WWE Receives ESPN Award, Stephanie McMahon Comments

WWE has won a major award from ESPN for their work involving charities and the wrestling community.

ESPN Citizenship is recognizing WWE as an official Sports Humanitarian League Champion for their "commitment to bring communities together by giving back, providing hope, creating inclusion, empowering communities & recognizing service both near and far."

ESPN Citizenship aims to acknowledge the various athletes, fans, and communities that aim to make the world a better place by using their athletic platforms in order to do so by means of charity, volunteer work, and marketing. The Sports Humanitarian Awards have been held annually for the past seven years in order to honor and celebrate these individuals and organizations. Winners are selected through a committee and receive $1 million to charities chosen by the nominees and winners. $12.4 million is also donated to minority populations.

Interim CEO and Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon shared her thoughts on the company winning the award, writing on Twitter, "At our very core, @WWE's mission is to put smiles on faces the world over. I am so proud of the work @WWECommunity continues to do every day to change lives through service. Thank you for this incredible honor, @ESPNCitizenship!"

McMahon was named Interim CEO and Chairwoman after news broke last month that her father Vince McMahon had paid off a former employee $3 million to keep quiet about an affair between the two. Since then, it has come out that Vince paid off 4 women in total with hush money of over $12 million, including a wrestler that he coerced into oral sex and an employee who he sent naked pictures to.