Veer Mahaan Addresses WWE's Six Month Build To His Debut

After six months of buildup, Veer finally came in April.

Veer Mahaan recently spoke with "The Daily Star" about the draining experience. "I'm human as well," Veer began. "I waited and, at times, it can be frustrating."

Mahaan said he let the frustrating wait motivate him to create the biggest impact when he arrived. "It gets me here and there but it never really bothered me," Veer said of his approach to struggle. "It made me stronger."

With vignettes for Mahaan's repackaging beginning in November 2021 and running all the way until April 2022 when the Indian superstar returned and attacked Dominik Mysterio, Veer said he had time to work on "the many things of my physique that I wanted to improve over the years."

"That specific time made me a better athlete if I'm honest with you," Mahaan said of his time with the company. "Since I came to WWE, it has made me a better competitor and athlete and made me more disciplined than I ever was before."

Mahaan says that being in WWE has made him more economical with his words. "Why do so much when you can get it done with very little?" Veer asked. "If that works, what else do we need? The reaction and support has been great [and] has created a buzz around the world.

Mahaan originally debuted on WWE "NXT" under his real name, Ringku Singh, as a member of the Indus Kush tag team alongside Saurav. Since returning to WWE TV, he has mainly been feuding with cruiserweights and local competitors. Before signing with WWE, Singh was a baseball player, with his journey to the Pittsburgh Pirates being the basis of the Disney film "Million Dollar Arm".