Mick Foley had one “nasty” experience at WCW Spring Stampede 1994. On the latest episode of “Foley Is Pod,” the Hardcore Legend joined co-host Conrad Thompson in the first watch-along of Foley’s podcasting career, which happened to be a tag team street fight featuring Foley and Maxx Payne (aka Man Mountain Rock in WWE) against the Nasty Boys. The fight was intense, and Foley, using his Cactus Jack persona, had to call an audible when a table collapsed under the combined weight of him and Jerry Sags. Foley went for an “old reliable” spot called the Nestea Plunge, which is just a flatback bump to the outside, but this one was off the side of the stage.

“There’s not enough room for me to take this bump, the Nestea Plunge, properly,” Foley said as he re-watched the spot. “So I end up doing great damage to my shoulder because I gotta rotate mid-air.” Of course, the big story of the fight ended up being the shovel Foley took to the face.

“I personally thought the Nestea Plunge was enough for the fall, but Sags had other ideas,” Foley said. While he was laid out on the side of the entryway, Sags decided to take a snow shovel that was introduced by his partner, Brian Knobbs, and crack Foley in the face with it. Foley managed to prepare a little in advance by turning his head so his nose wouldn’t get smashed, but the whole side of his face did. Were any of those wild spots planned out beforehand with Foley?

“None of that was, because the only thing we knew was the finish,” Foley said. “And again, maybe I’m looking back at this through this with rose-colored glasses, but my recollection — and I think that’s consistent with what I wrote in 1999 — is that I didn’t have anything planned. Maybe Maxx and those guys did, but I was already, in my head, out of the company and getting surgery.”

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