Mick Foley Signs New Contract With WWE

If you had planned on grabbing some of this Mick Foley merchandise from Pro Wrestling Tees, you'd better hurry.

The Hardcore Legend revealed Monday via video message that he has signed a new WWE Legends contract, informing fans that all his PWTees merchandise will be taken off the market by July 31.


Besides a wide variety of shirts, the PWTees store offers a unique Mr. Socko face mask and a limited-edition signed poster.

Meanwhile, WWE Shop currently offers several classic Foley shirts, a replica of his 1999 WWE World Championship title, and a popular "Rock N Sock Connection" collector figure. With Foley signing a new Legends deal, it's likely that a lot of new items will be added to the store in the coming months.

It's unknown if Foley signing a new deal will lead to his WWE return in some capacity. He has not been on WWE TV since he was ambushed by "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt on the Legends Night episode of "WWE Raw" on July 22, 2019.


Last year, Foley made headlines as he repeatedly called out WWE for putting out lackluster programming while praising AEW. Foley's comments reportedly got him some heat within WWE, especially since he was under a different Legends deal at the time.

When asked to address the backlash, Foley explained he was well within his rights to express his opinions.

"The only deal I have with WWE is a Legends deal," Foley told the "Pro Wrestling 4 Life" podcast last September. "They do pay people to be consultants, and if I was being paid to be a consultant, I would say, 'WWE, we've got a problem.' I'm just putting myself in the place of a top-tier Superstar who has a decision to make, and I would look at how AEW has treated their recent acquisitions and I would compare it to how WWE has treated a few of their recent, as in development, talents brought up to the main roster. And I would say, 'I don't know if I want to gamble to such an extent that I'm willing to have everything I've done watered down or made a joke of.' If somebody is a more intriguing character in NXT than they are in WWE, and it seems almost by design, I think that's a big, big problem."