Mick Foley Defends Sid Vicious For 'Sh*tting Himself' In The Ring

Sweat, blood, spit, tears — these are the bodily functions and fluids that people normally associate with pro wrestling. But there's another function that features more than fans might realize: sh*tting.

On the latest "Foley is Pod," Mick Foley was asked asked about the rumored "accident" that then-WWF Champion Sid Vicious suffered in the main event of WrestleMania XIII, and had a humbling answer: "We've all done it."

Foley said that at some appearances and Q&A's he doesn't usually get the "snarky comments," but that every now and then someone will ask the former WWE Champion about pooping his pants mid-match, to which Foley responds, "If you haven't pooped your pants, you haven't tried hard enough."

"That's just an exertion," Foley continued, saying that while all wrestlers "should be there trying to do your best and empty your bowels before any match," at the end of the day "nature calls, and sometimes — oof —there's a lot of exertion."

Foley also offered supportive words for anyone that has defecated during a match in any capacity, "[As] a guy who's been backdropped on the floor, there's no shame, no shame in that."

Foley feels for Sid, as while it's not rare for wrestlers to use the bathroom mid-match, it's still not something that earns one a great deal of respect. "That's not something you do to impress the boys," Foley said.

While it has yet to be confirmed whether or not Sid Vicious actually pooped his pants during the match at WrestleMania XIII, a confirmed case of an accident like this occurred in 2013, when CM Punk tweeted out that he "sh*t [his] britches" on an episode of "WWE SmackDown."