou gets all mad, and he gets up in this classy restaurant, unzips his pants, and pees on the guy while he’s sitting there eating.”

“Stuff normal people wouldn’t do,” Zbyszko chuckled, “The Captain was a trip.”

Inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame in 1996, Lou Albano was not only a legendary wrestling manager, but was also integral in creating the Rock n’ Wrestling Connection that led to the then-WWF’s rise to prominence in the 1980s, culminating with the first WrestleMania. Legend has it that Albano met pop star Cyndi Lauper on a plane and ended up in the singer’s video for “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” The music video appearance resulted in a storyline on WWF programming in which Albano claimed that he wrote Lauper’s songs, leading to Lauper managing rising star Wendi Richter against WWF Women’s Champion The Fabulous Moolah, managed by Albano. Richter defeating Moolah for the championship at The Brawl To End At All was a major turning point in the story of the WWF’s early success, and Richter’s match against Lelani Kai at the first WrestleMania, with Lauper by her side, is widely regarded as one of the main draws for the premiere event.

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