WWE Money In The Bank Results (7/2): MITB Ladder Matches, Ronda Rousey Defends Title

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com live WWE Money in the Bank viewing party. Tonight's event is broadcasting live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Six matches were being promoted for tonight's show.

  • "SmackDown" Women's Championship Match: Natalya vs. Ronda Rousey (c)
  • "Raw" Women's Championship Match: Carmella vs. Bianca Belair (c)
  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Street Profits vs. The Usos (c)
  • United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Theory (c)
  • Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans vs. Liv Morgan vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shotzi
  • Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Omos vs. Riddle vs. Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus vs. Madcap Moss

Our live coverage will begin at 8 PM ET.

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We are underway! Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves welcome us to the broadcast.

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans vs. Liv Morgan vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shotzi

The bell rings and Evans and Bliss head out to the floor. It eventually leaves Asuka and Lynch in the ring. They trade some strikes before Lynch hits a baseball slide dropkick on someone outside the ring. Asuka hits a running hip attack on another opponent on the opposite side of the ring.

Asuka gets a ladder in the ring but Lynch slams her head onto it. Lynch gets another ladder and tries to tip it over onto Asuka but Asuka moves. Morgan comes in and gets a pop-up knee strike from Asuka. Rodriguez enters and is able to clear out Asuka. Rodriguez then tries to lift a ladder while Morgan and Lynch are both on top of it but can't quite do it. She still uses the ladder to clear the ring for a moment. Morgan and Lynch join forces but Rodriguez reverses their double suplex by suplexes both of them onto a ladder.


Bliss enters and Rodriguez pushes her away. Shotzi comes in with a cross body on Bliss. Rodriguez and Shotzi grab both ends of a ladder. Asuka and Evans help Shotzi sandwich Rodrgieuz in the corner with a ladder. Morgan runs up the ladder to hit a knee strike on Shotzi. Evans and Asuka get sandwiched on top of the ladder by Lynch and Lynch hits a leg drop onto all of them.

Bliss comes off the top rope with a Molly-Go-Round onto Asuka, Evans, and Morgan. Bliss sets up a ladder in the center of the ring and starts to climb. Rodriguez cuts her off and carries her on her shoulder. Bliss slips out the back and knocks down Rodriguez with a series of forearm strikes.

Bliss sandwiches Rodriguez in the corner under a ladder. Asuka clears out Bliss. Shotzi enters and Asuka hip tosses her onto the ladder in the corner on top of Rodriguez.

Asuka starts to climb but Evans cuts her off and starts to climb the other side. Lynch tips over the leader but Asuka and Evans land on their feet. Evans takes down Asuka and Lynch.

Evans uprights the ladder in the middle of the ring and starts to climb. Shotzi pulls her off and starts to climb. Evans does the same. Shotzi returns the favor. Now both are climbing opposite sides of the ladder. They reach the top and Evans knocks Shotzi off the top. Evans is alone for a moment and has the briefcase but Rodrgieuz comes up from behind to stop Evans. Morgan comes up the other side and grabs the briefcase. Morgan goes over the top with a sunset flip powerbomb on Evans.


Rodriguez is alone on top of the ladder but can't take advantage. Shotzi ties up Roderiguez's leg, hanging her upside-down. Bliss starts to climb but Shotzi cuts her off quickly. The ladder gives way as Shotzi has Bliss on her shoulders and Bliss lands hard on the ladder as it's falling.

Shotzi sets up the ladder in the center of the ring and starts to climb. Lynch runs in to cut her off from behind. She slams Shotzi's head on the ladder and Shotzi falls off. Lynch gets down and readjusts the ladder. Lynch starts to climb but Shotzi pulls her off.

Shotzi slams Lynch onto a ladder laying near the corner and puts Lynch on top of it. Shotzi goes to the top turnbuckle but misses a senton bomb and lands on the ladder. Asuka races in to kick away Lynch. She tries to climb but Rodriguez stops her. Asuka pulls down Rodriguez but Rodriguez throws Asuka out of the ring. Asuka pulls Rodriguez out of the ring but Rodriguez knocks her down and starts to clear the announce table. Rodriguez creates a ladder bridge from the ring apron to the announce table.

