Ric Flair's Details His Nightly Drinking While Preparing For Final Match

Tonight is arguably the biggest night in the career of the legendary 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair, as he is scheduled to compete in the ring one last time at the event named after him — Ric Flair's Last Match. Obviously, being a 73-year-old legend, the question of Flair's health comes into play when considering his return to the ring.

"In the last couple of weeks, I don't know if it's psychological or what, but I thought I had pneumonia. I got sick because I think I was working out too much and the driving and the air-conditioned car and a wet shirt. Then they thought I had COVID ... Yesterday, everything was A-OK. 5 days out, I'm good to go, man," Ric told "TMZ Sports."

The 16-time World Champion recognizes that he may no longer be at the top of his game any longer, but being considered the best once more isn't something he's feeling pressured about. Instead, he's focusing on being "100 percent of what I could be now."

Luckily for Ric, the expectations for a great match aren't going to fall solely on him, as his "last match" is scheduled to be a tag team bout. Ric will team with his son-in-law, Andrade El Idolo, to take on Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. Being in the ring with several younger stars who haven't had the same health scares as Flair may look intimidating, but getting on their physical level is a challenge he's happily accepted.

"I feel great. My heart, at my age, with a pacemaker, you're supposed to never take your heart over 50 points above your age, so I should never take it over 130. Yesterday, while riding a bike, I got it up to 193, so there's something plugged up that hasn't gotten back at me yet."

But you can't have Ric Flair without a "stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' and dealin' son of a gun," and that's a persona he hangs onto today, for better or worse.

"And I guarantee, I'll be drinking every night. I don't do good when I don't drink at night — I'm like Lawrence Taylor."

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