Live Notes From Undertaker’s 1 DeadMan Show

After WWE held the SummerSlam Tryouts this week, WWE Hall of Famer, The Undertaker, held the first-ever "1 Deadman Show." Wrestling Inc. was able to attend the show and take notes, as seen below:

Opening up 1 Deadman Show was a hype man. Though he was supposed to hype up the Undertaker, he was booed after explaining the rules of no filming during the event. The Undertaker then came out to his music alone, without a co-host.


The Undertaker described himself as a comedian, ted talker, and pastor. When The Deadman came out, he thanked the city of Nashville, Jerry Jarrett, and Jerry Lawler. He then questioned himself on how he got roped into the show before acknowledging the hype man that had gotten booed.

The Undertaker began talking about life after his legendary career. He spoke of joining social media for the first time after 30 years of keeping kayfabe alive. He then mentioned the childhoods he must have ruined after retiring and breaking the kayfabe of his wrestling persona.

Undertaker then moved on to his A&E biography and his mother. He brought up the controversial episode of Joe Rogan's Podcast that he appeared on and called the current product "soft." He then discussed talent who plays video games. He ended the first part of the show by talking about overcoming failure. Then the Q & A started.


The Undertaker started by answering questions about his favorite SummerSlam match and working with names like 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and Bret 'The Hitman' Hart. He was asked which superstars could "hang" when drinking with him and even talked about the time Hulk Hogan nearly broke his neck.

He told a hilarious story about rooming with The Iron Sheik and what he does in his free time. The Undertaker was asked about his health before a child asked about his fear of cucumbers. When asked what he does to relax, Undertaker said whiskey before taking a shot with a fan on stage. He then ended the show, talking about his appreciation for the military.

While the 1 Deadman Show was fun and hilarious, the show could've been shorter, as it lasted from 10 PM CST to almost midnight.