Asuka is back up but Rodriguez slams her head into the table. Rodriguez gets on the table and lifts Asuka up for a suplex but Asuka escapes. Rodriguez escapes and gets Asuka into a powerbomb position but Asuka escapes and gets a triangle choke. Rodriguez powers out. Asuka tries a flying arm bar. Lynch kicks Rodriguez and Asuka is laying on the ladder bridge. Lynch clears out Rodriguez and brings over another ladder. Lynch basically hits a senton onto Asuka on the ladder bridge. The bridge does not give and both women spill to the floor.


Shotzi is trying to set up a ladder in the ring. So is Evans. So are Bliss and Rodriguez. They get three ladders set up in the ring and fight over who will climb. Rodriguez and Shotzi climb an outside ladder. Evans and Bliss climb another outside ladder. Lynch tips over both ladders and all four women are hung up on the top rope.

Lynch starts to climb the middle ladder. Morgan tries to cut her off from an outside ladder. Lynch tries to tip her over but Morgan catches herself on the top rope and rebounds back. She knocks Lynch from the center ladder and Morgan climbs the rest of the way to secure the briefcase.

Winner: Liv Morgan

Morgan celebrates with the briefcase in the ring. Lynch is shown being very upset at ringside.

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Theory (c)

Lock-up to start and Lashley easily overpowers Theory. Theory rolls out to the floor to regroup.

The crowd is solidly behind Lashley.

Theory runs right into a choke slam by Lashley. Lashley sets up for a spear but Theory rolls out to the floor. Lashley cuts him off trying to get on the apron and knocks him off the apron and Theory crashes into the barricade.

Lashley goes out to the floor. He picks up Theory and tries to run him into the ring post but Theory escapes. Theory knocks down Lashley with a running back elbow and gets back into the ring. He catches Lashley with a punch as he's trying to get back into the ring and delivers a kick from the apron.


Theory tries a dive from the apron. Lashley tries to catch him. He goes down to a knee but recovers and lifts Theory to run him headfirst into the ring post.

Lashley rolls Theory into the ring and lines up for a spear but Theory goes down and rolls up into a ball to prevent that. Lashley pauses for a moment but then goes back on the attack, running Theory into the turnbuckles. Theory escapes a mount in the corner and hits a lariat for a 1-count.

Theory controls Lashley's wrist as he stomps on him. Theory lifts Lashley onto the top turnbuckle. He tries to leap up for a Spanish Fly but Lashley blocks him. Theory hops down to the apron and kicks Lashley off the top turnbuckle. He covers Lashley but Lashley kicks out.

Theory jaws at the crowd and then puts Lashley in a chin lock. Lashley fights to his feet but Theory takes him back down to the mat and transitions to a rear chin lock. Lashley fights to back to his feet again. Again, Theory takes him down again and goes back to the chin lock. Lashley fights back to his feet again and lifts Theory for a moment. Theory slips out the back but Lashley reverses and nearly grabs the Hurt Lock. Theory drops down to escape.

Lashley builds momentum with slams and a running clothesline in the corner. He goes for a vertical suplex but Theory goes all the way over the top and lands on his feet to escape to the ring apron. Theory tries to roll back in but runs right into a gorilla press powerslam. That gets a 2-count.


Lashley tries for a Dominator but Theory reverses it and gets a 2-count. Lashley charges into a drop toe hold into the second turnbuckle. Theory hits his roll-into-the-ring dropkick for another 2-count.

Theory calls for A-Town Down. He lifts up Lashley but Lashley reverses into a rollup for a 2-count. Lashley goes for a tilt-a-whirl but Theory escapes and hits a spear. Theory tries for A-Town Down again but Lashley slips out the back and puts him in the Hurt Lock. Theory taps out!

Bobby Lashley defeated Theory via submission to win the United States Championship

Lashley celebrates becoming the new WWE United States Championship. Theory laments his loss as he sits in the entrance aisle.

Back to the announce table, they toss backstage where Sarah Schreiber interviews Liv Morgan. Morgan says she doesn't want to mess up her cash-in because she only gets one opportunity. She says WrestleMania sounds pretty good but right now she just wants to celebrate.

"Raw" Women's Championship Match: Carmella vs. Bianca Belair (c)

Belair grabs a waist lock from behind and immediately takes down Carmella. Carmella gets back to her feet but gets sent out to the apron for a breather.

Carmella catches a kick to Belair's gut as she's getting back in the ring. Carmella whips Belair into the corner. Belair eludes her follow-up and taunts her from the opposite corner. Belair is one step ahead and is toying with Carmella at this point. She drives a shoulder into Carmella's midsection in the corner.


