Wardlow Comments On Potential Jump From AEW To WWE

Right now, Wardlow is one of the most promising stars on the AEW roster and someone that is being pushed heavily by the company, but would he ever consider jumping ship to WWE?

Wardlow has had some huge opportunities during his AEW career, from competing against Cody Rhodes in the first-ever steel cage match for the company, to his long run working alongside MJF. But recently, he has reached his highest point, being officially signed by AEW (in kayfabe) after comfortably beating MJF at AEW Double Or Nothing.

When it comes to a possible switch to WWE that would see him follow the footsteps of the American Nightmare, Wardlow gaveĀ "K & S WrestleFest" a simple answer with a classic wrestling cliche.

"I'm very, very happy where I am. I never say never about anything in life, but as of right now, I am very happy where I am," he said.

So far, it has mainly been wrestlers moving from WWE to AEW with stars like The Hardys, Toni Storm, and most recently, Claudio Castagnoli (formerly Cesaro) all making the switch to work for Tony Khan. But Rhodes was a major star who went in the other direction, while MJF has also hinted that he could be open to doing the exact same thing when his contract expires in January 2024.

Wardlow admitted that Rhodes joining WWE got him to watch the competition a little bit, but in AEW, he was most recently in action against 20 plantiffs in order to wrap up his storyline against Mark Sterling. Mr. Mayhem has made it clear that he wants a shot at the TNT Championship in the future as well and he will get that chance this Wednesday on "Dynamite".

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