What Happened After Dominik Mysterio Agreed To Join The Judgment Day?

What happened on "Raw" tonight after Dominik Mysterio agreed to join The Judgment Day?

Rey Mysterio (accompanied by Dominik) went up against Damian Priest (accompanied by Finn Balor) during the show in a one-on-one match. After Priest won the match with his finishing maneuver, he continued to beat down Rey with continuous stomps as Balor grabbed a chair from the timekeeper's area.

Priest grabbed a mic and said that Dominik will join The Judgment Day or they will take Rey's head off with a conchairto. Dominik then entered the ring and pleaded with them to stop hurting his father. In an act of desperation, Dominik agreed to join the stable to stop the assault, but Priest told him it was too late and hit him with a chair.

The Judgment Day has been looking to recruit Dominik for the past couple of weeks. They first approached him during a backstage segment three weeks ago on "Raw" while he was with his father. They tried to get the two of them to join the group, but after Rey said a definitive no, they turned their attention to Dominik and told him that his father is holding him back. Rey looked visibly upset but Dominik appeared to be taking what they said into consideration over the past couple of weeks.

Rumors are currently swirling that WWE is set to trigger Dominik's heel turn during Rey Mysterio's 20th Anniversary Celebration next week in Madison Square Garden. This could lead to a potential match between Rey and Dominik at SummerSlam. The storyline between the two sides — The Judgement Day and The Mysterios — is expected to continue at the MSG show, as the sinister Priest and Balor promised to make it a night to remember. It's also been reported that the former leader of The Judgment Day and once a tag team partner of Rey, Edge, is set to return to WWE programming soon. Current plans have been said to reintroduced him at the July 25th episode of "Raw".