Carmella comes off the ropes trying for a head-scissor but Belair is too strong and hits a backbreaker. Belair goes for her standing moonsault but Carmella avoids it and rolls out to the floor.

Belair heads out to the floor and flattens Carmella with a running shoulder tackle. She rolls Carmella back into the ring but Carmella goes all the way across to the apron. She pulls Belair's neck down across the top rope and hits a superkick. Belair kicks out of the pin attempt.

Carmella chokes Belair in the corner and hits some back elbows. She pauses to showboat and hits a bronco buster in the corner. She covers but Belair kicks out.

Carmella locks up both of Belair's arms behind her back. Belair reverses into a pin attempt to break the hold. Carmella misses a charge into the corner and Belair scoops up Carmella. Carmella slips out the back and pulls Belair down to the mat by her hair.

Carmella charges into a clothesline by Belair. Belair fires up with forearms to Carmella's back and a delayed verticle suplex. Belair charges into the corner with a shoulder to Carmella's gut and mounts her for some punches in the corner. Belair backflips off of Carmella and then floors her with a forearm strike.


Belair misses a charge into the corner and hits the ring post. Carmella tries a small package and a rollup with her feet on the ropes but can't keep her down. A superkick by Carmella gets a 2-count.

Carmella bad mouths Belair and Belair fires up. She lifts up Carmella and plants her with the KOD to get the pin.

Bianca Belair defeated Carmella via pinfall

Carmella attacks Belair after the bell. She pounds on Belair with some forearms and leaves the ring. Belair recovers to hold up her title in the ring as Carmella is backing up the entrance aisle.

Back at the announce table, the commentary team talks about Logan Paul signing with WWE. They show a video of Paul training and The Miz discussing his return on "Raw". They run through the various outlets that covered Paul's signing and show a clip of Paul saying he doesn't want to team up with The Miz and wants to face him at SummerSlam. We're told Miz will respond to Paul on Monday's "Raw".

We get a video from earlier today that shows Alexa Bliss entering her locker room and asking Lilly where all this stuff came from. This is an ad for the WWE CreditOne Visa card. The crowd can be heard booing this product placement.

Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, and Corey Graves are on commentary for the next match.


The Usos make their entrance and grab some microphones. Jimmy Uso says the Street Profits are 2's and "We the 1's". The Street Profits then make their entrance. They enter from the stage but detour through the crowd for their entrance.

Cole mentions the "rumors" that Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are not getting along. Graves assures us they are getting along.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Street Profits vs. The Usos (c)

Dawkins starts off against Jimmy. They lock up and Dawkins grabs a headlock. Jimmy pushes off and knocks down Dawkins with a shoulder tackle. The Usos pose for the crowd.

Dawkins grabs a headlock again. This time he hits a shoulder tackle. He follows up with a dropkick and knocks Jey Uso off the apron. Dawkins takes down Jimmy and tags Ford. Ford goes to the top turnbuckle but Jimmy rolls out of the ring to the floor.

Jey tags in. Jey grabs a side headlock on Ford. Ford hits a shoulder tackle to knock down Jey. Jey responds with his own takedown but runs into a dropkick by Ford. He tags in Dawkins.

The Profits double team Jey for a 2-count. Dawkins hits some forearm strikes. Jimmy makes a blind tag and The Usos surprise Dawkins with a double flapjack. Dawkins spills out to the floor. Jimmy follows with a suicide dive onto Dawkins on the floor.


The Usos use a vertical suplex on the floor to send Dawkins upside-down into the ring post. Dawkins manages to get back into the ring where Jey is waiting for him. Dawkins blocks a punch and hits another but Jey responds with his own to floor Dawkins.

Jey hits a running shoulder into the gut of Dawkins in the corner. Jey chokes Dawkins over the middle rope. Jimmy takes a cheap shot while the referee isn't looking. Jimmy tags in and mounts Dawkins for some punches. Jimmy mocks the Profits.

Jimmy charges right into a punch by Dawkins. Both men are down. Jimmy tags in Jey and Dawkins tags Ford. Ford goes to the top turnbuckle but leaps right into a superkick by Jey. That gets a 2-count.

Jey whips Ford hard into the corner. Jey chokes Ford on the bottom rope and Jimmy sneaks in a Drive-By dropkick behind the ref's back.

Jimmy tags in and The Usos hit a Demolition-style Decapitation elbow drop on Ford. Jimmy chops Ford in the corner and chops Ford again against the ropes. Jimmy chokes Ford over the middle rope and tags in Jey.

