Backstage News On Ric Flair’s Health After Last Match

Ric Flair is reportedly "doing great" despite getting bloodied and taking several bumps in his final match Sunday evening.

According to PWInsider, two doctors were waiting for the 73-year-old Flair the second he returned to the locker room after his match. A person who spoke to The Nature Boy after the medical evaluation provided a positive update, noting that Flair was perfectly fine. The report added that Flair was "obviously spent after the bout" and was saying he was "starving and wanted to go out and eat." During his farewell speech, Flair told Tony Schiavone he was going to party with Kid Rock at the musician's bar in Nashville, TN.


Fans were understandably concerned for Flair's health after watching him take several bumps, especially towards the closing stages of the match. Furthermore, Flair appeared to be gasping for air midway through the bout, and one could notice that Andrade El Idolo, Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal tried to buy him time so he could catch his breath.

Flair appeared to get busted open after Karen Jarrett handed her high heel to her husband, who proceeded to strike Flair with the foreign object. Jarrett then slammed Flair's head onto the barricade, which led to Megan Flair confronting Karen. During this sequence, Lethal continued to beat down on Flair, causing him to start bleeding from the forehead.


The match eventually ended with Flair applying his signature figure-four leglock on Jeff Jarrett as referee David Miller counted to three. Prior to the finish, Andrade pulled Flair out of harm's way as Jarrett accidentally hit his tag partner, Lethal, with a guitar shot. This was followed by Conrad Thompson throwing a pair of brass knuckles to Andrade, who proceeded to strike Jarrett.

A few more highlights from Ric Flair's swansong can be seen below.