Riddle Recalls His Flip-Flops Injuring An Elderly Woman

Riddle has one of the coolest entrances in all of pro wrestling. Upon entering the ring, The Original Bro performs an athletic toe touch and a jump that causes his flip-flops to fly in the air, triggering a bunch of CGI doves to glide towards the camera.

Once Riddle's flip-flops are airborne, WWE's ring crew is understandably hoping for their safe landing. So, has anyone in the audience or at ringside ever caught friendly fire? Turns out, an elderly woman at an NXT live event had her glasses shattered courtesy of Riddle's flying flops. In a recent interview with OutKick 360, Riddle revealed how a mistimed jump on his part led to the accident.

"So one time, this was back when I was still in NXT," Riddle recalled. "We were doing a house show, so the guard rails are a little closer to the ring. I kicked off the flops, and usually, they go over the top rope and float down, but for some reason, the left foot flew off sooner and it kind of darted out the bottom rope and middle rope. In between them, there was an elderly woman sitting in the front row and it cracked her right in the face and broke her glasses. I felt so bad [because] she couldn't see the match and I broke her glasses. Usually security, they take my flip-flops from the fans."

When asked if he always gets his flip-flops back after the shows, Riddle explained why he values the accessory.

"Yeah, I get them back because they are hard to come by," Riddle responded. "This ain't a John Cena sweatband [laughs]. They are premium flops, you can buy them at WWE Shop. So the flop cracked an elderly lady, and broke her glasses. She was a good sport about it and I let her keep the flip-flops. I asked her, 'Do you want to keep them? I'm so sorry.' She kept them, I brought the action to the outside, gave the guys some hits in front of her, get her into the action. I felt bad. That's probably like the worst one I've seen – in person."

Riddle would then recall another incident from a WWE show in London.

"One time, I was in England at Wembley Arena, and I kicked my flops off," Riddle recalled. "I went to the back and they weren't there. 'Security, did you guys get my flip-flops?' They're like, 'No, you kicked them too far.' 'Those are my only flip-flops.' It's downpouring rain in London, England, and I have no shoes. I sent out a tweet, 'Hey, please, if you have my flip-flops, give them to security. I don't have any other shoes.' And luckily, Twitter helped, security helped, and they made an announcement too, but not until later, which kind of sucked. Eventually, I got both my flip-flops back."

The tweet Riddle was referring to can be seen below.

Riddle was previously slated to wrestle Seth Rollins this Saturday at the SummerSlam premium live event. However, Rollins' vicious attack on The Original Bro this past Monday on "WWE Raw" has led to the postponement of the match. While there was initially speculation over the nature of the injury, Fightful Select would later confirm that Riddle's injury is a kayfabe one, and part of the ongoing storyline.