The Usos do a double-wishbone snap on the legs of Ford. Jey cross faces Ford on the mat and puts him in a chin lock. Ford fights back to his feet and is just out of Dawkins' reach for the tag. Jey pulls him back and kicks Dawkins off the apron. Jey tags in Jimmy.


The Usos pause to soak in the crowd's boos. Ford fights out of The Usos' corner but there's no one to tag anyway. Ford goes out to the apron and tries to slingshot back in but Jimmy connects with an uppercut. Ford is down on the apron. Jimmy goes out to get him. Jimmy tries for a suplex on the apron. Ford reverses and hits a vertical suplex to Jimmy on the apron. Jimmy falls to the floor.

Ford rolls into the ring and crawls to his corner. He makes the tag to Dawkins. Dawkins immediately dives over the top rope onto both Usos. He runs Jimmy over with clotheslines in the ring and hits a flying back elbow. Dawkins hits a twisting splash in the corner and a spinning neckbreaker for a 2-count.

Jimmy goes out to the floor but Dawkins follows and runs over both Usos. He rolls Jimmy into the ring. Ford tags in. Jimmy gets pushed off by Dawkins into a backdrop suplex by Ford (similar to American Alpha's Grand Amplitude) for a near fall.

Ford hits a series of kicks on Jimmy but Jey makes a blind tag. Dawkins tags in and gets Jey on his shoulders. Ford comes off the top turnbuckle with a blockbuster. That gets another close near fall.

Dawkins and Jey trade strikes in the center of the ring. Jey finally connects with a spinning kick. Dawkins knocks Jimmy off the apron and lifts Jey on his shoulders again. He tags in Ford. Jimmy saves Jey and The Usos hit a double superkick on Ford. Ford kicks out at 2.


Jimmy tags in Jey. They line up Ford but he reveres 1D and sends both Usos out of the ring to the floor. Ford runs across the ring and dives over the corner ring post and onto The Usos on the floor. Ford rolls Jey into the ring and tags Dawkins. Dawkins hits his spinebuster. Ford hits his frog splash. Jimmy breaks up the pin attempt at the very last moment. All four men are down in the ring.

All four men get to their feet and square off. They start throwing punches. Dawkins runs into a superkick by Jimmy on the floor. Jey lifts Ford on his shoulders in the ring. Ford escapes but runs into a double superkick by The Usos. The Usos follow up with 1D and pin Ford to get the win.

The Usos defeated Street Profits via pinfall

The replay seems to show that one of Ford's shoulders was not down during the pin. They spot shadow Ford's shoulder on another replay and commentary agrees Ford had his shoulder up. Ford and Dawkins are saying as much in the ring. The Usos are long gone at this point as they have headed backstage.

We get a mysterious, spooky hype video that includes some religious imagery. This will need to be analyzed more closely.

"SmackDown" Women's Championship Match: Natalya vs. Ronda Rousey (c)


Natalya goes right after Rousey with a lock-up and they end up in a stalemate on the ropes. Natalya takes down Rouse with a headlock. She transitions to a hammerlock and Rousey goes to the ropes to break the hold.

Natalya grabs a waist lock. Natalya grabs an arm bar to take down Rousey. Rousey gets back to her feet and reverses into a wristlock. Rousey takes down Natalya for a couple of pin attempts. Natalya kicks out and grabs an ankle lock. Rouse reveres into her own ankle lock. Natalya rolls out of it.

Natalya hits her stomp onto the back of Rousey's neck but Rousey grabs an ankle lock again. Natalya gets to the ropes to break the hold and rolls to the floor.

Rousey gets tired of waiting and goes out after Natalya. She catches up to her in the ring but the referee separates them. Natalya whips Rousey down into the middle rope and then hits a discus clothesline for a 2-count.

Natalya mounts Rousey for some punches and tosses her into the corner. Natalya stomps down on Rousey and poses for the crowd.

Natalya slaps Rousey in the face, snap mares her down to the mat, and puts her in a sleeper hold. Rousey fights to her feet and Natalya slams her down by the back of her head. Natalya grabs Rousey's hair and takes her to the corner where she fires away with strikes.


Natalya tries a slingshot backdrop suplex. Rousey briefly reverses it but Natalya retakes the advantage by grabbing an abdominal stretch. Rousey reveres into her own abdominal stretch. Natalya reverses the reversal. Rousey escapes and looks for an arm bar. Natalya is able to wriggle free and takes down Rousey with a clothesline.

