Terminus 3 (7/21) Results – ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham Faces Konosuke Takeshita

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Announced card

* Jonathan Gresham vs. Konosuke Takeshita

* Jay Lethal vs. Baron Black

* Masha Slamovich vs. Queen Aminata

* Mike Bennett vs. Invictus Khash

* Kaun vs. TBD in an open challenge

* C4 (Cody Chhun & Guillermo Rosas) vs. The Factory (Aaron Solo & QT Marshall)

Kaun vs. Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger answered Kaun's challenge. The 15-minute clock begins as the bell rings. Kaun and Cheeseburger try and get the better of one another. Kaun spits at Cheeseburger in the corner. Kaun manages to ground Cheeseburger with a backbreaker. The disrespect continues from Kaun. Kaun slams Cheeseburger down onto the top turnbuckle while in the corner of the ring.

Cheeseburger finds an opening and goes after the left knee of Kaun. Cheeseburger traps Kaun in the ropes and punishes the left leg further. Despite a valiant effort from Cheeseburger, Kaun picks up the win following a fireman's carry into the double knees to the abdomen.

Winner: Kaun via pinfall

Mike Bennett vs. Invictus Khash

The 15-minute countdown clock begins as Bennett and Khash lock up. Khash and Bennett go back-and-forth. Khash exits the ring following a chop to the chest. On the outside, Bennett delivers another chop. Back in the ring, Bennett attempts to take control of the match, but Khash manages to find the answers to thwart his offense.

Khash locks Bennett in a stretch on the mat. Bennett locks Khash in a hammerlock moments later, but is unable to force him opponent to submit. Both men are feeling their arms now following the submission holds. Bennett attempts to put Khash away with the piledriver, but is unsuccessful. Khash locks Bennett in a chokehold on the canvas, and Bennett passes out.

Invictus Khash via submission

- A promo from Baron Black is shown before the next match, reflecting on his collision with Jay Lethal from Terminus 2.

Baron Black vs. Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal provided the ring announcer a special introduction card to read out before the match began. As the bell rings and the countdown clock begins, Lethal immediately exits the ring. Lethal eventually enters the ring and goes to work on Black with repeated stomps. Black and Lethal trade chops around the ring. As the fight goes to the outside, Lethal delivers a suplex on the concrete floor to Black.

As the action returns to the ring, Lethal continues to dominate. Black slowly fights his way back into the match and builds momentum. Black launches Lethal from the corner of the ring and attempts a series of pinfall attempts. Black locks Lethal in a Crossface after countering the Lethal Injection. Lethal eventually manages to trap Black in the Figure Four Leglock. Black thought he'd claimed a pinfall win moments later, but Lethal had his foot on the bottom rope. During the confusion, Lethal lands the Lethal Injection to win.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall

- After the match, Black grabs a microphone and refuses to believe he lost. Black says he has Lethal's number. Black says the bottom rope saved Lethal tonight. Black has a proposition for Lethal: one more match. Lethal rejects the offer and leaves the ring.

ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Konosuke Takeshita in a non-title match

The 15-minute countdown clock begins. Gresham and Takeshita shake hands. Gresham trade holds as the match gets underway. Gresham appeared to take control, but Takeshita always found a reply. Takeshita is sent to the outside. Gresham attempts to dive through the ropes, but Takeshita had it scouted. Takeshita returned to the ring and leaped over the ropes to take out Gresham.

A few moments after the match returned to the ring, Takeshita is sent back to the outside following a dropkick by Gresham. Back in the ring, Gresham applies a hammerlock. In response, Takeshita manages to ground Gresham for a brief period. Gresham finds his way back into the contest as both wrestlers trade moves. Gresham attempts to neutralize the arm of Takeshita.

Takeshita lands a powerbomb variation, but Gresham kicks out of the pin attempt at the last moment. Gresham steps it up a gear, but is unable to put Takeshita away. Takeshita lands two big standing lariats, yet he's still unable to finish off the ROH World Champion. Gresham goes for the Octopus with just 60 seconds left on the clock. With four seconds to go, as Gresham is repeatedly elbowing the head of Takeshita, the referee signals for the bell.

Winner: ROH World Champion, Jonathan Gresham via referee stoppage

- After the match, Gresham makes it clear that he wants to face Takeshita again in Terminus.

C4 (Cody Chhun & Guillermo Rosas) vs. The Factory (Aaron Solo & QT Marshall)

Tag team matches have a twenty-minute countdown clock. Solo and Rosas begin the match. Rosas delivers a dropkick to Solo before tagging in Chhun. Marshall enters the match. Marshall appeared to go for a dive over the ropes, but he stopped and stuck his middle fingers up the crowd. Solo and Marshall trade tags as they go to work on the legal man, Rosas.

Rosas eventually tags in Chhun who showcases his agility. Chhun works over both Solo and Marshall at the same time. Marshall and Solo manage to regain control of the match. Both teams give it all they have got as the clock approaches the 10-minute mark. Marshall lands a Diamond Cutter on Chhun as the legal man Solo secures the win.

Winners: The Factory (Aaron Solo & QT Marshall) via pinfall

Masha Slamovich vs. Queen Aminata

The 15-minute countdown clock begins as Slamovich takes down Aminata. Slamovich calls for Aminata to join her on the mat to grapple. Aminata wants none of it and kicks Slamovich in the head instead. Slamovich takes Aminata down once again. Aminata, despite her confidence, appears to be struggling with Slamovich's offense.

Aminata tries to lock Slamovich in a hold. Slamovich responds by biting Aminata's butt. The clock hits the 10-minute mark. Slamovich is in control and pulls Aminata down to the mat by her hair. Aminata begins to rally as she delivers a suplex to Slamovich. Slamovich immediately takes control of the match once again.

Aminata manages to send Slamovich to the outside. Aminata takes a dive through the middle rope to take out Slamovich. As the action returns to the ring, Slamovich once again has the momentum in her favor. Aminata replies with an Air Raid Crash and a Crossface. As the clock approaches 60 seconds remaining, Aminata sends Slamovich face-first into the mat and locks in a Koji Clutch on the canvas. Slamovich ultimately taps out.

Winner: Queen Aminata via submission

- After the match, Aminata and Slamovich shake hands. Aminata speaks on the microphone and thanks the fans while getting emotional. Aminata says when she began wrestling, she had to hide it from her parents. Aminata says she's glad to get beat up every time she gets in the ring. It makes her happy, and it makes the fans happy. Aminata says she's here to fight and to put on the best match every time she steps into the ring. Aminata says she wants to wrestle the best women from all around the world. Aminata challenges anyone to come and face her at Terminus.

- Serena Deeb makes her way out and walks around the ring. Deeb and Aminata go nose-to-nose in the ring. Deeb asks the fans to give it up for Aminata. Deeb says Aminata is standing face-to-face with the best. The stream from the venue then abruptly ends.

- That's all for Terminus 3!