Titus O'Neil Calls WWE 'A Safe Haven' On Raw

WWE Global Ambassador Titus O'Neil is currently a top trend on Twitter for delivering a passionate speech to kick off the 7/18 "WWE Raw" episode held in his hometown of Tampa, FL.

The speech began with O'Neil explaining why being named Global Ambassador of WWE is the pinnacle of his career.

"I get a chance to represent WWE all over the world, and something we need now more than ever is goodwill," O'Neil said. "Everything we do in and outside of the ring is to put smiles on your faces."

O'Neil then listed WWE's efforts and causes to aid the less fortunate ones, the service men and women all over the world, and various communities in need of assistance. He would ultimately refer to WWE as "a safe haven" due to the company being all-inclusive to fans.

"So, that's what we get a chance to do – go all around and spread goodness and goodwill," O'Neil stressed. "That's why you'll never hear us talking about politics, religion, or any other subject matter that is divisive. Because, regardless of your race, economic status, or nationality, this is a place that we deserve to have [as] a safe haven. This is a place that WWE wants to simply make sure we all have a good time.

The speech ended with O'Neil welcoming fans to the show.

Titus O'Neil's speech comes at a time when WWE's Board of Directors has been investigating Vince McMahon's alleged sexual misconduct with various former employees. Following two explosive stories from WSJ, other mainstream media outlets have also reportedly begun fishing into McMahon's past transgressions. According to PWInsider, HBO's Real Sports With Bryan Gumbel has started contacting several former WWE female employees for a story pertaining to McMahon's investigation.