Natalya whips Rousey into the corner but runs into a back elbow. Rousey clotheslines Natalya. Rousey takes down Natalya and hits a rising knee strike in the corner. Rousey hoists up Natalya for Piper's Pit but Rousey can't connect and Natalya gets a pin attempt. Rousey kicks out. Natalya tries for an arm bar but Rousey is blocking it by locking her fingers. Rousey transitions into a Sharpshooter. Rousey flexes while Natalya is locked in the hold. Natalya reaches the bottom rope to break the hold.

Natalya slaps Rousey in the face. Rousey grabs a judo takedown and sets up for an arm bar but Natalya pulls Rousey out of the ring. Cole says Rousey is favoring her knee and Natalya attacks Rousey's knee on the floor.

Natalya puts Rousey on the apron and locks on the Sharpshooter on the apron. Rousey crawls and then rolls into the move, sending Natalya crashing into the ring post. Natalya falls to the floor.


Natalya beats the referee's count back into the ring as Rousey waits. Rousey tries to lift Natalya but can't do it. Natalya tries for a sunset flip but Rousey reveres into an arm bar. Natalya reverses and goes for the Sharpshooter. Rousey reverses into an ankle lock. Natalya fights to the ropes but can't get there. Natalya gets out of the ankle lock but Rousey grabs a head and arm triangle from the mat and Natalya taps out.

Ronda Rousey defeated Natalya via submission

Liv Morgan's music plays and she runs down to the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase. The ring announcer announces that Morgan is cashing in on Rousey.

"SmackDown" Women's Championship Match: Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey (c)

The bell rings and Rousey grabs an ankle lock on Morgan. Morgan fights for the ropes but Rousey keeps pulling her back. Morgan slips out of the ankle lock. Morgan rolls up Rousey and gets the pin!

Liv Morgan defeated Ronda Rousey via pinfall to win the "SmackDown" Women's Championship

Rousey hands the title to Morgan and they hug. Rousey raises Morgan's hand and leaves the ring to Morgan for her to celebrate.

The replay shows Morgan kicked at Rousey's injured leg to break the ankle lock before she rolled up Rousey for the pin.


Back at the announce table, Michael Cole recounts meeting Liv Morgan at the WWE Performance Center 8 years ago, where she told him she would be a champion someday. Tonight she won her first championship in WWE.

Cole and McAfee toss to a hype video for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship "Last Man Standing" Match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar coming up at SummerSlam.

Everyone makes their entrances for the main event. Adam Peace walks out before the bell and announces that we're adding an eighth participant to this match: Theory.

Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Omos vs. Riddle vs. Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus vs. Madcap Moss vs. Theory

Everyone tries to gang up on Omos, but Omos overpowers them and stands tall. He slams McIntyre in the middle of the ring. Omos heads out to the floor. Theory and Rollins try to run him over with a ladder but Omos runs through that. He grabs the ladder and outsmarts Riddle and Moss, who tried to baseball slide dropkick the ladder.

Omos is alone in the ring with the ladder. Sheamus goes after him. Omos dispatches him. Riddle grabs a front headlock on Omos but Omos powers out of it and slams Riddle.

Moss enters and goes after Omos but gets tossed over the top rope to the floor. Omos turns around into a Claymore by McIntyre. Omos goes over the top rope but lands on his feet on the floor.


McIntyre sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. He climbs almost all the way up but Sheamus cuts him off and tosses him out of the ring. Sheamus climbs but McIntyre is back to cut him and they start trading punches. In the melee, Theory tries to sneak up the ladder. Sheamus and McIntyre catch him in the act and bring him down. They take turns beating up on Theory.

Rollins brings in a ladder to clear out Sheamus and McIntyre. He throws the ladder out of the ring and onto McIntyre and Sheamus. Riddle enters the ring and attacks Rollins but Rollins throws him into the ladder and it topples over.

Rollins sets up for a Pedigree but Riddle backdrops Rollins onto the ladder and follows up with a Bro-ton. Zayn sneaks in and dumps Riddle out of the ring. Zayn sets up the ladder and starts climbing but Moss cuts him off and beats up on him in the corner. Zayn pulls Moss into the ladder and then slams it on top of Moss.

Zayn props up the ladder in the corner. Moss slams Zayn into the ladder and beats up on Zayn in the opposite corner. He whips Zayn into the ladder in the opposite corner. Moss sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Moss starts to climb but Riddle climbs the opposite side. Omos enters and pulls Moss off the ladder. Omos pulls Riddle off, catches him, and powerslams him. Theory jumps off the top turnbuckle. Omos catches him and choke slams him.


