Xia Brookside might be working a few indie shows, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still a star in “NXT UK.” After she tweeted yesterday that she was “open to independent bookings,” fans instantly began questioning whether she had been released by WWE, as WWE talent are typically not allowed to work elsewhere. In response, Brookside provided an update today clarifying her status with the company.

“Some of y’all are annoying,” Brookside tweeted. “For all the nosy’s out there. I am still with WWE. We are allowed to do indie bookings as well.”

The fact that “NXT UK” stars are allowed to take independent bookings is an interesting piece of information, as it appears to represent a similar philosophy to Tony Khan’s in rival promotion AEW — Khan also allows talent to work in other places. It’s reasonable to assume there are restrictions on the UK wrestlers, particularly when it comes to appearing on shows being taped or broadcast for television or pay-per-view, but Brookside didn’t divulge anything further in her comment. That said, former “NXT UK” referee Artemis recently revealed why she quit the company, stating “the pay is a big issue,” and that she had “never earned as little money as I did in WWE,” which runs contrary to most fans’ expectations, considering WWE has long been considered wrestling’s big leagues. The small-time pay, combined with wrestlers being able to take outside bookings, would seem to paint a picture of “NXT UK” occupying an extremely low position on the WWE totem pole.

Xia Brookside is the daughter of Robbie Brookside, who is a legend of the wrestling business and a WWE Performance Center coach. She’s been involved with WWE since 2018, when she debuted as part of the second ever Mae Young Classic.

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