Ricky Starks is a man that knows his value.

Starks did a virtual signing with “K & S WrestleFest” this weekend, and as they were wrapping up, he was asked about the current rift between AEW President Tony Khan and MJF.

“He wants more money,” Starks said. “Don’t we all?” MJF is currently embroiled in a feud with Khan where the lines of reality have been blurred. The young AEW star reportedly feels like he’s worth more money than he’s being paid. MJF was rumored to have nearly left AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV in Las Vegas, with a flight out of the city even booked for the wrestler in case he decided to exit.

According to the “Wrestling Observer”, the feud is a three-dimensional story that has seen AEW take short-term financial losses in the form of pulling MJF’s merchandise and promotional spots to sell the legitimacy. Whether real or not, Starks didn’t want to put words in either party’s mouth.

“People are due to their own feelings and their own experiences of a situation,” Starks said. “And who am I to say that he’s right or wrong, you know?”

Starks was then asked about the influx of former WWE talent coming into AEW, which was a cited issue of MJF when he expressed that the pay disparity between himself and non-WWE talent was becoming too great.

“You wouldn’t turn down a contract offer if you left an employer,” Starks posited to the interviewer, who agreed with him. “So, I have no issues with [WWE guys coming in.]”

Starks instead feels it’s not the fact it’s happening but rather an idea that “because of where you came from” it leads some to think they are “automatically better than talent at the new place.” According to Starks, “That’s not how it works,” saying that kind of mindset gets “exposed” when they’re forced to go toe-to-toe with AEW stars like Starks.

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