Omos starts to climb the ladder. Moss tries to tip over the ladder but he's not enough. McIntyre comes in to help and Omos steps down from the ladder. They dump Omos out of the ring to the floor. Everyone gangs up on Omos. They hit him with ladders and bury him under a bunch of ladders in the entrance aisle.

Rollins sets up a ladder in the ring and starts to climb. Zayn climbs the opposite side and they fight at the top. Sheamus sets up a second ladder and climbs up. All three fight at the top. Theory also climbs and all four are fighting at the top. Rollins and Zayn get their ladder knocked over. Theory knocks Sheamus off the top of the ladder. Moss pulls Theory down and hits him with a fallaway slam.

Moss climbs the ladder but spots Zayn climbing the turnbuckle and heads over to cut him off. Moss bridges a ladder in the corner across the bottom rope. Zayn walks over Moss' back to the ladder in the middle of the ring but Moss pulls him back and powerbombs Zayn onto the ladder set up in the corner.

Moss and McIntyre climb the ladder in the middle of the ring and slug it out on the top of it. McIntyre wins the exchange and is alone for a moment but Sheamus comes up to pull him down and hits him with White Noise.


Sheamus sets up a ladder upright in the corner. Riddle comes after him but gets an Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus sets up Riddle up against the ladder in the corner. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Riddle moves and Sheamus gets his leg caught in the ladder. Riddle hits a draping DDT while Sheamus is hung up in the ladder.

Riddle starts to run wild on Rollins. More wrestlers enter the ring. Riddle climbs the ladder set up in the corner. He goes all the way to the very top of it and hits a Floating Bro onto four other wrestlers in the ring.

Everyone is down and Omos enters the ring. He starts to clean house. Omos sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Riddle jumps on Omos' back but Omos shrugs him off. Theory climbs the ladder but Omos catches him. He carries him off and hits a tree slam.

Omos repositions the ladder but gets hit from behind by Sheamus. Zayn hits a Helluva Kick on Omos. Riddle grabs a head and arm triangle on Omos over the top rope. Moss dumps Omos over the top rope. McIntyre hits a headbutt on Omos. Rollins runs down the ring apron to hit The Stomp on Omos. Everyone clears the announce table. They lift Omos together and drop him down through the table.

Everyone starts to fight on the floor. Zayn sneaks into the ring and starts to climb the ladder. McIntyre makes it in time to pull him down and rams his head into the ladder. Sheamus enters and throws a ladder into McIntyre's face.


Sheamus bridges a ladder across the top rope in the corner. He tries to whip McIntyre into it but McIntyre reveres into a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre sets up a ladder on top of Sheamus and starts to climb. Butch runs down and goes up the ladder to stop McIntyre. He climbs on McIntyre's back while they're on the ladder. McIntyre keeps climbing but eventually has to come back down. Sheamus escapes and hits a knee to McIntyre.

Now Sheamus traps McIntyre under the ladder and starts to climb. He's at the very top but McIntyre presses up on the ladder and tips it enough that Sheamus falls off. McIntyre hits the Claymore on Butch and kips up.

McIntyre sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs again. Sheamus is back up and pulls him down. Sheamus tries to climb. McIntyre goes up the opposite side and they trade punches at the top. Zayn tips the ladder and Sheamus and McIntyre fall into the ladder in the corner.

Zayn sets up the ladder in the center of the ring and climbs to the top. He's all alone but Moss comes up out of nowhere and dumps Zayn. Rollins tips the ladder and Moss falls off. Rollins hits The Stomp on Moss.

Rollins sets up the ladder and climbs. Riddle brings in another ladder and hits Rollins to knock him off. Riddle sets up the second ladder. It's taller than the other one. Rollins and Riddle both climb their ladders and fight at the top. Rollins wins the exchange and Riddle falls off. Rollins takes too long and Riddle comes back up the other ladder and hits an RKO from the top of the ladders.


Riddle starts to climb the ladder. Everyone else is down. Theory slides into the ring and climbs the opposite side. Riddle and Theory trade punches at the top of the ladder. Theory gets the better of the exchange and pushes Riddle off the ladder. Theory grabs the briefcase and he is the winner!

Winner: Theory

Theory celebrates by taking a selfie with the Money in the Bank briefcase at the top of the ladder.